Written by Steve7536

27 Jul 2012

This happened a few years ago with a now ex gf!

It was my birthday and she had been teasing me all week that she had a special birthday surprise for me and for the whole week she hadnt let me wank or cum so by now i was feeling really frustrated! She started kissing me and rubbing my cock through my trousers then all of a sudden she stopped took a step back and told me to strip naked! With how horny i was i didnt stop to think i just ripped my clothes off when i was completely naked she told me to lie on the bed, as i got on the bed she was getting something out of a bag when she turned round i could see it was rope! I asked what was going on but she told me to just go with the flow and enjoy my surprise! She tied my hands above my head to the bed and then she licked up and down my cock and gave it a little suck before standing up leaving me lying there, she then put a porn dvd on and left the room leaving me lying there watching a girl being fucked! After what felt like hours she walked back into the room dressed in a black corset and a black thong and suspenders she got onto the bed with me and started snogging me while playing with my rock hard cock she told me that she was going to play with me but i wasnt allowed to cum so if i got close i would have to warn her i agreed to do that so she picked up her bag and took something out she showed me a bottle of strawberry flavour lube and she got in a 69 with me and told me to use my tongue and mouth to move her thong to lick her pussy! As im trying to grip her thong with my teeth i feel her squirting the cold lube all over my cock and balls (im shaved smooth and so is she) i feel like im covered in it as i can feel it running down me! As i start licking her pussy she rubs the lube all over my cock and balls and then grips my cock tightly and starts to slowly wank me while she licks and sucks the top of my cock after a few mins of this i have to tell her to stop as i feel the cum building up inside me! As soon as she stops she funs her lube covered hands lightly over my cock and balls playing with my balls its then that i feel her fingers around my arse i start to say something but she grinds her pussy into my face and mouth! I feel one of her lubed fingers slowly force its way into my arse! It hurts as it goes in but then the pain lessens and her finger slides all the way in aided by the lube thats run off my balls! Her pussy is soaked wet as im licking her i can tell she is really getting off on this! She starts to wank my cock again with her other hand and just as im starting to enjoy the feeling she pulls her finger nearly out and the forces another finger into me so she now has 2 fingers in my arse and she slowly starts fingering my arse as she wanks and sucks me! After a few mins of this i feel that build up of cum again and i manage to say stop or i will cum! She slowly slides her fingers out of my arse and she stands up with a filthy look on her face and asks did i enjoy that? I nod and say it was different but sexy she picks up the tube of lube and she picks up her bag and takes something out when she puts the bag down i see its a small vibrator! She looks at me and tells me that she wants to put it in my arse and fuck me while its in me and if i dont agree then she wont let me cum tonight by now my cock and balls are throbbing and aching to cum so i tell her to be gentle! She lets me watch her squirt lots of lube over the small vibe then she tells me to put my legs in the air sread and she gets between them and presses the vibe to my arse! At first it wont go in then she pushes it hard and it slides all the way into me in one go but its more painful she holds it in place for a min till my arse feels better then she slides it up and down slowly fucking my arse with it! She pushes it right up then she gets ontop of me and slides down onto my hard cock! Her pussy is so wet and slippy with how wet she is and the lube thats still on my cock! She rides me slowly letting me take in the feelings of her pussy and the vibe in my arse but after 10 mins im no closer to cumming but she is enjoying teasing me so she reaches under me and turns the vibe on! I can feel the vibrations through my balls and cock and it feels amazing then without warning she starts slamming up and down on my cock as hard as she can and after only a minute or 2 i feel the cum building up and i carnt hold back any longer my cock throbs inside her as i let go and i cum hard deep inside her i pump load after load of my hot sticky cum it feels like her pussy is sucking all my cum out of me as when i stop cumming i feel completely drained! She stays sat on my cock and turns the vibe off with a naughty look she asks if i enjoyed that? I tell her if she cud measure how much id cum she wud see how much id enjoyed it! She said it does feel like u have filled me up but there is a problem! U didnt ask if u cud cum yet so i think i need to teach u a lesson! She slides my cock out of her and stands up (she normally goes to the bathroom to wipe up the cum) instead of leaving the room she stands next to me and gets back on the bed straddling my face! She tells me to clean up the mess ive made i look at her funny and say what so she presses her pussy to my lips and telks me to lick up all the cum dripping from her! I can see loads of white cum sort of oozing out of her pussy so i take a little lick and im releaved to find it tastes of the strawberry lube so i start lapping away at her pussy cleaning up all the cum i even suck some out of her pussy after i have licked her clean she gets off me and snogs me and says u really enjoyed licking me clean didnt u i just nod as im feeling abit ashamed that i just did that and she drops the bombshell that as i enjoyed it so much she will make me do it after everytime we have sex as my tongue is much better then tissues!!!

This is my first true story and is written on my iphone so there will be the odd mistake where the keyboad hasnt picked up a letter ive typed! Thanks