Written by al

17 May 2010

It's been quite a while since I last described the sexual exploits of my wife, Tina. Before recalling a recent adventure I had better update you on what I consider a beautiful, sensual woman. Tina is 37 with 36C breasts and a size 12-14. Despite having two kids I think she is absolutely amazing and as a bonus I struggle to fullfil her sexual appetite.

Whilst sex with her is great we both appreciate bringing other men into the bedroom to satiate my wife. However due to our busy work schedules we hadn't had the time or energy to experiment. This all changed on my 43rd birthday. Several weeks before Tina asked what I would like, assuring me with a wicked smile that all requests would be granted. It didn't take too much thought to sugest we invite another bull to fuck her while I watched and wanked. It was Tina's suggestion that we go to Broad Street (birmingham) and find a big black guy to cuckold me. This appeaeled to me as there is an element of excitement as there was not an absolute certainty we would be succesful. The weeks leading up to my birthday seemed to drag, however the anticipation only seemed to increase the sexual tension for us both.

On the Saturday night nearest to my birthday we made the necessary arrangements and booked a local hotel. Tina once again allowed me to choose what she would wear, all the time teasing me that while I dressed her someone else would have the benefits of taking her clothes of, while. I chose her favourite backless, short black dress with stockings clearly evident and a sexy strapless bra. Her high healed red shoes finished a sensual picture. Despite our previous adventures we were still quite nervous.

When our cab arrived we were both self conscious of Tina's state of undress and quickly dived into the car. Once in I directed the driver and turned my attention to my sexy wife. We both kissed passionately before I broke away and reminded her that "all requests would be granted". I then whispered to her that I wanted to lick her nipples. She hesitated taking a quick look at the driver before conceding to my request. She allowed me to pull down her top and unhook her bra, then she lay back and closed her eyes as I gently kissed around each naked breast, finally sucking each of Tina's sensitive nipples. I heard the driver, an over weight man in his forties suprise as he obviously noticed our activity. To my pride Tina never flinced, she even allowed me to expose her pussy to the driver. At one point he reached though the seats and eased a finger inside Tina while I focussed upon her breasts. This all helped get us in a very aroused state by the time we arrived in Broad Street. Tina quickly re-arranged herself so she looked a little more decent. Not suprisingly the cab driver was more than happy to forgo the fare. Tina had probably given him enough of a thrill to wank over for the next year.

To be continued......