Written by Dreamteam

5 Feb 2007

Who would have thought that I would sit here and write about my own experiences, and have them read by you – complete strangers to me. Well, here I am – a married woman of 49, soon to reach the dreaded number 50. My husband is a little bit younger than me. And with a much bigger sex drive than me. At least that was the case up until the last 4 months…

We have several houses in Africa, houses that we – or mostly me – have built over the last four years. It has been an exciting and slightly frustrating process, working with local builders – some good and some far from good. Over these four years I have probably fired at least 30 workers. And among all the workers that have worked for us, John was the very best. Excellent with design, excellent with his hands, and in a strange way we communicated very well. He is good looking, he is strong, he is very black. And at 28 years he is 20 years younger than me. And he is an excellent masseur…

During these two years we have spent a lot of time together, in fact I have spent more time with him than with my husband. And he has helped me when I needed help, bringing our daughter to a far-away hospital at the time of an emergency. And he likes me, a lot. So much that me and my husband have ended up in heated fights from time to time. But mostly my strange husband has fantasized about me having sex with John.

For a long time that was just an unthinkable thought, and I have plainly refused to take part in any of these fantasies. But slowly something must have happened, because gradually my body started to react when close to him.

This all started one evening in bed. With no tv there is little else to do than to go early to bed, and usually we lie close together and talk about what happened today and the plans for the day after. This evening my husband again brought up the fantasy of me having sex with John, how much he would love to think of his black hands on my skin, and his black cock pushing into me. Instead of just laughing it away, this time I let him continue talking while his hands were feeling me up. And this time the verbal pictures he gave me turned me on, really turned me on. And his fingers found my increasingly wet spot, his fingers moving around and slowly penetrating me. Wow, I think you are ready for a black cock he whispered. Suddenly his fingers and his fantasies got to me, suddenly it was difficult to find enough air…I whispered maybe maybe maybe…and then I orgasmed on his fingers while screaming yeeeeeesss! When I came down he whispered again, wow fantastic, why don’t we have a black cock here right now for you…and I came on his fingers again! Then he rolled on top of me and pushed into me, and as we made love he whispered again and again that he really wants me to have a black cock inside me.

Next day was yet another chaotic day on the construction site. And as usual John and I were discussing a lot of practicals. At one point we were sitting inside the latest house, in the middle of the construction phase, I on a few cement bricks and he on the floor. As we were talking he asked if I wanted him to massage my right foot, the one that has given me some problems lately. And when he touched me it was like a switch went on inside by body, I got warm all over – and could feel how my pussy just flowed. And seeing a big bulge in his baggy trousers just made me more wet. Soon I could smell myself, my smell is quite strong and I knew he knew. Right there all I wanted was to feel him, smell him, unwrap his cock, see and feel his black cock in my white hand. I wanted to feel his cock opening me, pushing inside me, deep. Oooh so close…but I just couldn’t take the next step, and nor could he. Instead he went back to the others and I walked back to the house we stayed in – back to my husband that was sitting on the upstairs terrace. And I told him, and showed him my shorts, shorts with a crotch that was completely dark from my wetness. And he just smiled, opened my shorts and put his whole hand on my pussy. This pussy needs a black cock, and pretty soon was all he said as he pushed three fingers into me. And all I said was I think you are right… Ok, lets see he said, get rid of the shorts and put on the small skirt you have, no panties allowed. While I was away he fixed us some drinks, pretty strong ones, and kicked down on the sunbeds in the patio. My skirt is not ridiculously short, but short enough to feel the breeze against my cunt. You look great he said as we were lying on the sunbeds and sipping the drinks, and now you get John over. And when he gets here I want you to expose yourself – I want to see his reaction in front of us! Then I will leave you two alone. And when I see you later I want to put my fingers in you, I want to feel & smell that you have had a black cock in you. And then I want to fuck you while I close my eyes and see his black cock sliding into you.

As I picked up the phone his fingers were all over me, playing with my wetness, and just as I asked him to come over he aggressively massaged my clit, making me breath and sight hard. John asked if everything was ok, and all I could say was I need you here, now! You are very wet my husband said, your pussy really wants him no? You want to see him, touch his cock no? You want him between your legs, feel his cock head against your lips, feel him pushing inside you no? Mmmm, yyyyyes, I want him to fuck me, aaaghhhhhh, oooohhh… then he took his fingers away, leaving me oh so close, and then he kissed me.

When John came my husband offered him a soda and placed him on a chair in front of us. I could feel the nice effect of the alcohol, and instead of nervous I was just excited. We discussed project-related things, but my mind was on entirely different things. Gradually I loosened up and started to flirt with him, crossing my legs, scratching my knee and ‘accidentally’ pushing up my skirt a little bit. I could feel his eyes on me, making me more and more eager. When my husband got up to refill our drinks I ‘accidentally’ lifted my left leg, knowing that he now had full view of my naked me. And his eyes went big, and as we spoke his eyes darted from face to my legs. When my husband sat down next to me he patted my knee, and opened my legs even more. John got obviously uncomfortable, but nothing could hide a pretty massive erection. And that’s when my husband left us, saying he had to visit someplace to pick up something.

When we were alone panic flushed over me. But with a little bit of help from my half-full drink and easy talk the panic subsided and the excitement slowly came back. When I asked him if he could give me some massage his whole face smiled in a very confused way. I got up and went to the bedroom, threw off my skimpy clothes and wrapped myself in a big towel. Running my fingers over my pussy I couldn’t believe how wet I was, so slippery. I quickly wiped off the worst part of it, picked up the bottle with oil, went back and laid down on the sun bed, on my back. He has warm and strong hands, and feeling them on my ankle, his oh-so-black hands against my white skin made me gasp for air. He looked at me and smiled, as his hands slided up to my knee, further up, under my towel…and then withdrew, leaving me short of breath and with an overflowing pussy, I could feel how my wetness flowed down towards my crack, how strong I smelled. His hands were moving again, and this time I spread my legs, inviting his hands to come all the way. When his hands again stopped too short I was so impatient, I spread my legs wide open and pushed myself closer to his waiting hands, to his fingertips touched my pussy lips. Slowly his hands started to massage my thigh, my labia, gentle fingers were slowly rubbing me, putting my whole body on fire. I just had to have him, now, I sat up and pulled him to me, down on the sunbed, in between my legs. Frantic fingers opened his trousers and then I felt his cockhead against my opening, forcing me open, pushing into me, slowly slowly. Wow, the feeling of him opening me up, completely filling me, the pleasure in his black face, his warm skin against my white hands…I am dripping wet and he slides into me in one slow thrust, his whole weight on me and I make all sort of sounds as I cling to him. Usually I am pretty quiet during sex, but now the sounds just escaped totally uninhibited out of me. He started moving over me, slowly fucking me and it was pure lust. I held him hard, my arms around his back, my legs around his, his body almost a part of me, a delicious part taking me higher and higher, his movements more and more urgent, a violent thrust that almost took me over the top and he went rigid and then soft between my arms and legs. Right there I was in heaven, his cock still filling me completely, his strong body ontop of me, spent inside me, his cum dripping out of me. I took his head in my hands and kissed his thick lips, pushing my tounge between his lips and milking his cock. As his half soft cock slipped out of me I rolled him on his back and went down on him. Enjoyed the sight of his soft black beautiful cock for the first time, filled my hand with him, touched his balls, kissed the tip of his cock and tasted me and him.

My hands around his cock and balls, slowly licking his head, sucking him, feeling him getting hard between my fingers and in my mouth. Slowly fucking him with my lips, milking him with my hands. Wow, massive! Wow, I love this cock. So black, so large, so hard. And so horny! Not even five minutes and his hips start to buck impatiently, faster. And I use my hands harder, faster, milking him with my lips until he explodes in my mouth, filling me with his hot sperm and I suck him all the way in as I swallow everything he gives me. Afterwards I sit next to him, kissing his stomack, his chest, nibbles his nipples while I fondle his now soft cock. And slowly my beautiful young black stud grows hard again. I raise myself, sits across him, guides his cock to my pussy and slowly impale myself on him, all the way until he is completely inside me. Slowly I start rocking on him, his strong hands on my butt. Warm exciting feelings are filling every part of me, I breathe harder harder harder … and then I came in a massive orgasme just as I feel him spasm inside me. For a long time I am just sitting on him, slowly feeling him shrink in me until he slips out of me, enjoying the aftersex feelings. I kiss him, thank him, stand up and put a thin dress on. Before he leaves we hold each other, kiss, wow his hands on me, his body against mine…