Written by Geoff

12 Mar 2017

I wrote her on 16th Feb this year on how her black boss fucked her in beauty salon on a regular basis, I showed her the post and wanted to update on recent events.

She knew how turned on I was about him fucking her, and I asked for more details , and like many in my position we like to hear the details and all the feelings etc

I asked her so many questions and wanted detailed answers, not having the ability to write everything down as I was licking her clit, playing with her swollen wet cunt, and asking so many questions it was impossible, but given this was only last night I can recall most

Q how many times did he fuck you?

A in the twelve months almost every day mon to Friday wasn't many days he didn't

Q did he always fuck you bareback?

A when he fucked me yes, he was always bare, except around 8 times he wanted to fuck my ass

Q Did he ever fuck your ass bareback?

A twice he did the first time he started off with a condom but it burst I didn't know it burst though until I felt him cum all warm in me

Q did you like the feeling of him spunking in your ass

A yes it was nice but not as nice as when he would feel in side my pussy

Q when you were going to work did you know he would end up fucking you before you went?

A mostly yes because he would text me or ring me either at night or first thing in morning

Q so you would know before you went that he was going to fuck you.?

A yes of course I did

Q did that excite you?

A you bet it did I couldn't get the thought out of my head all the time I worked there about him fucking me I sometimes would come home sticky and spunky and before bed time I wanted his cock again and in bed I could still feel him leaking from me even after a shower, I could smell it on me, I would often play with my self in bed thinking about him and wake up in the morning with yellow sticky mess on the sheets and started wearing knickers in bed at night as it was making me change sheets to often

Q in the mornings did you wake up horny

A yes mostly always and often I went early so we had half an hour before the shop opened so we could have quick fuck before the shop opened

Q was he kinky ?

A yes just as kinky as you

Q what do you mean?

A well he wanted me to go to work just wearing the shortest of dresses with nothing under neath and also like you he wanted me wearing the highest heels

Q did you go like that

A yes after he told me what he liked I did, and I made sure I shaved my self smooth every other night so I was smooth and used baby oil every morning on my body tits and pussy so it was smooth

Q was he really as big as you said he was?

A yes he was big, about half as big as you again, but the knob on the end was like a mushroom, I loved it and especially how it felt when he was fucking me how it seemed to pull my lips apart when he was taking long slow strokes

Q did he like oral?

A of course he did like all men do?

Q did you do it often

A yes every time we fucked he would want to do it

Q did he cum in your mouth

A don't ask stupid questions of course he did all you men want that!

Q how could he fuck you if he had already cum in your mouth

A ( laughing) well I knew then that I would have to wait until coffee break for that

Q so he would fuck you again at 11 am

A yes if I had just given him a blow job first thing I would be gagging for it, he knew I was to and would ring down from his office and say " bring my coffee up please, and don't worry I have got cream here for yours"

A so you would go up stairs for a fuck then

A yes I'd be up those stairs straight away, he would sometimes be sitting in his chair with his trousers down round his ankles and I would just climb straight on, that was always a good fuck then because he had cum a few hours ago he would fuck me really rough and hard making me come 2/3 times one after the other and because he was so deep in that position his cock would be right against my clit rubbing it hard , he would push his knees wide apart so wide my heels were of the floor and his hands around my ass pulling me to him, when he finished he would make me sit there biting my tits and nipples holding me like that so I was spread wide open, he liked to hold me like that, and see the pool of spunk with my juices in a puddle on the floor

Q was there a big pool?

A sometimes yes, I sometimes could feel it trickling from me dripping

Q what did you do then?

A I would stand up and straighten my self up, he would get tissue and wipe it up

Q so you would go back down in the shop like that

A yes

Q did you go upstairs again in the day

Asometimes yes,,, well mostly yes

Q would he fuck you again

A yes 99% he would yes

Q and again at night

A yes always before I left yes I made sure I went home with a full pussy

Q drive home with wet seat

A yes good job I had short skirt and leather seat ( laughing)

There are more questions I've asked and if anyone wants more or have there own questions I can add more