Written by Lucky Guy

29 Oct 2015

Let me introduce ourselves first before telling you our story.

I'm James, 52, a reasonably fit professional guy with a beautiful wife. My wife is Lesley, 57, 5'6" tall, short platinum blonde hair, 36D boobs with lovely tanned body. We have a reasonably good sex life, however to spice things up a little I've suggested to Lesley that I'd love to see her being screwed by a handsome black guy. She always plays along with me when we are having sex telling me she'd love to fuck a big black cock. This is where our story starts.

Every year prior to Christmas we always go for a long weekend shopping trip to Bristol and stop in a lovely hotel, the Marriott Royal. Last November, as a treat, we booked a junior suite from Thursday to Sunday, the room had a lovely king size bed and a fantastic walk in shower, big enough for two. We arrived around 8pm on Thursday evening and decided to have our evening meal in the hotel restaurant and then have an early night after the long drive down.

The following morning we got up fully refreshed ready for a day's shopping and a lazy late lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant. The plan was to then go back to the hotel, have a snooze before going out that evening. That evening we wandered down to the quayside and had a drink in a few bars then Lesley suggested we go to the jazz & blues bar over the square. She loves that type of music and the pub serves great local cider.

The place was heaving when we arrived, however we managed to get sat on two bar stools right in the corner of the bar which was a great position to people watch. Over the other side of the bar was a group of six guys in their 40's on a lads night out, I noticed a good looking coloured guy in the group and casually mentioned him to Lesley. She'd also spotted him and commented how handsome he was, I jokingly said might be her lucky night, her reply surprised me saying you never know. The night was passing fast but I could see Lesley keep looking for the black guy, and to be fair he kept looking back at her and smiling. How surprised was I when I came back from the toilets to see the black guy sat next to Lesley chatting away. I watched from a distance for around 5 minutes before heading back to Lesley and her new friend. She introduced him as Lance, a 6ft tall, shaved head, goatee beard, big broad shouldered, rugby player, who I must admit was quite charming.

After getting the pleasantries out the way, Lance continued to chat with Lesley telling her about the new bars and clubs around Bristol. He was a real smoothy, constantly telling her how beautiful she was and how lucky I was to have a gorgeous wife. When he went to the toilets I said to Lesley he wanted to screw her. Her reply, I might just let him if you're ok with it. I couldn't say yes quick enough! The plan was to go back to our hotel for a night cap then off to the room for some fun.

When Lance return Lesley asked him if he'd like to join us for a drink back at our hotel, he agreed instantly. We arrived back a the hotel and found a quiet corner to sit down on a large settee. I went to get the drinks while Lance and Lesley chatted away. When I returned he was sat next to her with his hand on her thigh and hers on his. The chat got very sexual and I could tell Lesley was getting very turned on. After all the drink she'd had she had lost all of her inhibitions. When she said I'm going up to the room to get ready and I want you to give lance your key and send him up in 15 minutes I knew she would let him fuck her.

The next 15 minutes seemed like the longest of my life. Lance asked if I was ok with the situation before I gave him my keycard and room number. I knew what Lesley would be wearing, she'd bought the lingerie earlier that day from Ann Summers. Lance was in for a treat and hopefully so was I. I got a txt from her asking to send him up, she was ready and her smooth pussy was soaking and ready for some cock. I'll txt again when you can come up too.

For the next 30 minutes I heard nothing then I got a whatsapp message with a photo of Lesley with Lance's cock in her mouth, then another with his cock in her hands, jesus he was huge. She'd got both hands wrapped around his cock but her fingers didn't go all the way round. He was at least 9 inches and really thick. Another 10 minutes passed and I got the final one with his cock inside her pussy with the caption, do you want to watch us?

I virtually ran to the lift with a raging hard on, got to the room door and knocked. Lesley said rather breathlessly it's open come in. What a wonderful site that greeted me when I walked in. Lesley being fucked doggy style by Lance on the huge king size bed, she just said I hope you enjoy watching me fuck his gorgeous cock as I am riding it. Her body shuddered to another climax just as he shot his spunk deep into her pussy. For the next two hours he screwed Lesley in every position possible and then took her in the shower. I wasn't allowed to join in but after Lance had left we had the best sex we'd every had together.

Lesley and Lance stayed in touch with each other, in fact she went to stay with him in August for a weekend of pure sex. She kept sending me txt photo's so I could wank my cock at the sight of her being fucked by her black stallion.

We are going down again in November but this time Lesley is staying in a room with Lance and I've got an adjoining room.

Who's the lucky guy?