Written by xavia66

15 Jun 2008

The black duo strikes again but this time in MerryHill i have been speaking to this couple for weeks and they wanted to meet up and asked if i had a friend i said but would have to ask him. We arranged a meet on Friday and we were greeted by the husband a nice man indeed. We entered the hotel and was furthermore greeted by a blonde woman with a good figure and nice tits very suckable indeed. After talking to set the mood to see if we liked each other we proceeded to strip the woman bit by bit she was loving it, my mate was sucking her left tit and i was sucking the right and then gently stroking her pussy she was in exctasy and then my mate started frigging her pussy slow and then fast this was all on video taken by the husband in which my mate expertly made her cum all over his hand it was like a mini waterfall she came loads i then started to fuck her slow then fast and then came loads in the condom and then she was ready for more action whilst my mate licked her pussy and then she sucked me to another hard in which we reversed roles she came about 5 times for the night and thanked us for the fun she had believe me she had a excellent time next time we will leave a calling card " Youve been blacked by the DUO" So there are any cuckholds or single women please feel free to drop us a line