5 Jan 2017

As I put my reading glasses on at work I heard a "plink" and one of the arms fell off. The tiny screw had fallen out and vanished on the floor somewhere and I couldn't find it.

At lunchtime I headed to the nearest optician to get my specs fixed. As I passed the bus stop I heard my name being called

"James! James its me Faith!" I stopped and saw an ex who I had a long dirty affair with around 10 years ago. Faith is of Nigerian heritage and blessed with remarkably large breasts and a very tight pussy that needs lots of attention before fucking in order to avoid hurting her. I am white British and love (amongst other things) black women!

We had a quick chat and a hug, before we parted we exchanged numbers. A few days later inevitably I found myself in Faith's flat which was conveniently close to my work.

Faith chided me about us breaking up and me getting remarried without contacting her. Eventually we snuggled up together on the sofa and started kissing. Faith always loved playing with my cock previously and as we got more passionate I placed her hand on the bulge in my trousers. Faith started stroking it through my trousers and then eased my zip down and slowly wanked me. Meanwhile my hand was up her skirt and I had moved her knickers to one side and I was gently rubbing her clit and teasing her labia with fingers. Gradually I worked a finger into her and felt her tight pussy slowly relax.

As she became more aroused Faith started wanking me furiously and I asked her to ease up as I didn't want to spunk just yet. At the time I was in a sexless marriage and really wanted a shag!

We both were really turned on and I just whipped her skirt up, pulled her tights and knickers down and slowly slipped my cock in her. It was really sexy with me being more or less fully dressed (just my cock emerging from my fly) and Faith in complete disarray with her top unbuttoned, bra undone and tits out and her skirt up and her tights and knickers somewhere around her feet. Faith was sitting right on the edge of the sofa and I was on my knees on the carpet.

We were both quite loud as we fucked - unfortunately it was inevitable that I wouldn't last too long and I suddenly climaxed and pumped loads of cum in her cunt, Faith came too just as I was shuddering and emptying the last drops of spunk in her.

We lay hugging and kissing in post coital bliss with my cock still inside her until I realised (1) I had spunk and pussy juice trickling all over my trousers and (2) I was due back at work - my lunch break had ended over half an hour ago! I withdrew my prick and a load of spunk emerged from Faith's pussy. To protect her sofa I cupped my hand over her whilst my other hand searched around for a tissue. The sight of Faith's pussy though was lovely. Black pussy lips trickling lots my spunk - really sexy!

I retrieved my mobile, rang my boss and made up an excuse of feeling ill and dizzy and having to go home! After this Faith and I were free to enjoy the rest of the afternoon together....