Written by Felicity

30 Nov 2008

I was so nervous about meeting the three men that I had a job concentrating on driving to the city,

The place I was going was on the outskirts. There are a series of underpasses and walkways linking

Different housing estates and warehouse sites. At night few people sue the paths and there is a lot of open parkland.

I parked my Mercedes sports car in a lay by just above the pathway underpass. I turned the interior light on to check my make up and fluff out my shoulder length blonde curls. My fake diamond necklace and earrings glittered in the car mirror. I looked down at my tight black satin skirt and black stocking knees. I looked immaculate. My black satin jacket was hugging my slender waist, pushed out by my pert little breasts. The top of my white satin and lace full slip was just visible above the lapels of my jacket.

I had put on so much perfume that I smelt really nice. My big blue eyes gazed back nervously through the lenses of my very feminine spectacles. I looked a [picture of spoiled upper middle class innocence and I was about to meet three beasts.

Nervously I grabbed my black handbag and eased my self, with all due modesty, out of the car. My skirt rode up a little, exposing a froth of white lace and satin hem of my full-length slip. I stood up on my five-inch black patent leather high heels and smoothed out my skirt. As I did so, I felt the buttons of my suspender belt. My sex tingled. I knew when those men saw me; they would get very excited. They were rough men, there was no telling what they would do and I really wanted them to do it, even though I was scared. I wanted to feel helpless and at their mercy. The man had said such dirty things to me, about bringing me down a peg and humiliating me.

My satin-gloved hands were trembling when I hit the zapper to lock the car. I tucked the zapper in my handbag and teetered off, along path that led down a slope to the underpass. The night was dark and chilly, but the path was well lit. Then I reached the first underpass. I had to walk along the path to the second underpass. I could see warehouses lit up, but there was no sign of people, I feeling really frightened, but I had to do this. I had to meet these men.

It was not far to the next underpass, but on my very high heels and in my tight skirt, it seemed to take ages. I could hear the sexy sound of my satin slip rubbing against my stockings. I felt very feminine and vulnerable. I was swaying my hips. My little sex was squashed flat by a tight satin fronted pantie girdle worn under my frilly white lace and satin French knickers and my slender waist was even more slender because I was wearing a white satin corset under my full length slip and skirt suit. The constriction of the corset accentuated the sway of my hips and the feminine movement of my little bottom.

As I approached the underpass, I thought at first that there was no one there, then from the embankment at the side, I saw three scruffy dressed figures emerge. A short stocky bald white bloke was at the front of the three, carrying a bag. My heart leapt. A black guy loping along behind him was enormous and a very fat old guy was waddling along behind them. I couldn’t quite make out their expressions at a distance, but I could see all three of them were very ugly and rough looking. Part of me was so scared I wanted to run away. But I could never have done that in my tight skirt and high heels. Also I didn’t want to run. I knew I was going to be roughed up, called horrible names, humiliated and have an orgasm. If they wanted to gang fuck me there was little I could do to stop them now. And again, I didn’t want to stop them.