Written by Coupleup4fun07

15 Jan 2008

As ypu well know from my previous letters I have tried most things sexually.However in my fucks I have never had a black cock inside me - up until now that is. Colin my husband has a few black mates and Jez is quite a good looker and sexy with it. I had often fantasised about having him in me so Colin arranged for us all to meet for a drink and the inevitable.

We met in a local pub and Jez came and sat next to me,I couldn\'t help but notice how tight his trousers were and how large in the cock department he looked.I could feel myself getting excited and my knickers were getting wet with my juices at the prospect of what would be inside me later.

We drank up and made our way home ann Jez and I made our way upstairs to the bedroom as Colin got the videocamera ready.Jez stripped off and I wasted no time in getting his cock into my mouth.I massaged his bum cheeks as I kissed and sucked on his balls.Colin was standing there,his cock tight in his trousers as he filmed me giving Jez a slow lingering blowjob,with my lips seductively licking the whole length of his masive shaft.Jez lay me on the bed and my first orgasn rippled through my body as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy. My juices poured over his mouth and chin in heavy gushes.Jez eagerly licked every drop from my very juicy cunt.

We must have spent the next 2 to 3 hours sucking and fucking in almost every position possible.One I remember was being on all fours with his soft black hands massaging my silky white breasts as he pounded into me from behind.Colin was filming this piece of the action and I was loving every minute of it. I was telling Colin what a good fuck I was having and that he would have to wait until later until he could have me. Colin\'s cock started to twitch and he shot his spunk over the bed along side me. I was by now shouting to Colin how big Jez\'s cock was and how it was filling every inch of my stretched cunt. My voice was trembling with every thrust that Jez made in and out of my slippery twat. I soon came again and let Jez do what ever he wanted to do to me. Whenever he came,either over me or in me it didn\'t take long for his cock to go hard again and for him to carry on fucking me.

Before long I had drained Jez of his spunk and we were both totally satisfied.He bid us farewell and now it was Colin\'s turn to fuck me. I was so turned on knowing that he was abusing my spunk covered body and fucking and lickig out my spunk filled cunt. Very soon he was filling me with his own hot cream and saying how sexy I was and how much he loved me.

We often watch the video in bed and try to relive some of those dirty moments before gettin down to another good fucking session. I have with Colin\'s say so seen Jez a couple of times on my own and he has promised me that one day he will bring another of his well endowed mates round with him so I can be spit roasted by two big black cocks. Colin knows about this and said he will be there to urge me on and hopefully film some of the action for me.