Written by Whatawoman!

26 Jan 2009

Hi folks, my wife and I have a very honest easy going relationship where we can discuss and act out things if we wish to do so. We have had guys join us for threesomes and did a mmmf whislt on holiday in Greece some years back but what happend last weekend was a bit over the top!

We had been invited to a do at our local multicultural centre. It was a chap who\'d I have known some years but lost contact with him as I worked away etc. Anyway we went and when we got inside it was literally spot the white person! There were loads of Blacks and a small amount of Asian folks. I said hello to my friend of old and introduced the wife Louise to Des my old friend. He commented on how good looking she was and said keep your eye on her mate as there are some shady twats in tonight who will be all over her. I replied she can handle herself and wouldnt be intimidated by her. I had to go the gents so left Des talking to Louise. When I got back they were laughing and I could see Des flirting as he touched her arms. I returned and said some things don\'t change Des do they and laughed, he replied no mate you always got the stunners first. He said he was going to mingle and would catch us later hopefully and winked at Louise as he went passed. I asked Lou what he had been saying and she said basically he was saying I will egt hounded tomight as all the guys thought I was hot including him. I said he doesnt mince his words, Lou smiled and said he quite nice and fit looking. I laughed and said ay he\'s my old mate behave, Lou looked and said dont be a kiljoy, like you said an old friend. I said just chill babes and enjoy the night as we don\'t know anyone here. She looked at me and said are you saying I can\'t have him babes and sulked. I said I just dint think it was wise to try and get in with someone in here. I could see she wanted me to say bring him home for me but I just ignored the issue and chatted. We drank a few more drinks when Des cam back with a white rum each and said have some of this but go careful its strong. We sipped the really strong rum and could both feel the affects instantly. Louise became more flirty and a group of guys close by were bumping into her and feeling her arse etc. Des told them to chill a bit and they seemed to lay of as Des chatted to us. I got talking to one of Des friends Cameron as he spoke to Lou. I could see them really flirting and saw Des lifet her hand to touch his crotch. Sarah smiled and nodded as he said something. Des said he was going to migle again and his mate followed. I didnt say anything to Lou as I thought she would have said something. We were now out of drinks so I said I would go the bar of which she said Im going to the toilet.It had taken me at least fifteen mins to gets erved and when I came back Lou was missing. I ventured out to see if she was getting some fresh air but couldnt find her. I went towards the lady\'s toilets and asked a young girl if a blonde haired woman was inside of which she said theres no-one in there hun. I noticed another room at the end of the corridor which wasnt lit so walked down there. I could hear voices as I got close to the door. I quietly opened the door slightly to see Cameron was fucking my wife on a pool table with Des watching. I could see Des was limp so presumed he\'d already had the pleasure of Louise. I then noticed another guy walking towards the table with his cock in his hand, he was huge and waited as Cammeron spunked his load into Louise before slowly pulling out. Louise said no more guys I need to get back but this guy pushed Louise back down and said your having this white slut and pushed his huge cock into her pussy as she heaved out saying fucking hell, fucking hell. Des leaned over and put his cock into her mouth to quieten her as the guy fuck like mad into her, he didnt last too long before he was spunking off into her. She heaved out as he pulled his cock from her gorged pussy. Her lips were swollen and protruding like she\'d given birth! DesHelped her up and had now got a hard on and said make me cum and you can go thats if the guys dont get hard again. She eagerly and hurredly sucked at him and swallowed as he shot his load into her mouth. She stood up and I saw cum dripping from her pussy, she asked who had her knickers and Cameron said there keep sakes sweetie. She begged for them back as she said I cant walk out like this. Cameron said let us fuck you again then and you can have them back. She said it would be hard as she doesnt get much chance. The guys said same tomorrow at 6pm here or the hubby gets the pics and held up his phone, he had been recording the whole even! She said she would and he threw her knickers to her. I walked back to the main room when she cam back aboyt ten mins later all fresh. She said she didnt feel to good and wanted to go back home. Whilst in the taxi I could smell spunk on her and she sprayed some perfume a couple of times to hide it. That night we got in bed and she said Im sorry hun I really want to sleep and nodded of. Next day I told her what I\'d seen and she apolgised and said do you forgive me and said she only wanted to fuck Des but he bought his mates in. I said dont worry and said she had nothing to worry about. She sighed with relief and said at least I dont have to go back tonight now and took my hand as she took me upstairs for a good fuck sesssion. I have to admit she was still very open down there after big boy had been!