Written by Princess

22 Feb 2011

I got chatting to Chris on an adult chat site, we arranged to me for a drink, tis went well, he wasnt my usual type, he was short with a good body, very quiet. The drink and meet was fine we kissed at the end and exchanged phone numbers.

A few days later he text asking to meet again, he said he would like to come to my house. I thought about it and made sure it was a night my husband was working away.The day arrived and his text got more erotic. As tea time arrived he started to text me telling me he was my master and i needed to follow is instuctions....photo whilst in the shower and send to him...yes sir...next a photo of me laying on the bed with my toy in my pussy..yes sir...next photo of me in heals, stockings and tits out...yes sir....the time was getting closer to him arriving, my heart was racing with antisapation.

Then came to next text...unlock the door, sit on a chair in the bed room with your stockings on and bra..heals and panties....close your eyes and wait for my next instructions...Yes sir....asx i sat there waiting i was a bit unsure as to what was to follow...i heard the front door close and i started to shake....foot steps on the stairs and i heard him walk in...i heard him undress, then i felt his breath on my body..i was a good girl i didnt look. I kissed my neck and i frlt my nipples go hard....ummm was nice but still not a word was said....i then felt him kiss up my stocking covered leg...then down the other leg...He then walked over to the bed and he lay there...He said i'm your master do as i say...Yes sir was my reply.

Now with your toy i want to see you suck it deep...i did this still with my eyes closed, then he siad for me to get off the chair and take my panties off..yes sir..now rub yor pussy with your toy..ummm looks good he said...he said to sit on the toy and fuck it...witch i did...now suck it again...yes sir..he said i could now open my ees and join in on the bed...He kissed me deep tasting my pussy juices from my mouth...he lay me back on the bed and start to kiss between my legs he turned my toy back on and then started to rub in on my clit..his head moved closer to my open pussy...he sucked my lips run his tongue along my slit and then pushed it inside me..i was in heaven moaning as he did this...he then pushed my toy inside me fucking me with it as he looked on..then then took my toy out and made me suck it..my body was in over drive nearing to a climax but never getting there...he then got my nipples free from my bra and sucked then hard making me moan as a cumm god i need to explode but hes such a tease...loving it all he then lifted my legs over his sholders ans he pushed his cock deep in side my wet pussy...he was rock hard and felt good..he started to fuck me hard and deep making me cum again i could feel his cock pushing right inside me and i was loving it...he then reached for my toy and said he waanted me to play with him...i found his bum hole and started to toy it around the opening then i slowly pushed it in slightly..it was hard so i took the toy out and spat on it making it nice and wet...went back to his bum hole and pushed it in a bit further...as he pushed into me i did the same to him...i could feel the vibration through his body into mine..it wasnt long before he shot his load deep inside my pussy...we both lay there for a while before he freshened up and left....

I got a text a while after a nd said now i know where you live..your my fuck slut and if i want you i will have you, if you dont reply to my needs then i will come to your house and tell your husband...this happened a few yrs ago and i still get the odd text...and the time i didnt reply he did turn up at my house and put a letter in the door..i was so lucky my husband had his head stuck in t.v and i got to the door before him... to continue