Written by jock69uk

4 Apr 2007

I met up with Hilda as arranged the following morning,whilst we walked she said she had thought over her hubbies request and had made the neccessary arrangements. She said that I had however to be at her house at 9.45 prompt the following morning,and that whatever happened I must just keep doing whatever we were up too!! she would give no further explanation,just saying it would be OK and should be very much in our favour.

I arrived precisely at the agreed time and was a little surprised when Harold answered the door,he just said I should go upstairs as Hilda was waiting,and he would join us shortly.When I opened the bedroom door Hilda was on the bed dressed in black underwear,nipples sticking through the bra,and wearing obviosly crotchless knickers,the outfit completed with hold ups and black thigh length patent high heel boots. His idea the bastard,she said but dont worry I'll teach him a lesson before we're finished. I quickly undressed and joined her on the bed,she said he would join us in the room shortly to start making his little film ,and I should remember to keep going as instructed,and just follow her lead.

She then proceeded to cover my chest and stomach with baby oil and commenced with a slow and very erotic massage nipples first,then gradualy movig ever lower to my cock and balls,I saw the door open and Harold entered the room camera in hand and started filming immediately.Hilda had obviously heard him and immediately started to play to the camera,every movement seemed theatrical,stroking my cock and balls

with long slow movements,licking her lips continually

by this sage I could not even think that Harold was in the room,she was fantastic,now playing the whore she bent forward takink the end of my cock in her mouth all the time looking at Harold and straight into the lens,I hope he was enjoying this half as much as me.She was cupping my balls in both hands and taking the full length of my cock down her throat,whilst I played with her pussy,paying particular attention to her clit,releasing my cock she said fuck me,get this monster between my legs and make me scream,obviosly this was part of her act for the camera,She rolled onto her back and I immediately got on top sliding it in as requested.As agreed I let her determine the pace,she started to groan almost immediately,muttering how big it felt,how good it was now increasing the pace ang gasping she came,as she shuddered to her climax she screamed don't come yet Harold I want some more ,it's ages since you fucked me

like this,I want you to take me from behind and pound my fanny,make me scream you bastard,and do it now.She pushed me off got on her knees and pointed her arse toward the camera,her pussy lips peeping through the open crotch,I got behind and let her reach through her legs to guide my cock into her body,first though she rubbed the end on her clit making sure Harold saw every move she made,finaly she fed it in and holding my balls just gently slid backward and forwards moaning as she rubbed her clit on the shaft,I had noticed that she continually kept looking at her watch,until finaly she released my balls and increased her pace ,still grinding her clit and increasing her volume Fuck Harold your good today ,she screamed trembling yet again ,I'm coming you bastard you've never managed this before,have you been getting some practice elsewhere,have you been shagging Jean you cunt? I could not believe what was going on I'd never heard Hilda curse like this before,She was still setting the pace not wanting me to come yet intent on putting on a good show for Harold,She told me to lean forward and play with her nipples,as I did this my strokes became shorter but the shaft was grinding on her clit,I heard the door open but carried on as instructed ,Hilda never flinched,just kept groaning and instructing"Harold"to fuck her,I felt a hand come between my legs and caress my balls,tensing I looked down and was relived to see painted nails,at least its not Harold,the relief turned to amazement as a tongue started to flick my bum,flicking the puckered hole and eventually probing inside,the effect was electric,Hilda obviously knew what was going on as she immediately increased her speed ,hammering onto my cock whilst the tongue probed away,I could feel my balls throbbing,Hilda tightened again,I leaned back,loosing the tongue so able to get longer strokes building to my climax,it was then ,as Hilda and I were locked in an allmighty orgasm ,that I heard the deep husky voice,"well Harold you dirty bugger filming the misses getting shagged "the door closed and looking over my shoulder could see Harold had left,and been replaced by a stunning,dark haired woman.

I pulled out of Hilda who was now laughing,that got rid of the bastered Jean,she said your timing was perfect,Jean sat on the bed listening to Hildas account of the mornings filming,I could not take my eyes of Jean ,she was younger than Hilda by 5or6 years tall,dressed in a black corset,stockings and the highest heeled shoes I had ever seen,she hsad the most amazing chest,it looked as though two bald heads were fixed to her chest they were massive.Well Hilda you were telling the truth the randy sod is still rock hard and is oggling my tits,I looked away suddenly embaresed,Hilda laughed said she was going for a bath and that I should follow when Jean had taken her reward.Jean pushed me back on the bed and as Hilda closed the door lowered herself onto my cock,she certainly wasn't shy rocking back and forward she said she was impressed with the show and would love to see the film,which she would take home with her as Harold had left the camera.She now concentrated on her fck and responded to each thrust,enjoying each stroke until finally she came,when her breathing returned to normal she started to work on me,leaning forward she wispered in my ear,all types of perversions she would do just for me,the lewder she got the faster I went until I exploded in her fanny,pushing so hard I nearly lost my balls up there.She slid off took it in her mouth swallowed the lot,looked up into my eyes and winked,see you soon I hope she said got up and left.

I joined Hilda in the bath letting the hot water soak away the exertions,she then explained she had enlisted Jeans help to embarras Harold and ensure our situation was not compromised by his film.Incedentally,she asked how was Jean? did you manage OK yes thanks I said no problems,smiling she felt for my cock and said we had better fuck her out of your mind before you go,what a bloody life.