Written by Funtimes965

21 Mar 2012

I sat waiting in the cosy, intimate restaurant waiting for my blind date. I don’t really go in for things like this I thought as I sat there, nursing my drink, my eyes darting to the door each time it opened.

My friend at work had said she had a friend who she thought I would like so after a bit of gentle persuasion I agreed to her idea. I didn’t know anything about the girl except that she was a good friend of my friend who I’d always got on well with and was great company so I guessed her friend would be too.

Eventually my date arrived - wow! The waiter brought this beautiful and sexy woman over to my table. Her long dark hair brushing over her gorgeous and toned shoulders. She wore a sexy little black dress which clung to her every curve.

We introduced ourselves and sat. I couldn’t help but stare into her sensual eyes. She looked so gorgeous and her eyes were warm and inviting. We straight away hit it off. The conversation was natural and easy, we shared jokes like old friends and enjoyed one and others company immensely. The evening flew by as we laughed and joked, our eyes seemingly drawn to one and others throughout.

After we’d eaten we decided to go for a drink. We went to get our coats, I put mine on and held hers for her to slip into. She slipped an arm in her jacket and spun as I held the other for her turning as to find the other sleeve. As she did she stumbled and fell into me. I steadied her by the hips, her body felt so good. We we’re so close, our eyes infixed on each others, I could feel the electricity and she obviously could too as she just looked into my eyes as I held her. ‘Let’s go for a drink at mine’ she then whispered, gently leaning in further, her lush lips towards my ear.

We quickly got a cab to her place. We walked into her hallway and straight away we both knew what we wanted. She removed my jacket, feeling her way over my chest and down my arms, all the time our eyes we’re locked on each others. I removed her jacket to reveal her fine figure in the little black dress once again. She looked divine, the dress clung to her shoulders and followed her curves all the way down to her toned thighs. We stood looking into each others eyes once again. The room was silent as we stood there but I could feel my heart racing, pounding in my chest for this beautiful woman stood in front of me. I took her hands and pulled her in close -never diverting my gaze from her sparkling eyes.

I ran my hands up her arms to her face and leaned in to kiss her for the first time. As our lips met it felt like an explosion. We kissed, softly and sensually. I could feel her heart thumping next to mine as we we’re locked in the embrace. I moved my hands down her body to her thighs. It felt so good feeling her toned body in my grasp. She pushed her hips towards mine, our bodies now locked firm against one another’s. She whispered softly in my ear ‘I want to have you right now’. As she said this she ran her hand all the way down my chest to my trousers. She effortlessly opened my trousers and reached her hand inside and stroked my now bulging cock. She teased it with her hand through my underwear, stroking up and down the length and firmly grabbing it between her fingers. I was in heaven, I wanted her so much and just loved the way her touch felt. I gently raised her dress over her hips. I could see her shape, her gorgeous toned thighs leading up to her lacy black knickers. I put my hand in between her legs. I could feel she was so wet already even through her knickers. I caressed her pussy through her knickers for a while, her juices coming through to my hand until I gently pulled them to one side and felt her naked pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, my fingers lubricated from her own excitement as I circled her clit with my expert fingers. She pulled my trousers down to release my manhood. She grasped it in her hands and started gently wanking my now throbbing cock.

She then stepped back and sexily removed her dress over her head. She stood in front of me, capturing my eyes in hers as she reached around to remove her bra. Her breasts we’re so pert, her nipples hard as steel as I stepped forwards and took one in my mouth. I worked my tongue around her breast, deliberately missing her nipple until I eventually flicked over it with my tongue. I felt her body shudder as I gently sucked her nipple, clamping it with my lips and flicking my tongue over it, slow and deliberate touches with my tongue. She dropped to her knees and again started wanking my cock. She was looking straight up at me as she did it, her eyes telling me exactly how she felt and what she wanted. As she stared at me she slowly moved her mouth towards my cock. She teased the tip with her tongue, darting it back and forth over the now glistening end.

She took my cock in her mouth. This felt amazing, her warm mouth full of my cock, she expertly sucked me until I thought I was about to explode. I gestured for her to get up. She stood and I softly grabbed her knickers and teased them down. I walked her to the sofa and sat her down, gently pushing her body back and lowered myself between her legs. I gently opened her legs to reveal her glistening pussy. I ran my fingers over her, up and down, up and down until she grabbed my head and motioned it towards her. I then had my first taste of her. I guided my tongue up and down her slit, softly licking the entire length of her pussy. She tasted so good, so sweet and so wet. I gently teased her clit with my fingers as I continued to lick her pussy. I swapped my tongue for my fingers and softly circled her clit with my tongue. It felt so good, my tongue darting around her clit and then I took it in my mouth. Her body buzzed, her back arched as I expertly sucked her clit and eased a finger inside her. She was so hot and horny. Her pussy was so wet for me, my fingers effortlessly guided in and out as kept my mouth clamped on her clit.

She was ready for me. I moved forward on my knees, grabbing my cock as I maintained the attention on her pussy. I leaned back slightly and pulled my aching cock up to her pussy. I gently teased her lips with the end of my big cock, sliding it up and down and over her clit. The feeling was immense, the excitement, the passion and the anticipation of what was coming.

I slowly guided the very end of my cock to her waiting hole, I could feel her body desperate for me to be inside. I rubbed her clit with my hand as my cock was just about inside her, she thrusted her pussy closer so as to envelop my manhood which is what we both not only wanted but needed….

The tip of my cock was now just inside her lush pussy. She moaned loudly, anticipating the full length of my impressive member but I wasn’t ready to enter her properly just yet. I slowly drew the very tip out slightly so it was barely bridging her pussy then gently pushed it back in again, in out, in out, in out. Her pussy was hugging the end of my cock, trying to pull it deeper inside. She grabbed my firm arse with her hands, pulling my hips closer so as to engulf my massive cock. I witheld this, keeping the very end just inside her and started thumbing her clit. I firmly pressed my thumb to her swollen clit and started to circle it, moving around it and then drawing my thumb back and forth over it. As I increased the speed she started moaning louder and louder, I could feel her pussy tighten even more as her excitement grew. It felt so amazing, the feel of her wet pussy gripping the end of my cock, almost wanking it into her. I couldn’t hold off any longer, I grabbed her ankles which we’re up close to my shoulders, opened her legs a bit more and slowly eased the length of my cock into her. Our eyes we’re locked as my cock effortlessly slipped into her. I felt her body shudder slightly as I was fully inside, I withdrew it almost all the way out and then plunged it deep inside until my balls were touching just below her pussy.

The feeling was so amazing. I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts and each time I did I could feel her body writhing with pleasure. I was now fucking her hard and fast, I leaned forward and started circling her breast with my tongue., grabbing the other with my hand. I ran my tongue around her nipple, gently nipping it with my teeth while all the time my cock was jack hammering back and forth in her sweet pussy. I leaned back slightly…I wanted to see my large cock sliding in and out of her now soaking wet hole. I looked down and could see the entire shaft of my lovely cock sliding in and out of her. I could see her creamy appreciation going down the length and building at the base of my cock - heaven.

My balls we’re so tight, so ready to fire my hot seed deep inside her but I was having such fun I wanted to hold off. I withdrew my cock, now covered in her juices and laid on the floor beckoning her to me. She spun and mounted me, laying over me with her pussy close to my face as she leaned forward and started to suck my cock clean of her own juices. She sucked the end of my cock expertly, moving her hand up and down my shaft, wanking me while my cock was in her mouth, her tongue circling the tip and darting back and forth over the end. It felt so good, so hot and so right. I raised my head up and was staring at her glistening pussy , hovering over my mouth, her lips slightly parted so as to invite my tongue inside. I grabbed her arse cheeks and gently pulled them apart, running my tongue up and down the length of her juicy pussy. She tasted so good I cant describe it. I pushed my tongue deep inside her , swirling it around the entrance of her aching pussy then slowly easing it deep inside. I pushed her hips up a bit so as to move her clit closer, I flicked my tongue over it, quickly but gently and then firmly pressed my tongue onto it. I held my tongue on her clit, almost pressing it down and started to move my head up and down, as if nodding in appreciation. She was till sucking my cock, moving her hand up and down the shaft and firmly caressing my balls with the other hand. WOW.

I could feel she was close to climax, her pussy juices were covering my face and my tongue was finding it harder to dart inside her tightening hole. I moved my mouth over her clit, sucking it and taking as much of her in my mouth as possible. I positioned my lips over her clit and firmly held it between them - I had her clit clamped tight and started to work my tongue over it, flicking back and forth and circling around the throbbing button. She started to lick right up and down the length of my cock, her tongue moving from the tip down to the base of my shaft and beyond. She started licking my shaved, smooth balls, taking one in her mouth as she did. Her tongue now moving quickly went even further down still, running all the way from my balls to my arse. She swirled her tongue over my arse, teasing my hole with her expert tongue. She then moved her finger down,,,gently pressing it on my hole as she licked around it. This felt totally amazing, I had her sweet, juicy pussy fully in my mouth as she played with my precious hole. Her finger pressed on it gently until it finally gave and went inside me -wow, how amazing, how naughty but how sexy!

She slowly moved her finger in and out of my hole, wanking my shaft with her other hand and taking the full length in her mouth. I now knew what a naughty girl she was so returned the favour. I pulled her hips down and started tonguing around her arse, slipping a couple of fingers in her pussy as I went. She was so tight, I moved a finger in and gently pressed on her arse. It felt so naughty but I loved it. My finger, wet from her pussy was starting to work it’s way slowly into her arse - I paused, my finger half way in, I wanted to taste her again so I moved my mouth to her pussy once more. I had her pussy in my mouth while my finger was tightly encased in her arse.

I removed my finger and replaced it with my tongue. Pushing the tip of my tongue into her tight arse while frantically rubbing her clit with my hand, building the pleasure even more.

I needed to be inside her again. She spun and hovered over me. Kneeling over my cock and looking me straight in the eye - ‘ I want to slide you into my arse’ she said . Her face red and flustered from the excitement but she had a sort of shy look in her eye, as if she knew what she was saying was naughty but she wanted it all the same.

She leaned in and kissed me, our lips locking, our tongue’s dancing together in our mouths. She reached down and slowly eased my cock back into her pussy to cover it in her juices. She pulled it out and gently rested it on her arse. I could feel my end pressing onto it…she wriggled around , the end of my dripping, rock hard cock gently pressuring her ring relax and take me inside…..

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