Written by C

4 May 2007

Hi I like the stories on here so thought I would tell you what me and my girlfriend have done recently.

Two weeks ago we bought the platinum rabbitt to add some additional excitement to our already rampant sex life.

On Monday she sent me a dirty text, telling me what she wanted when we got home and I duly replied. This continued all day, so you can imagine how horny we were getting.

When I got home L was already in bed naked with rabbitt waining to be used, firstly I put some tingilly lube on my hand then gently massaged her by now moist pussy, she let out a soft groan.

this got me hard and l put some tingilly stuff on the end of my throbbing cock, while all the tingilling was going on I asked her to put her hand under the pillow and she pulled out a blind fold I purchased earlier.

She put it on and i took rabbitt and gently eased him up her soaking hot hole, I started off nice and slow with only his ears rubbing her clit. Then she asked me to turn him up and get it rotating inside her, this went on for a few more minutes with my dick still tingilling with the lube.

She then started to move up and down rabbitt gently riding him while I held him in my hand, she got faster and harder biting her lip and by now groaning and panting like a possesed woman, she seemed to lose control and at one stage I don't thing she remembered that I was there.

She lifted her lovely pert arse up off the bed and fucked this roatating vibrating dick like nothing else bofore shouting FUCK ME! FUCK ME! her tits were bouncing all over the place FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! she shouted. Then she came and boy did she come with a scream. I took my dick in hand and came all over her body and face what a night.

Any more rabbitt stories I will post. Think we might take hin out for a road trip soon.