Written by doorman

22 Nov 2010

We had agreed to use 3 blindfolds, as there was 4 of us, someone would be able to see at any one time.My wife is 5,10 blonde hair, bit of a stunner and j is short black hair with a wicked looking face, hard spiteful face with big red lips and is about 5,8 tall. Both are good looking girls.

We started with our own girls kissing and cuddling and slideing hands everywhere, my wife loved to slow wank me while useing her tongue on the end of my cock. drives me mad as she likes to lick my balls and crack as she is doing it. i was moaning laying there when i looked over and could see b and j, she was on her kneess taking his cock in her mouth while playing with his balls with her long nails underneath. We was all watching what was going on in the room while we were playing, that in it's self is horny. listening to the slurps of spit and pre cum and then the moans i dont know how I ever shot my load there and then. b and j moved towards the bed and were now next to us on the bed, she had laid down wuth her feet on the floor and her legs open and b was sitting down to eat her. My wife said i want some tongue and told me to lay down so she could sit on my face, which i did. she loved her pussy being licked almost as much as loved licking her. she was facing away from me bending over on my face and was sucking and kissing my cock which with another woman laying right next to you is very horny.

I said to my wife to put the blindfold on which she did, as did i and b, we was laying on the bed just feeling our partners but j was the only one who could see, now this is horny. I felt some movement then i heard some sucking sounds, not being able to make it out my cock was getting so hard. I heards my wife moan, i was dying to look but that was not the game so i never. Then i felt a hand on my cock wanking my and sucking me slowly, i was happy to listen to my wifes moaning while i was getting eaten, i was thinking that b was eating my wife while j was sucking my cock, fucking great by me. then j said it was my wifes turn to see and arrange our bodies how she wanted. i was sat on the end on the bed and listened as i heard j getting fucked, it was driving me mad wanted to see her fella open her up and fuck her. it all got too much i had to sneek a look, we ll fuck me my wife had a strap on and was giving it to j while me and her fella was sitting on the bed playing with our own cocks, lol. the cheeky bitch. she was ramming the tool so deep in her j was loving it. i bet her fella was thinking that i was fucking her, my wife never even saw me look she was just hell bent on making j cum, which she did, loads.

As she laid there recovering my wife start playing with b's cock just by wanking it and talking dirty to him telling him what was going to happen to him if he came to soon, she said she was going to play with his cock until he was going to burst. she leaned over and was pushing j's head towards my cock which i could just see from under my blindfold, and did she suck it, slurping and sliding her fingers around my balls and crack, could she suck cock. then she was playing with my arse, just her nails running over my hole with all her spit it was sliding all over, then she pushed her finger into my arse as she was sucking my cock, now that drives me mad, as i put my head back i could see my wife was watching j and she had a right horny look on her face. j then put another finger in me slowly then faster and faster, it was fucking great. we said that we should do away with the blindfolds but the girls said no leave the 2 on just me and b so they girls could play with us.

We was both laid on the bed and they started sucking us off then they swopped mouths which was fucking horny, then back again then i i felt the othe pair move around and could just see my bent over and b was fucking her from behind while she was still swopping my cock with j, i wanted to eat some pussy so bad. anyway she just sat on my face while i was getting sucked from my wife as she was getting fucked from behind by b. fucking horny. when i was told to stand up next to b near the bed still with the blindfold on, a mouth was going from cock to cock, or thats what it felt like. my blindfold had moved so i couldnt see for a while. i could feel that as my balls where being sucked my feet where pushed apart slightly and could hear the girls laughing a little. then i felt some thing push against my arse, not a finger this time but it was quit nice as well, i could hear b still getting his cock suck by who i dont know or really care at thius point. this thing was slid in my arse which made me breath heavier, then she turned the buzzer on, right in my arse and still taking my cock right in her mouth. then i felt her mouth stop sucking me and i felt my cock slid into a wet pussy, i heard j garsp as it went in felt really good, and with this buzzer in my arse it was the bollocks.............more soon