Written by Rob

10 Jun 2009

This happened many years ago and my girlfriend at the time and I were both twenty. She was called Jeanette and we were out for the night and she got a little drunk and started flirting with this lad of eighteen, with the nickname of Trog!

We ended up walking back with him and as we past the park, Jeanette said, “You’ve been boasting about your cock all night, let’s have a look at it then!”

We went into the park and nipped behind some bushes where Jeanette undid his jeans and tugged out his bulging knob. He had a long cock, at least a couple of inches longer than mine, but quite thin. But the bell-end was very fat and bulbous and Jeanette said, “Cor, you’ve got a big ‘un!” She then lifted up her short skirt and pulled her skimpy knickers to one side and rubbed the bell-end over her pubic hair.

By now I had a raging hard-on myself and as I took it out I watched as the lad shoved his fingers up my girlfriend and worked them in and out. Then he was pushing his cock between her legs and she said, “No, not without a condom!”

None of us had any condoms and when I had sex with her, she even made me wear one as she wasn’t on the pill. I said, “I’m sure he’ll pull it out before he spunk’s if you let him put it in!”

By now he had his fingers jammed back up her and she said, “You can do it to me, but you’ve got to pull out!”

She’d not been this drunk before and she pulled up her skirt around her waist and took down her knickers and slipped them inside her handbag. She then lay on the grass on her back and I saw the lad’s cock as I got between her wide open legs. It seemed to be positively throbbing! She was that wet I could push straight up her and I began to thrust quickly. With all the excitement of being watched, I very quickly felt myself going to spunk!

I wanted to keep thrusting, but I pulled my knob out and pointed it towards the grass and shot my load there. Jeanette said, “Is that it? I want more than that!”

The lad then said, “Let me fuck you.”

Drunk and pissed off at me for shooting my load so quickly, she said, “Lay down, I’m going to ride it!”

He got down on the grass and she crouched above him and then took hold of his knob and shoved his big bell-end into her hole. She pushed straight down on his length and began to rock back and forth, rubbing furiously at her clit as she did so.

I sat behind them and watched his cock wedged right up her. She rode him like this for a couple of minutes and I was surprised he was lasting a lot longer than I had! Jeanette began to orgasm and started to bounce hard up and down on his cock. I just had a feeling that this would set him off spunking and I said, “Remember not to spunk up in her.”

Trog just said, “I’m spunking!” I expected him to take it out from her at any moment.

When he showed no signs of doing so, I panicked and just reached forwards and grabbed hold of his shaft and tugged it from her hole. And spunking he was, as a torrent shot straight up into the air and over her bum. I let go of his cock as more sperm ran out from his bloated bell-end and down his shaft. As my girlfriend got up, I saw some sperm drip out from her cunt hole!

She was very worried for the next week or so, but luckily he didn’t get her pregnant and I had to continue fucking her using condoms.