Written by Ollie Sunshine

17 Mar 2009

The weather could have gone either way, with a good deal of cloud early on, and a stiff South Westerly breeze. But by the time I’d shopped for beach snacks and a couple of beers, and cycled down to the Rock-a-Nore car park, the breeze had dropped, and the clouds were all but gone, leaving a clear blue sky. According to the notice by the Life Guards hut, high tide was an hour or so away, and already the first few hundred metres were tricky, as the sea had already covered most of the beach, forcing me to clamber between the rocks at foot of the cliffs. As I approached the first headland I had to take my trainers off and paddle through a foot or so of water to pass it.

Looking down the long curve of shingle I saw at least there were others daft enough to try and get past the next outcrop of rocks. I caught a brief glimpse of two figures clambering over them before they disappearing round the headland. Encouraged by their success I made my way along the scrunching stones as fast as I could to beat the tide. I wasn’t sure if the way after the next headland would be passable, but it was worth a try. I followed the route I’d seen the figures take, up over the rocks, which proved quite a challenge. The last part was really too steep, and I went back down to the water, this time having to slip my shorts off to wade through to the beach beyond.

This stretch of shingle was much shorter, and I saw what now was revealed as a couple at the far end, obviously assessing the way ahead. They were dressed, tee-shirts and shorts, and not wanting to offend, I slipped my own shorts back on. I could tell they’d seen me by their stance, but even at this distance their body language came across as non-hostile. As I made my way the thirty metres or so to their end of the little beach they were obviously debating whether to try to pass the rocks.

We exchanged “hi’s” of course, as I neared them, and a few exchanges about the state of the tide. They were Dutch, it transpired, and being an open friendly race, they told me their names, Saakje and Johan, almost as soon as we began talking. Of course I likewise introduced myself, and in response to their question about “naturist swimming places”, I explained that we had a kilometre or so before reaching Fairlight. They deferred to my local knowledge, and when I suggested that we would be safe enough at least rounding the next headland, they followed me over the somewhat treacherous rocks. Fortunately none of us slipped, and we emerged onto a tiny bit of sandy shingle. The next rocks really did look impassable, and we all agreed as much.

“I think that now we are too late to return back yes?” asked Johan.

I agreed, and pointed out we would be safe enough here, as the high tide was only half an hour away now, and there were plenty of rocks we could climb up onto if necessary.

Saakje suggested we stay there, and make it “Our own beach, as no one else will be coming here.”

She wasn’t the archetypal Dutch girl to look at, though her accent was wonderfully strong.

She had short black hair, and an almost Mediterranean complexion. She was good looking, rather than pretty, with intense, intelligent eyes, and her face was thin, but with a large sensuous mouth. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, indeed one was hardly needed, as her breasts were quite small, in keeping with her slim, muscular physique.

Johan was exactly the Dutch stereotype however, with his shoulder length blond hair, easy smile and rather solid looking walker’s legs.

His shorts were a little skimpier than fashion would dictate – also very Dutch.

“Well maybe Ollie would rather have the beach all his own, and would not like us to be here?”

Johan politely suggested.

As if!

I told them it would be absolutely fine, and with that, began to get my beer, towel and other bits and bobs from my rucksack.

Saakje unwrapped the jumper she had around her waist, and paused, “Is it OK for us to undress here with you Ollie?”

I laughed, and said in a slightly camp tone,”Ooh no, I’d be most offended!”

Johan laughed at this, and simultaneously we began undressing.

Now if this had been an English couple, even a pair of hardened swingers, I think our eyes would have been politely averted, pretending at least, “not to look”.

No such false propriety for my newfound Dutch friends however, who both openly watched me as I took off my T-shirt. Feeling more or less invited to do so, I watched them too, especially when Saakje’s lovely little breasts emerged.

“You have a good body for a 56 year old,” commented Johan, as I revealed my torso.

“Thanks very much, a bloke my age needs all the flattery he can get!”

“What is flattery please?” asked Saakje.

“Hmm, saying something nice about someone, even if it isn’t quite true,” I explained

“But Johan is right,” she protested, “and I like men who look after their bodies.”

“Well it certainly wouldn’t be flattery if I told you both have fine bodies, especially those lovely breasts Saakje.”

“Oh no they are much too small,” she exclaimed and gave them a dismissive flick with her hands.

“She always says they are small, but I find them the best in the world,” Johan gallantly declared.

And so down came our shorts, more or less in unison.

“Oh I see that you like the smooth look, as we do!” Johan remarked, as I revealed my newly shaven genitalia.

“Yes, but only recently”, I admitted, “This is the first time I’ve been to the beach like this.”

I saw with pleasure, as Saakje and Johan removed their shorts, that they were indeed clean-shaven too, and unlike my own give away white patch, their pubic areas were as tanned as the rest of their bodies.

“You must be careful”, warned Saakje, looking with open interest down at my pale groin, “The sun can make you sore there, as this is the first time you expose yourself like this.”

“Hmm, maybe so, it will get used to it soon I guess.”

Johan had laid their towels down onto the shingle, in a tiny area between the rocks, still uncovered by the sea. I looked up and down the beach, but really this was the only area left big enough to sit, let alone lie down on.

“There is only room here for us I think”, Saakje observed, “We must all lie together!” and laughed, her delightfully awkward English conveying perhaps a little more sauciness than she intended. Perhaps not. She joined Johan, already sitting on the towel, and he warmly gestured for me to lay mine next to theirs,

“Come and join us here, Ollie, as we are all new naturist smoothie friends.”

“Yes”, agreed Saakje, “You must show us that this English shyness we hear of is not true.”

As I brought my stuff over and lay my towel alongside theirs, Johan produced a bottle of sun lotion from his bag and offering it to Saakje, addressing her in English for my benefit,

“You would like some of this on yourself?”

Though there was barely room, Saakje managed to shuffle herself down between the rocks and lay on her back,

“Yes please, if you could do me that would be nice.” Again I thought her choice of words was less than entirely innocent. I sat leaning back against the rocks, my legs out straight, my startlingly white, and very exposed feeling,genitals stirring slightly as I watched Johan fondly applying the sun lotion to his wife. He did her top first, her fine neck, the flat plain of her belly, and her small pointed breasts. Next he started at her toes, worked his way up her lovely calves, her knees (which she protested made her “kietelen”, which I guessed meant tickle), and up again to her curving muscular thighs.

I noticed Johan’s cock, like my own, was responding to all this, unsurprisingly.

He took the lotion, and dribbled some directly onto her shaven mons.

At this Saakje cried

“Oowh het is koud”, then for my benefit “Too cold!”

I felt they really were putting on a bit of a show for me, with which I had absolutely no problem at all!

“Oh I’m so sorry madam”, he replied in mock posh English, “Shall I warm the area with my hands?”

“Yes that would be as well, as long as our new friend would not be upset with this?”

As she spoke she raised herself up and took a look at me. I shook my head,

“I am almost un-shockable, be assured.”

She looked down towards my stiffening penis, and to my surprised delight gave it a little upward pat with her hand,

“The famous English reserve seems to have left this Englishman altogether.”

Putting his hand to Saakje’s pudenda as promised, Johan jokingly apologised,

“You will have to excuse my wife, I am afraid she has a very open titude towards the body.”

I laughed, and altered my position, so I was almost lying alongside Saakje, able to watch quite closely as Johan knelt between her now parted legs and massaged her. He paid a lot of attention to the smooth mound above her vagina, gradually becoming firmer with his hands, from time to time pulling her skin upwards. This parted her labia, letting her clitoris peek out, then back it went, inside its hood of tanned vagina lips.

“You are certainly very thorough with that sun cream’, I observed, my hand now at my penis, unashamedly, if fairly discretely, stroking it.

Johan laughed, “I must pay careful attention to my wife’s skin!”

Saakje looked down to my cock, “It is very big now, your penis, I think you are enjoying this?”

“I certainly am, I hope you don’t mind me touching myself like this?”

“No, it’s fine with me, and I think Johan likes to see you do this too..”

“Absolutely, I like to look at big cocks on the beach. But look, you need some cream down there, you are so white.. perhaps you would like Saakje to put some on you?”

“I think I could just about handle that, if she wants too?”

“It would be a pleasure for me to do so, but I think my husband would like to help?”

Johan grinned at me, “How are you with this idea? I think you are maybe not afraid of a man’s touch no?”

I laughed, “Oh not at all, I like being touched by women and men.”

Saakje took the bottle from him and getting to her feet stepped across my body, giving me a lovely view of her glistening vulva as she did so. She knelt beside me, to my right, and Johan took up position on my left, also on his knees.

Saakje poured a good dollop onto her hands and began applying it to my groin, just above my penis. She was very thorough, and I was glad I’d shaved that morning, as I couldn’t feel her fingertips rasping against any stubble. As if reading my mind she remarked, “You are very smooth Ollie, I think you have shaved today no?”

I nodded, “It’s true, just this morning before I came out.”

“Hmm, I must feel this smoothness too,” declared Johan, and put his fingertips gently to my scrotum.

“Ah yes very soft and smooth skin here too Saakje.”

Saakje poured some sun cream onto my balls as Johan continued to rub them,

“They need protecting from the sun too I think,” she giggled, “and probably that feels rather nice eh Ollie?”

“Fucking gorgeous actually!”

Johan laughed, “Fucking gorgeous, just like my wife don’t you think Ollie?”

“You’re a lucky man Johan, she’s very beautiful, and very sexy too.”

“I am lucky yes. And we have a wonderful love together, and love to share our bodies with others.

Saakje, I think Ollie’s cock needs some protection too?”

I was, of course, rock hard, Viagra hard, teenage hard, by now.

Saakje squirted the bottle directly onto my erection and put both her hands to it, stroking and rubbing in the sun lotion. She pulled my foreskin back, revealing my glans, “We mustn’t forget this part eh… I think it is very sensitive here?”

“Oh yes it’s sensitive,” I murmured, almost delirious with pleasure, as she stroked my glans with an incredibly knowing, delicate, fingertip touch. Johan was moving his hands down from my balls, rubbing at my perineum.

I had an idea where he was heading, and I sensed him pause, as if for permission. In response I shifted my position, pushing my pelvis up against Saakje’s hands, and opened my legs, giving Johan access to my arse, if that was his intention.

It was.

As Saakje continued with one hand at my glans, now firmly masturbating the shaft of my penis with the other, I put one hand on her thigh, the other on her husband’s.

They both shifted slightly to allow me to reach them better. To appreciate the intensity of what I was feeling, I closed my eyes and ran my hands up their smooth legs until I had my right hand probing Saakje’s hairless vagina, the left wrapped around Johan’s stiff, smooth penis.

Her hands were both wanking my cock faster now, and I felt Johan’s fingers touching, exploring my arsehole. I heard lotion squirting, then felt a moist finger gently pushing at the puckered lips of my arse.

“It is good you have shaved here too, Ollie, much better for playing like this I think.”

And with that I managed consciously to relax my anal muscles, opening my legs wider still.

I felt a finger slide into my arse, almost audibly, as I let my hole open for him.

I opened my eyes again and saw Saakje grinning ecstatically, as she thrust her groin against my hand. I felt a second finger enter my anus, and likewise put two fingers into Saakje’ now wet vagina.

I watched Johan, who had one hand at my arse, the other at his cock for a while, and then Sake suddenly let go of me, standing up, to straddle me.

She looked round to Johan briefly, who nodded his approval, then to me, with a questioning tilt of the head.

I nodded of course. She slowly crouched down from her standing position. I could see the muscles of her inner thighs standing out with tension, as she held herself above me.

She took my penis with both hands, pointing it directly up, and held her complex female folds an inch or so above it.

I felt Johan’s fingers leave my anus, and looking down between Saakje’s legs I saw him position his penis in their place. His glans nudged against my anal lips, and I heard him squirt more cream down there.

Saakje’s control was amazing as she slowly, slowly lowered her cunt towards my waiting cock. Contact.

She needed no cream - I could see her juices actually running down my penis now.

She lowered enough herself for my glans just to enter her vagina, an inch or so.

At the same time Johan pushed his cock head forward, and I felt his bigness open my anus.

Again I managed to relax myself, and they both simultaneously thrust.

My cock went deep, deep inside Saakje till her groin rested against mine.

Two shaved pubic mounds pressed in open-air passion together.

The feeling as Johan’s cock pushed up my arse was similarly incredible. He went all the way in, till his balls were touching my buttocks, and the big round stiffness of his penis pushed at me from the inside.

It pressed against the root of my penis, so deep inside his wife.

We fucked like this for what seemed like eternity. Saakje was skilled in bringing me (and I think herself) close to orgasm, then slowing down to back off from the brink.

She was controlling it partly for Johan’s benefit I think.

But his ministrations to my nether regions became more urgent, and he was now groaning rhythmically with pleasure.

As I kissed Saakje’s breasts, nipples big as raspberries now, he fondled them from behind, kneading them, squeezing them, as I sucked away like a hungry baby.

At last the moment approached. Saakje’s murmurs became louder and more urgent, likewise Johan’s thrusting into my arse was nearing the final moment of release.

Suddenly Saakje froze, and uttered a long, almost animal scream. Johan pushed a couple of times more, thrust himself hard against and into me, and held it there.

I let my own orgasm happen, flooding deep into Saakje, my semen pumping up towards her womb. Simultaneously I felt Johan’s own stream filling my anus with delicious wetness. Saakje shuddered with unabandoned pleasure.