Written by steve

3 Jun 2007

We started having extra marital sex before we married. I had a friend who often accompanied us with his current girlfriend to pubs and nightclubs. We were engaged and still living with our parents and sex was rarely possible in the comfort of a bed and so it was the norm to park up somewhere discreet for the action. Bob and I would take it in turns to drive so the other could have a drink.

We got quite used to having a fuck in the back seat with Bob fucking his girlfriend over the front seats.

We never got involved in swapping partners as such but one night Bob was with a new girl who wanted to go straight home. He was driving and so after dropping her off he started making his way to my fiancés house. We were going at it as best we could in the back when he pulled over at one of our regular spots and sat there while Jane and I got down to business. She was on her back, one leg up on the rear parcel shelf; the other leg was hanging over the front seat with her foot right up by Bob’s face. I was in-between her legs and giving her a good fucking. It didn’t take me long before I was spunking up inside her.

I moved off her and we noticed Bob was having a wank and I made a silly remark and had a good laugh about it. But then Jane made said in his defence that we were not being fair on him, us having all the fun and all he could do was to wank himself off. He had stopped wanking obviously a little embarrassed, and Jane said she didn’t mind if he wanted to do it. He said it didn’t matter now if we had finished and started putting his cock away. Jane said Steve may have finished but I hadn’t so why don’t we do it together.

Jane told me to get in the front and Bob to get in the back, and that they could wank together. She added that it was wanking only, no fucking, ok? Bob was already on his way out the car to get in the back before he had time to agree with her.

So there I was looking back at them both. Bob had his trousers around his knees and was slowly stroking his cock while Jane had her legs open and was rubbing her clit. Bob complained it was too dark for him to see anything so I flicked on the courtesy light. Jane was looking at his cock and he was bending forward trying to get the best view possible of her wet cunt. I said to Jane they should sit sideways and face each other. It was not a very easy position and Bob ended up kneeling in the foot well with Jane spread out on the seat. But he was then in contact with her legs and in an ideal finger fucking position.

I hurried it along and said, “for Christ sake stick your fingers up her, give her a hand” Jane had her eyes closed and did not discourage him. Bob leant forward and slowly eased his fingers into her.

He moved up kneeling over her and fingered her like mad. Her own hand was now redundant but soon found his stiff cock.

She started building to a climax. Lifting her bum off the seat she shook and writhed under him while his fingers plunged deeply into her. She groaned and grimaced as she orgasmed.

Moments later relaxed and lying back down on the seat Bob moved to lay between her and tried to enter her. She quickly rejected his action and said she had said no to fucking him, but she would rub him off……… to be continued.