Written by H and B

27 Mar 2010

Bob had to go away and I was gutted but I wasnt going to sit around and wait for him to come back. With Bobs blessings I had a "standby" who I saw now and then. It was Bobs fantasy for me to visit Jim and I would relay the whole session to him. It really used to turn him on.

For this session I wore a Black calf length skirt with long high heel boots and a low cut top with no bra, quite the ideal top for this weather, my nipples stood erect with the cold and the material rubbing against them. It was underneath that was the most important thing. A thong with a little skirt and suspenders and stockings.I felt naughty and turned on at the thought of what was going to happen. Knowing that Bob was working abroad but thinking of what I was doing really appealled to me.

I met Jim at a local bar and we stopped for a brief drink. We didnt have to say anything, we knew what was going to happen. We walked back to his car with his arm around my waist dropping down to my arse to stoke it. I found this amazingly sensual and the feel of his strong hand on me aroused me strongly. Arriving at the car he dropped both his hands to my waist and pushed me back against the boot and pushed his tongue deeply into my mouth giving me the most passionate French kiss which I returned eagerly tasting him as we licked and sucked on each other. As I was doing this I became aware of the large bulge which I began to feel through my clothes pushing against the lower part of my tummy. I dropped my hand and rubbed his erect cock through his suit trouser which was pointing upwards toward his belt straining to get past. I knew I was in for a good afternoon.

As soon as we entered the room, he dashed to the bathroom and proceeded to run the bath, I was a little confused but he soon took my mind off it. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Slowly, softly at first but then it got more intense, more desperate. He pulled my top over my head and bent to kiss my erect nipples, his tongue darting over them making them tingle. Then he undid my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. He stood and admired my undies, licking his lips and moaning. He dashed back to the bathroom and turned off the bath taps before pushing me onto the huge bed. His lips and tongue explored every inch of my body, tasting me. I was moaning loudly, gripping the quilt on the bed. Then he pulled my legs apart, kissing my inner thighs making his way up to my

soaking pussy. he kissed me through my thong, then slipped his fingers under it to feel my wetness. He was smiling, he knew I was turned on, who wouldnt be?.

He unhooked my stockings and slowly rolled them down before turning to my thong. With his fingers in the waistband he slowly kissed my belly, making his way down, pulling them off on his way. I was waiting in anticipation for his tongue. I wanted to feel it play with my rings, to flick my clit and then push inside my pussy. I didnt have to wait too long, he was as keen as I and soon I could feel his tongue deep inside me, flicking in and out, I was in heaven! I wanted so much to cum but I tried to hold it. I was so horny, so turned on, thinking of Bob. But as soon as he stopped flicking and started to suck hard, I coud hold it no longer and the waves rippled through my body as I came on his lips. He sat up smiling and taking my hand, led me to the bathroom. He told me to climb in the bath and he got undressed. I thought he was getting in with me but I was wrong. He lathered his hands and stared to bathe me, his hands sensually rubbing my breasts, stroking them, fondling them. Pulling at my nipples softly, squeezing them. Then he washed my back, long soft strokes over my arms, down to my fingers. Then telling me to lie back he sopaed up again and his hand slid down my body. He avoided my private parts, moving over my belly and down my thighs, pulling each leg up and running his hand down them, then up, lightly brushing me before moving back down again. It was ecstasy, he was so gentle, whispering compliments about my skin, my breasts, my nipples and my curves. I wanted him but he wasnt letting me have him yet. His hands finally found my pussy. He rubbed my clit a few times before slipping a finger inside me, then another and another, pushing deep inside he wiggled his fingers trying to push deeper, then he proceeded to frig me while kissing my lips hard. It didnt take me long to cum and my lips contracted against his fingers as they moved in and out, my hands gripping the side of the bath. I asked him to join me in the bath but he refused, so I climbed out and we went into the bedroom again.

He laid me on the bed and pulled the towel open, reaching over he picked up my stockings and asked if he could tie me to the bed but then we realised that the headboard made it impossible. I whispered "next time" to him and winked. He sat in front of me and pulled my legs apart. Settling between my legs me lowered himself down on top of me. He pushed the tip of his cock into me and started rubbing it onto my clit, it was nice but I just wanted to be fucked. But he continued to tease me, as I moved towards him (to push myself onto his cock) he moved back. I told him to put it in but he continued to tease me. He then pushed me gently back onto the bed and pushed his cock really hard deep into me. It felt amazing and instantly my hot juices gushed out of me. He waited for a few seconds and then he started to fuck me hard and deep and I was loving it. He continued to fuck me really hard just the I like it So I told him to fuck me harder,as hard as he

wants, anyway he wants . He then put a few pillows under my ass and my legs onto his shoulders and pushed my legs right back and got right over me and started to fuck me even harder and deeper. He was touching the top of my pussy deep inside with his cock every time he thrust into me and it was painful and so pleasurable. I was moaning with pleasure and my pussy was oozing pussy juice and he continued to fuck me hard for at least 5 to 10 minute and then I felt his cock twitching inside me and before long he began to cum. He started to shout as he pumped me full of lots of hot lovely spunk.

In all the time we had been there, he had not allowed me to touch him once, now it was my turn. He had slouched onto the bed and I made him lie on his back.

Taking his flacid cock, I licked it clean, tasting the mix of his cum and my juices I opened my mouth and began to suck on his bell end which was just as wet as before. My mouth was stretched open and it was uncomfortable to hold my mouth like this but I wanted to please. I took his shaft with both my hands and started to rub along his length. I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock and felt his pre-cum slowly oozing from him as it felt slippery on my tongue with each pass of his eye. I hungrily swallowed, sucking and rubbing him with my tongue. I looked up with my eyes and saw him staring down at me I felt vulnerable and would do anything he wanted of me. I tried to take more of him in my mouth but I could not. I started to move my hand down to his balls and felt two large testicles one in each cupped hand. All the time I was looking up into his eyes like an adoring puppy. I moved my hands down to behind his balls and felt the large vein that fed his cock and with my long nail began to stroke it gently back and forth to his arse. He started to try and fuck my mouth I felt his cock twitch and he began to moan. He was thrusting and I had to hold his shaft to prevent him from choking me. He began to moan and I felt the amount of fluid begin to increase from him. I continued to stroke his hard throbbing vein with my finger and without any warning my mouth began to fill with his cum.

He immeadiatly kissed me so he could taste his cum on my lips.

While he laid on the bed recuperating, i took out the blindfold from my bag, but thats another story.............