Written by Victoria

22 Sep 2013

I've called this the prequel because I originally submitted it a week ago, followed a day later by part 2, expecting both to be uploaded. Somehow this part must have got lost and just part 2 got uploaded. Before deleting it from my saved docs I thought I may as well try again so that the second part on the 17th Sept, makes some sort of sense if they are read together.

I've known Kristy for about 3 years. Strangely we seemed to just hit it off even though we had little in common. She left school with no qualifications, I'd stayed and done my A-levels, gone to university, got a job in financial services. All going well for me. I acquired a husband, marrying when I was twenty four, just before the financial crash. Less than twelve months later I was made redundant and the only job I could get after months of searching was stacking shelves and working on the checkouts at a supermarket. The money was much less than I was used too, but I enjoyed it, less stress, flexible shifts. One good thing about the job, it kept me fit without the expense of going to the Gym. It kept my size 10 figure trim and with all the lifting my muscle tone improved, particularly my upper body and my 34d tits appeared much firmer.

Kristy started at the supermarket about a year after me. Younger than me, she's twenty five now, I'm twenty nine. I was fairly reserved, she was loud, brash, funny and could be absolutely filthy. If a guy came in the shop who she fancied she wasn't backward in making it obvious, once going off with one in her lunch break and having sex with him in the multi storey car park nearby. In many ways I envied her. She was refreshing compared with my other friends, who all seemed very serious and boring in comparison. She has a fuller figure than me, a nice bum but the thing most people noticed first, especially men, were her tits, an impressive 40FF, the result of a boob job. She was extremely proud of them and not averse to “getting 'em out” to show the lads. The first time I actually saw them was when I went with her to a photo studio where she was earning extra money nude modelling. Without a bra they were round and firm, and moved naturally. It was only when you saw the small scars underneath each breast that you could be certain she'd had an expensive boob job, paid for by a guy she'd been living with for a year or so and then dumped

Her main interest was sex. Telling us all about the latest bloke who'd shagged her. Jealous, Moi! I should say so. My husband worked hard, would come home tired, neglecting me, sex once a week if I was lucky. He still found time and energy to go to the football or with his mates to the pub. Bored, frustrated and sexually deprived, I was reduced to masturbation as my main form of sexual release and satisfaction. I'd been unfaithful twice. Once with my ex boss. I'd let him fuck me in the hope of keeping my job. The second time with a guy who I'd always fancied, when we all went and got drunk after being told we'd lost our jobs.

I'd been out with Kristy several times, for a drink or the cinema. My husband had gone to a match in the north of England, away for the weekend the first time I went out to a club with her. She knew loads of blokes, attempted to persuade me to go back to her flat with her and two of them. I declined, reluctantly admittedly, and to be honest regretted turning the offer down. Later that night I laid in my empty bed alone, angry with myself, masturbating whilst imagining what I was missing. A good hard fuck according to her when I saw her at work. She took great delight, recounting how she'd taken them both to bed and been fucked six or seven times.

I didn't make the same mistake again and between then and last June, I went with her to her flat after nights out about fifteen times and was fucked by about 18 or 20 different guys, several of them fucking me on more than one occasion. The first time, only one guy fucked me, while Kristy took on three. My guy fucked me, came and fell asleep. It seemed most unfair that she was still fucking and sucking long after we'd finished, though he did fuck me again during the night and again in the morning. I decided I wouldn’t make that mistake again and from then on, two, and on occasions, three or four guys became the norm.

The most memorable night was a party just before last Christmas. Me, Kristy and 12 guys, some of whom had fucked me before. We ended up in one of their flats, both stripping naked. Kristy started sucking cocks. I lay on the floor, masturbating in front of everybody, something I'd fantasised doing since seeing a woman do it in a porn film. Several of the guys had their cocks out wanking, which only served to make me hornier.

I was getting very close to cumming when Kristy joined me on the floor, kissing me and sucking my nipples. She moved my hand from my pussy and placed it on hers. I slipped my fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her, while she did the same to me. We started kissing, tongues in mouth. She kissed and nibbled my neck, spent time teasing my nipples, before licking and kissing her way down over my tummy to my pussy. She didn't stop there, she pushed my legs wide apart, her head disappearing between my thighs and began lick and suck my sex. It seemed perfectly natural for me to pull her on top, into a sixty nine, and perform cunnilingus on her. We brought each other off, with our mouths and tongues. I enjoyed my first experience with another woman, she'd enjoyed my admittedly hesitant and timid efforts. They was no doubt the guys enjoyed watching us, from the comments, two or three of them getting carried away and shooting there jizz over us.

Kristy's only complaint was my hairy pussy. I was trimmed, so not a thick bush but all the same she was adamant I should be smooth like her. Kristy decided I should be shaved in front of everyone, suggesting one of the guys did it. They all volunteered, but it was obviously impossible for all of them to shave me. In the end they decided to have a lottery, with the right to shave my pussy as the prize. Kristy denies it, but I think it was her idea to charge £10 to enter. Whoever drew the shortest straw would win the right to shave my pussy and fuck me first and I'd get the £120. I didn't think of it at the time, I was really taking money for sexual favours, prostituting myself.

Kristy prepared the straws they all took one and a young guy only 20 or 21 won. They led me to the bedroom, all crowding around while Kristy, fetched a bowl, razors, shaving foam and a towel. The guy was shaking so much with excitement, just applying a hot flannel and spreading the foam on my pussy I was wondering if it was such a good idea. I was relieved that she insisted on supervising and assisting. She told him what to do, and he calmed down. While she held my skin taut and steadied his hand, he carefully and slowly, removed my pubes from my mound and around my fuck hole. She told me to turn over and held my buttocks apart, exposing my puckered anus while he finished the job, leaving me smooth and hairless.

She wiped my pussy and bum with a flannel, patted me dry, and poured some cool soothing aloe vera lotion on to her hand. She smoothed it onto my mound, much of it finding it's way into my cunt, when she was rubbing my sex, her fingers sliding repetitively into my hole. She got me all worked up then stopped, reminding me that the guy who'd won had paid £120 and that included a fuck. He fucked me while everyone watched. He came in my pussy and pulled out. I could hear them discussing who was going to have me next, Kristy egging them on, reminding them that they'd all chipped in a tenner, so it was only right that having paid me money they should all be entitled to fuck me. Who was I to argue even if what she was saying wasn't exactly true.

She was really sweet and generous, she sucked their cocks and wanked them, keeping them hard, but refusing to let any of them fuck her until they'd all fucked me. They fucked me one after the other, with hardly a pause between them. During a couple of pauses, Kristy went down on me licking and sucking their spunk from cunt. Enjoyable, arousing and both times when the next guy started to fuck me I came almost as soon as they penetrated me. Absolute bliss. They fucked me in various positions, though most preferred taking me from behind and I got on top and rode two of them. I had one or other of their cocks continuously pounding my cunt for well over an hour.

As well as the immense pleasure I got from being repeatedly fucked, I was extremely proud of myself for taking them all on and showing Kristy that I could be as big a Slut as her. Young guys, they recovered quickly, some with a bit of help from my hands and mouth and I think most of them fucked Kristy too. I ended up with about half of them, in the bedroom and several of them managed to fuck me again during the night.

After taking all that cock my pussy was a bit tender in the morning. I kept my panties on and wore PJ's in bed the rest of the week and by the time I got to the next weekend and my weekly shag with my husband I'd recovered. I shaved my pussy first, which he liked but didn't seem to inspire him to want sex more often. Me? I was getting more and more like Kristy. I couldn't get enough, but didn't have the opportunities she had. I had to be careful, carry on as near normal as possible. Sometimes I'd masturbate 3 or 4 times a day, increasingly frustrated during the weeks and particularly the weekends when I knew she was shagging and I wasn’t. We did manage a few hours together, just the two of us on a few occasions allowing me to experience the pleasure of sex with another woman again, which I found enjoyable. About half a dozen times she let me to use her flat in the afternoon for a quickie, with a guy who chatted me up in a bar. Often several weeks would pass between my going out clubbing with Kristy followed by spending the night at hers with her and several guys, by which time I was craving cock and almost insatiable.

What I also missed, with money being tighter, was summer holidays, two weeks in the sun which I adored. By May I was sick of the winter, talking to Kristy about how much I'd like some sun. She suggested we find a late deal somewhere, “Sun and Sex. Lots of shagging” She suggested. It would have to be cheap, I had a few hundred pounds I could use. My husband? How to persuade him? I told him I wanted to go on holiday and was thinking of going with Kristy. The suggestion that if he didn't want me too he could go to watch fewer football matches next season to pay for us to go away together worked a treat. As I expected he didn't want to do that and he said I should go with Kristy and enjoy myself. I certainly intended to enjoy myself, but not in the way he was thinking. Manipulative I know, but he was just happy I stopped asking him to give up a few football matches.

We managed to get a cheap late deal for the end of June. Two weeks in a resort I wouldn't have been seen dead in before I became friends with Kristy. She'd been there with the “boob job” boyfriend. There had been loads of single guys looking for sex, she'd had guys trying to chat her up, even with her bf there but hadn't been able to take advantage being with him. Two unaccompanied females, we would be able to get as much cock as we wanted she reckoned. She wasn't wrong, we were spoilt for choice. I was able to prove to myself what an uninhibited slut I'd become, fucking different blokes every night. What we got up to and what we did almost from the beginning of the holiday after we found the hotel food unbearable, will have to be told another day.