Written by Kel kel

3 Oct 2014

I started a small side business of selling kids toys. One 'dad' bought a few items and when he arrived at the door i instantly was hot, sweaty and throbbing like hell. Thankfully he message me a few times an we managed to get it onto fantasies! In the fear i would scare him i only admitted to a few likes! My main few being choked and restrained during sex, the occasional fisting and my love of sucking a hard cock and licking every drop of pre cum off.

The day came that he was coming round. I did the full shave and got the baby oil out. I left the toys for next time but as soon as he walked in the door i pulle out his hard cock seeing him swelling when i started sucking on his balls. I licked off what he was leaking and started playing with myself knowing he loved to watch. He knew i loved to be controlled he made me lay on my front, he spread my legs and grabbed my hair yanking with every thrust making him get deeper. I could feel him hitting my back wall all i wanted to do was scream. But i worried he would think he was hurting me so i bit my lip and just took every deep pounding as a punishment.

He then pulled out and starting nibbling my lips slightly till he took my whole clit in his mouth. It was like electric going through me. I was etting so wet i felt it trickling down my legs. His finger started to enter my arse with every lick. I could feel everything about to explode until i squirted all over his face at this point he knew i was wet enough his fingers went in one at a time till he was wrist deep. I was calling out telling him to stop but he didnt he pounded me harder and harder till i buckled again and again. I was swollen, tender and sore but he stood up amd finished himself all over my tender pussy soothing me.

This is our first get together and i am so excited about what else we can discover together!!! And what i can teach a young boy to ????