Written by GW

6 Mar 2013

I've been reading and loving the stories on here for years now, but not really joining in!

I've not long come out of average marriage where sex was a monthly event of minor interest and i once touched her bottom which ended sex for 6 months!

So it's perhaps not a suprise to confess i 'made love' in the true sense of the word for the first time recently. Thats after being happily married to the wrong women for 18 years.

I recently met a lovely but very quiet and shy school manager ... she too told a similar story to me, describing herself as 'invisible within the marriage' ... sex didn't feature and they never hugged or help hands let alone ever try doggy style!!

After the first date i thought 'forget sex, this is going to be about walking, talking and cooking nice food' .. but i liked her and had been trained to take or leave sex.

Attached are her first few naughty texts after our second date and the most amazing kiss in the car park after ... the kiss was long and deep, she almost fainted, i nearly came in my pants when i felt her stocking and bare skin ... it wasn't easy to walk away, i so wanted to be naughty but this was only date two. (we are both around 50 - and fit & trim).

Next day i told her my feelings and these are a few text just after ... you won't believe date 3 (well on this site you will, but we're sooo innocent!!)

Texts From S:

Gosh, where would I take you, there are so few private places here, I have a small lockable walk in cupboard but would prefer to book you in when the school is closed so you could take me on my desk! Your fingers would slide in very easily as I feel so incredibly horny and wet already. Next time you kiss me I need to be sitting down or my legs will buckle with desire. Xxx

I am so looking forward to feeling your incredible big hard cock inside me. I am so turned on right now that I should be arrested for having indecent thoughts! I feel desperate to sit astride you and slowly slide up and down your gorgeous shaft, whilst my juices run down you xxx