Written by HGV_driver

5 Feb 2007

About 2 weeks ago we had some fantastic hot weather, My wife decided to get as much tan as possible at this time and Laid naked in the garden. We have a fairly secluded area which gets full sun all afternoon, My wife is 5'4" size 10-12 with large 32DD boobs, the most fantastic nipples and shaven. The first couple of days i was working in the mornings and arrived home at around 3 to find her naked in the garden on the lounger with a book. On Thursday i wasnt working so we went out for an early lunch returning home at about 1.30, she went straight out to the patio, stripped put on some oil and laid down to get some sun. I went indoors to work on the computer. After about 30 minutes i went out to see if she wanted a drink but she was fast asleep so i left her and returned to my work. Shortly after i heard a car pull up and saw my boss walking down the garden with a pile of papers. He occasionally would do this if i was working from home. He hadnt seen me so i ducked out of site hoping he would leave. He knocked on the front door a couple of times then he got out his phone, my phone stated to vibrate in my pocket and i answered. He asked if i would be home soon as he was there, i said no, not for an hour or so but Liz should be there so leave the papers with her.

I crept upstairs to the spare room which over looked the patio, wondering if he would und there.. trembling with excitment wondering what would happen. after about a minute he appeared on the patio and i saw him gasp when he saw he laying there naked and asleep. He looked all around as if checking to see if he was being watched or could be seen then he sat on a patio chair right by her feet. My cock was straining at my flies already and i released it and gently wanked while my boss sat there looking at my naked wife, i could see he was excited as he kept adjusting his cock in his trousers, and he was obviously staring at Liza whose shaven pussy was glistening with oil. after about 5 minutes he spoke, saying Dave asked me to drop these round. she stirred, waking up and stretching, as she did so opening her legs.... suddenly she realised it wasnt me and looked startled grabbing a towel and covering herself up. Chris apologised and said that he had phoned me and i had told him to wait for him (Lying Bastard) he then smiled and said, dont worry about covering up i have been her for five minutes, not much for you to hide now.

Liza relaxed a bit ,but kept her towel on herself, then offered Chris a coffee. She got up and expertly wrapped the towel around herself only showing a small amount of boob as she did so and went to make coffee. She returned a few minutes later with coffees and sat back on her lounger. She said she didnt know where i was, Chris said i had told him i would be about an hour, so she phoned me and i told her i would be at least an hour.

Chris smiled and said something about her carring on getting her tan, and while they chatted she laid on her front and then removed the towel. After just a few minutes Chris remarked that she neeed some cream on her back and offered to do the honours, she laughed but said go one then. He poured a liberal amount of oil on her back and started working it in to her back and shoulders, then gradually got lower and lower till his hands were massaging her bum, she moaned quietly and i saw he was slipping a finger down between her cheeks further and further each time. He then started working down the legs and moved down to kneel between her feet on the bottom of the lounger. He was running both hands up and down each side of both legs the effect of which was making her legs part, we worked up higher and higher and i knew he was brushing he pussy each time. Suddenly he said "Right turn over i want to do your front" with out a word she did and just laid back with her eyes closed. he poured more oil between her boobs and then massages it well in to her chest playing for ages with her nipples, then working down to her pussy. He gently slid a finger between her lips and then worked her clit with his thumb while fingering her deeply. She was gasping and moaning, i was wanking just so turned on by the sight and i knew she was loving it. Chris then stopped stood up removed his clothes and quickly laid on her pushing his hard cock deep and roughly into her, she gasped and screamed, as he furiously pounded away at her, it looked like they thought the world was about to end and they wanted to go out on a high. I have never seen someone pound away so hard and deep and fast, Liza was obviously cumming hard as i recognised the deep moaning and then she started talking dirty.. screaming oh yes fuck me hard, fill my cunt with your big cock, cum in my cunt i need it so bad.... then the words that made me shoot my load all up the wall..She said "God your so much bigger and better than Dave, fill me with your cum" he kept pounding away for what seemed like and age and then shot his load deep in her, calling her a dirty whore as he dids so.

I got dressed ,slipped out the front door and walked to the local shops. when i got their i phone Liza saying i was 5 minutes away and did she want anything from the shops, i could hear her panting as she replied maybe a bottle of wine, she told me Chris was there waiting for me. I asked if she was ok, told her she sounded out of breath, she said she was fine, had just run upstairs that was all. I got a bottle of wine and a pack of beers and walked home. When i arrived they were both on the patio, looking a little flushed, Chris was dressed and Liza had a Bikini on.... with a very wet patch in the knickers.