Written by Lucky Bassa

4 Sep 2010

Here we are again and I'm such on a high ....... I recalled earlier about my bosses gf after a works night out and how we had some fun.... felt weird at work but I got over it as he had no idea about the goings on. Thursday night she called me after work and asked if I was free Friday night , I replied course but what was on her mind, come over here (her place) for 8pm she gave me the address and said bye!.

At work Friday I was asking what everyone was doing over the weekend and the other guys said nothing in particular and the sec said she was out with her bf, the boss said nothing till saturday night when he was going to his Gf's and they were going out, I asked him why he didn't go over that night and he said she had said she was out with her friends... little did he know .. it sure makes u smirk to yourself

Friday at 8 I was at her flat entrance ringing her intercom button.. her voice said "come up" I was up those stairs quick smart feeling guilty but also excited as hell.. she opened the door as I got there standing back a bit as I entered .. wow black basque barely containing those tits, black hold ups, panties and heels, her hair and make up done she looked well fuckable,, door closed and she was in front of me up on her toes lips pursed coming in for a kiss which was sexy as hell and made my cock twitch, mind you her hand on my jeans front groping me made it get even harder. As we broke I said to her we should talk!! she said "later" took my hand and led me to the bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed and crooked her finger for me to be in front of her where hse loosened my jeans and dragged them and my boxers to my ankles, she got hold of my cock and brought her head forward and licked my tip with her tongue I looked downa nd she was looking up at me with eyes that just had lust in them, she then just got her mouth over my cock and sucked. Now as I said I'm not huge but a good 6'' but I'm very thick and she was doing her best to get as much cock in her mouth but struggling but I was still happy as hell, one hand was holding my balls and the other was around my cock and she was giving it good style I was enjoying it when I felt a finger run between my ass cheeks and she stroked my asshole, now I love having my ass stroked and its not as if I've never had some ass fun, I looked down and she had such a naughty look about her I wondered "what next"

She stopped sucking and lay back on the bed saying come on you its your turn, she pulled those panties from her cunt and it was wet, I stripped of the rest of my clothes and joined her getting my head between her thighs I could smell her sex, last time I only tasted her of my fingers but this time I was getting the real thing and I dived right in, licking all of her pussy up to her clit and delving my tongue inside to get her juice out, my hands reached up squeezing those tits and nipples .. she was moving about the bed moaning and enjoying herself her hand on my head holding me there tight till she squirted and I licked up as much as I could when she let go. I shuffled up the bed and cock at her cunt rubbed it a bit to get wet and slid right up her she gasped and said "fuck" so I left it inside her all the way for a few seconds before drawing out and then slamming back up her, her eyes opened wide and she said "fuck me hard" so I obliged, really going for it hammer and tongs she was moaning and urging mr on to fuck her and I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate till teh familiar feeling of cumming was upon me and I was shooting up her a good few hard spurts and as I finished she was there to gasping for breath and saying "fuck fuck fuck that was good "

As we parted she asked me to get her a drink from the kitchen and to get myself a beer also if I wanted, I came back with a glass of wine for her and a beer for me and settled on the bed with her getting our breath back and just lying there, she still looked awesomely fuckable. I said we should talk to which she said ok ..she started with all she wanted was sex not a relationship or anything I wasn't the first nor likely the last to fuck her just for sex, she loves sex and as the boss ain't around all the time then she does what she wants no one gets hurt, she knew I would be easy as she always knew I loved and looked at her tits and she said "harmless fun" now shut up and lets have some more fun.. Fair enough ok with me ... some talk ......

We fooled around some more once hard I had her doggie over the end of the bed pumping into her at a good rate and what made it more sexy was a full height mirror where we could see ourselves fucking, she said she loved to watch herself getting fucked and I can see why, her legs straight and her body bent at the waist and those tits hanging down with my hands clasped on to them,she was cumming good style and loving it ... we moved her to her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth then she moved up a bit and gave me a titty wank where I knew looking down I would not last again and spurted a small load onto her chin which she scooped up and put into her mouth and swallowed ...

We retired to the bed and just chatted nothing to particular just things .. when she said it was time for me to leave .. I thought sex and that was it now fuck off.. ha ha who cares , so I dressed kissed her on the cheek said till next time and I was off out her door. driving home I thought Ok it was only sex when I got a text from her saying "till next time "