Written by Steve

20 May 2019

In the 80s when I was 19 I was working for a builder who was 60. He was a self made man and had a big house in Kent and a 45 year old brummy wife. We had an early job planned one day and so he asked me to stay at his place so we could get off first thing in the morning to the job. It was a boiling summer day as he drove the van to his. He was a great bloke and a proper laugh but not at all pc. “Watch my mrs son, she’s partial to a bit of black “ he laughed. When we arrived Sammy was sunbathing in their totally private garden. She was wearing just a bikini bottom and her tits we’re just awesome and as she smiled her greeting she made no attempt to cover up. The term milf wasn’t really used in those days but that’s what Sammy was. “Did you bring the wine?” She asked in that sexy brummy way. Ron had forgotten to and he cursed as he went back to the van and drove off to the shops. I sat on a deckchair opposite Sammy’s sun lounger and tried to chat although I did find her confidence quite intimidating. “You can look at my tits properly Steve. I can see you trying to peep” I stuttered an apology but she just laughed. “Do you like looking at pussy too?” I nodded, my dick was hard but I was scared to death. “ you’ll have to take my bikini off yourself “. I was over in a flash, she lifted her ass up and with shaking hands I slipped the panties down and off. I’d never seen a shaved pussy before and I grunted my appreciation. “Like a suck?” She smiled offering me an ample tit. I couldn’t resist and was soon suckling happily at her breast. She murmured contentedly. “Would you like a little lick of that pussy now babe?” I needed no second invite and my confidence grew as she responded to my tongue. Before long she came noisily against my face. “Good boy” she cooed gently stroking my juice covered face” now swap places”. I thought of the time and asked about Ron but she just shook her head and laid me down on the sun lounger. She expertly slipped down my shorts and her eyes and smile widened as my 8 inch erection sprung out. I had never before been sucked so good. Her mouth was absolute bliss and she made little moaning noises indicating that she actually enjoyed it too. “Fucking hell it didn’t take you long” Ron’s voice boomed shaking me out of my sexual trance. I jumped up the lounger so that my cock fell out of his wife’s mouth and started apologising saying it was my fault. “Oh I know whose bloody fault it is lad and it’s not yours. It’s that cock hungry brummy slag.” He walked off with the shopping into the house. Sammy gripped me firmly round my chin, her blue eyes angry and said “never pull away from me again “ and resumed her oral skills. I’d softened a bit but that soon changed as she started to deep throat me with some vigour. Ron came back out with 3 drinks. He put a beer on the table by me and said “there you go lad. Sammy you’d better go easy on him he’s only 19. He’ll shoot in your mouth if you go at him like that”. If anything she increased the tempo and it was too late anyway as I could feel the sap rising. It was the best blow job id ever had and I cried out as I filled her mouth with the contents of my balls. She swallowed the lot and smiled up at me before getting up and taking her wine off Ron. “Hello husband!” She went to kiss him but he recoiled “fuck off you dirty bitch. Wash your mouth first”. She gave him the same chin grip she’d given me. “You’re gonna want some aren’t you? Kiss your wife”. Ron meekly obliged. Sammy laughed. Turning back to me she ordered me off her sun lounger. I complied and reached for my shorts. “Oh no. Leave them off. When it’s hard again I’m taking you to bed. Come on Ron let’s get yours out of the way”. Ron undressed moaning that he’d probably be in the spare room tonight. It wasn’t a pretty sight watching Ron fuck Sammy and she didn’t get that excited but it didn’t last long and when he’d finished I was rock hard again. Sammy smiled as she looked at my cock. “I’m impressed by your powers of recovery “ she beamed getting up and holding out her hand to me. As she led me to a night of heaven Ron shouted “ don’t wear him out. We’ve got an early start in the morning!”