Written by dildodo

2 Jun 2011

I work for a small expanding company and in the office layout sit opposite the wife of the boss Sue who runs the accounts. We have always got on well together and like a giggle throughout the day. Recently the boss and family have moved into a new property and Sue was always on to me to visit and take a look. She works on a part time basis and as I say kept on and on to me to go and look at the new house and I agreed to und on the Monday as this was one of the days she doesn't come into the office. I went around to the house at 11am as I was on my way out to a site visit and pulled up on the large drive and approached the door. Before I could knock Sue had opened it and greeted me with a big "hello great you could come round at last". I went in and noticed that Sue was dressed quite sexily in tight fitting dress and high heels but thought nothing of it. Sue took me on the guided tour and I was saying all the right things about the house and then we finished up in the kitchen. Sue made a coffee and we stood there just chatting and I couldn't take my eyes off Sue's body in that dress. Now Sue is 46 years old and still has a decent figure as she trys to keep in shape and I had to comment on her by saying " you look real good in that dress Sue, you going nywhere special" to which she replied "thank you but no this is for your benefit". "I have been waiting for this moment for a while now" at that she moved over towards me and planted a kiss directly on my lips. I responded by kissing her and pulled her closer to me and caressed her bottom as I held her. Sue reached down and undid my trousers and put her hand into my pants to hold what was now a hard prick and began to wank me.

I undid the zip on her dress and pulled it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor leaving Sue in a black bra and stockings and I placed a hand onto her pussy area and realised that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Sue asked me to remove my clothes which I did to leave me stark naked standing in the kitchen. She then went down on her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth and began to give me a blow job that lasted for about 5 minutes with her sucking and licking and looking up at me before smiling. Well I was almost ready to come and told her so and at this she removed my cock from her mouth and began to wank me hard and I felt the sensation build in me and shot a large spurt of cum across her breast area and bra. Sue then stood and removed her bra to reaveal a noice pair of 36DD tits that I immediatley began to hold and suck and bite at her nipples.

Sue looked at me and then said " I want you to fuck me" and at this turned around and leant over the work surface and spread her legs. I stood behind her and pushed my cock towards her wet pussy and pushed it in and it went straight up to the ball sack right away as Sue was so wet. I started my motions getting faster and faster with Sue writhing and moving with each motion and moaning as she did so. I was now very close to cumming again and continued to pump into her at a fast rate and Sue was moaning louder and said " my god I am about to cum fuck me harder please". I kept up the rythym and Sue let out an almighty groan and I felt her body shudder as she had her orgasm over and over. I was now about to cum and said to her " where do you want it babe" to which she replied " shoot it into me I want your cum in me" and i duly obliged by holding her hips tight and with a last thrust shot a spurt of cum deep inside her again and again until I was spent.

I pulled out my now limp cock from her pussy and turned her to kiss me and we then parted and I stepped back to look at her and she was standing there with her stockings and heels still on with a dribble of spunk running down the inside of her sext thigh. I got dressed and kissed Sue once more to say goodbye and she said " we must do this again sometime see you tomorrow in the office".

When Sue came into the office the following day she just sat down and said the usual good morning to everyone and looked at me and just gave me a sexy wink. I can't wait for the next time we meet and will let you all know what happens.