Written by Jason

25 Feb 2010

My wife works with two women one 18 and one 28 (she is mid 30's) she invited them over for a BBQ on a Friday night for a few glasses of wine, BBQ and hotub.

My role was to cook and then bugger off to the pub whilst they had their girly chats. I necked a few bottles of beer then lit the BBQ. By the way im 39.

I cooked dinner, we all ate and I buggered off to the pub leaving them drinking wine etc. Within 20 minutes I get a text saying we are all in the hottub when you coming home. I necked my pint and rushed home. I stripped off pulled on my shorts grab 4 bottles of beer and went in the garden.

I jumped in and we started to chat. Now after about 4 pints im feeling pretty horny and whilst the bubbles are on I accidently feel the 28 year old she looks at me and moves closer, I touch her bikini bottoms again and she looks and smiles again, I slowly start to rub her pussy through her bottoms and she looks like she is enjoying it so I slide my fingers inside her bikini bottoms and rub her clit and massage her cunt all without anyone else reallising. She reaches into my shorts and gently strokes my 7" cock. Eventually I slip a couple of fingers in her tight cunt and finger fuck her pussy for about 20 minutes whilst we are all chatting. Eventually her mate arrives she gets out and they both leave. This leaves my wife and the 18 year old, Eventually my wife decides to get out and go to bed. After all the lights go out in the house i accidently touch the 18 year old as I'm still very horny from earlier. She responds positivley, so I continue as before massaging this girls clit and pussy hole I eventually have three fingers in her tight cunt and we don't kiss just look very seductively at each other and she reaches down and strokes my cock. It was so intense, now for some reason I did not want to fuck her as I had not been unfaithful to my wife so I reached over for an empty beer bottle and pushed the neck of the bottle in her cunt. I rubbed her clit at the same time and she was riding the bottle, I pushed harder and harder and managed to get the shoulder of the bottle in her tight 18 year old cunt whilst she  is in a squatting position in the hotub. Once it was all in I just rocked the bottom of the bottle forward and back and made her eyes roll in extasy, I even covered her cunt back up with her bikini bottoms so they looked normal except about an inch of the base of the bottle sticking out of her cunt. The whole time she was wanking me begging me to cum but I didn't. It was so fucking hot. Eventually after she had had a few orgasms (I couldn't really tell how many) I withdrew the bottle and we got out of the hottub. She got a cab and I went to bed and had a crafty wank lying next to my wife It was so intense and i still wank reguallry over this little indescretion.

P.S. We live in London so if you have sexy neighbours that have a hottub look out for future action!