Written by noveeceerg

16 May 2013

this my second story that i going to share... anyways apologize to my English.. as always :)

since I become interested n social meetings., Ive met new friends online., and few of them we met personally and having a good time. but this guy is very different among other guys- named Calvin. He came visit my city and his first night he invited me to go watch a reggae band n a bar... but we had a long conversation before i said yes coz that is my very first time going out at night with a guy. I took a train and taxi to the bar which located in MAKATI here n Philippines. i came first and i waited for about 30 mins and later I saw a taxi coming. I saw a filipino guy came our first named kobe with two other friends and the last person was calvin., i am really nervous and my heart is pumping really fast., omg he looks really cool. before the meeting i dont have n mind to go out that night but i was expecting of something strange so i decided to hang out for once., we went inside the B-side bar it s quiet nice place, with many professional people n there, and most of them are foreign. we ordered few bottles of beer and i had only two bottles., calvin sit next to me. he whispered my ear and his other hand moves slowly to my hip and he says "so ur cute and sexy" i can feel the intense, i smiled at him and said "thanks but ur just drunk". the reggae band is starting to play some cool country reggae.. and we requested buffalo soldiers.. that really nice to listen , loud beat! while the alcohol also swim so fast to my nerves., I can feel that am lil dizzy with only one bottle, and they gave me stick of cigar. after an hour we went to take a loo and go to other bar near the place of his fellas... we sing along and have more beer and I lost bit of control., there was a guy came to us and he ask me, "IS HE UR BOYFRIEND ?" i smiled at him and Calvin told him she's my fiance., Am really flattered. and this guy entertain other costumer. while Calvin moves closer to me and look at me sincerely like wer not drunk, and he kissed me in front of his friends. "we chatted for couple of days, and now we met, I thought ur not going to show me when i come visit u " he said, & I fell inlove with Calvin. after the conversation and more bottles of beer we decided to leave the place coz it is really getting late - 2 am.

We walk to the street corner and all I know his friends will come to us, but when we are waiting for the taxi at the corner. Kobe left us and one of his friend said., “Take care K, and thanks, just come visit us tomorrow" and whatever they talked about… And I was surprised coz we're leaving just two to the hotel. well that's kinda exciting and can sense there s a strange to happen.

I smiled at him and said thanks for the treat and the time to meet me xd,. And he said, “ well, that is my pleasure to meet you , you know” we both feeling dizzy and so tired.,but we still on our good thoughts. And he hold my hand; later here the hotel.

We took the elevator and took me to his room. Messy, hehe but enough to take rest.but the question is- do we really got rest?

I sit beside the bed and a sigh coz really got so tired after the party. he looked at me and kneed holding my hands and no words he kissed me very passionately we both know what we are doing.

ok something will happen...

we lay n the bed chit chat for a bit and he continue doing his job, his hands moves slowly to my face runs to my belly up to my chest,, hmmm i can feel the warm hand moving all over my body., our breaths is getting heavy the smell of alcohol turns me on while hes kissing me, i like how he act so fast like he never fuck for a years., ;) while i am doin my job exploring his masculine , his sweating muscles white skin, lookin n to his gorgeous eyes, i then close my eyes when he pressed my chest with his one hand whilst the other is moving below my waist., we moving really like a very hungry animals n the jungle.

i love the way he did., twicklin and sucking my boobs.and he keep n moving to my shaven pussy., a moan from me turns him on.,he put his two to three fingers inside my cave while licking me., the sensation that i want to come soon. i pulled him and i do my turn, i let him lay down and i kissed his sexy body up to his groin and i reach his petabite muscle., wow really hard, and i love sucking and kissing al over his sock,"stop stopam getting closer" he says, and i laugh,"you did it good ur my lil horny girl" that word helps me do my job very well., he turned me on my chest and kissing my back massaging his prick and to my breast... he stick his chest at my back his warm body and heavy wants me get crazy., he then inserted his shaft n a half slowly , he control his move coz i might get hurt., he asked me if it s hurt i sed NO'! i can feel his muscle that really fit to my femaleness. "ur so tight" he added. and he pushed deeply n slowly his 18.5cm size cock, we enjoy every moment we share... then he bit me twice and i was almost cry and I sed SHIT why did u bit me, and just his surprise he didnt kno that i gt hurt, but i told him ok dont mind that lets continue and he said "sorry not gonna happen again, I just feeling really Very Horny and u drive me really different n my whole life" and we kissed him for 20 mins while he fucked me...

i crossed my legs while he keep on working n top of me later "Shit ur a fucking sexy ,, i love you ur so tight,,, YA youu soo TIGHT-- am cumming..." he keep saying that til he cum... and he explode his sids inside me,. and glad am safe even i not taking pills, or any contraceptives, am just safe after my period counts. lol. :) he almost asleep n top of me after he came., and i keep on laughing and he just smile coz he so tired and dizzy " while u laughin " he asked. I said " that was just really crazy, u bit me coz ur very horny,. and intense ur the first guy whu made that for me" and he kissed me very long.

we only have 3 hours coz i need to get home and get apply my certification n applying my job abroad.

after 15 mins we play more and more, we do more positions. even he s drunk and dizzy he grabbed my butt and carried me to the window and n standing position he fucked me there. while looking at the 9th story view outside the hotel. he slams me to the bed keep saying am so tight. i kneed n the bed and the other leg n the floor while he dog fuck me,

we turn to another position he n his back and I n his chest, my legs n his legs,keep on pushin his sized shaft inside me, am really wet! i play my self and i felt squirting "I wanna squirt i told him "YA CONTINUE- JUST KEEP DOIIN IT" he said,, " But our bed will be wet" HE replied Dont mind that just keep doin sexy thing the housekeeper will change it" and that s really a turned on. and am also getting wet while writing this atm ! anyways.. we been togther for two days, we fucked for 14 times we went visit his friends for the second night and we go back to the htel and we do sex all the time when we are still up. that was my kinkiest and sexiest thing i ever done.

Calvin and I are still friends, we keep in touch and we planning to meet again one day if he have time to come back here. sometimes we cam fuck we talk bout the crazy fuck we done that turns us on while we doin it n camera. now it is been a month that we cannot chat since my phone s broken. :) he s the best guy that made me crazy n sex.

ill write more if i had time :) bout the Iranian guy !