Written by Sue

25 Feb 2010

I can't believe that I am being this naughty really, but I get a big thrill knowing that our next door neighbour (Simon) likes to watch me doing my daily routine. My name is Sue I am a 50 year old mum of two, blonde, slim with a nice pair of boobs (34DD) that are a constant source of embarrassment as men’s eyes always seem drawn to them. Simon’s garden is next to ours and from the bottom of it he can see in through our patio doors when the curtains are open. Simon is 19 and lives with his mum and dad who are really nice friendly people and are great neighbours.

I first spotted Simon watching me one morning as I was using my exercise bike in the lounge, there he was pottering around in the garden cleaning his bike and looking straight through our patio windows as I was dressed in tight joggers and a vest pedaling away at the machine. I was aware my boobs where bouncing about even in my sports bra. Simon looked quite flushed the poor boy, it gave me quite a tingle to know I was being letched over, what on earth would hubby say if he found out? Strangely when I told him he was rather excited about it, even suggesting I tease Simon more and then tell him about it afterwards. 'I can't blame Simon for wanting a handful of these beauties after all he's only flesh and blood' laughed my hubby (Mike).

I'm not a slut or a flirt but I must confess it did give me a tingle to imagine that Simon perhaps played with his penis while imagining fondling and cupping my boobs, or maybe doing even ruder things. That night hubby really gave me a good seeing too and I sucked his lovely cock till he came as well


A few days later I was in my garden chatting across the fence to Simons mum about this and that, when Simon went down to his shed. I was wearing shorts and a t shirt and as I continued chatting and hanging my washing out. The phone rang so had run off for a bit but came out later to finish hanging my washing out. When I came out Simons mum had gone but I could see Simon eyeing me up again so I decided to turn my back on him and bend to pick clothes from the basket in such a way as to give him a view of my bending backside, looking over my shoulder I could see a very flushed Simon vigorously working at something, I wonder what!? I couldn't see what he was up too!

On subsequent occasions I made a point of showing Simon a fair bit of cleavage. But it was when Simon popped in for a cuppa the other day that I got the biggest shock, Simon told me how much he enjoyed watching me do my exercises and said it always made his day. Very shyly he asked that if I was to be doing anything on the bike today could he stay and watch! I was flustered and excited and heard myself say 'why not'? and giggle slightly. I decided to give Simon a big thrill by changing into a spandex one piece swimming cossie and a pair of black tights, as I looked in the bedroom mirror I could see the full swell of my breasts, and the way the spandex barely covered by nylon clad (too big) backside. Simon was beside himself when I rejoined him in the lounge; he was very flustered, very red and was having trouble catching his breath. I saw a rather large bulge in his pants as I cycled. And then I said 'I don't mind if you want to play with your willy Simon I know you like looking at me'.

Simon smiled and unzipped his trousers and I saw this great big thick whopper of a willy come out of his trousers. I gasped. 'Ooooh wow Simon that's ever so big isn't it'? 'That's what your great boobs and lovely plump arse do to me. He started to play with himself and started to rub very quickly. 'Don't get to exited yet Simon I have a surprise for you' I said. With that I went to the bedroom put my pink thong back on and returned naked but for panties, my big bosoms swinging free. 'Coooooor! Sue what a pair'! he exclaimed, as I sat down beside him and wanked his very large cock as he happily played with my tits until he shot his spunk all over my carpet.

Can’t wait to tell hubby about this.