Written by helen

28 Apr 2009

im helen age 22 5\'2 blonde tanned size 10 34dd boobs which guys always stare at.ive been with my boyfriend 5 years and always been faithful until last month. i met my bf at his workplace and i was 15 mins early, i was stood in a room waiting for him with a guy in his late 40\'s who my bf works with. i noticed a huge bulge in this guys pants and it turned me on cos i know he was staring at my tits and getting harder and harder. the guy said to me that my bf was a lucky guy and nodded at my boobs.i said why ,cos of these and i walked right up to him and lifted my top over my head, i had no bra on.he kissed me really hard and i undone his button and zip and released his huge cock. i knelt on my knees and put his cock inbetween my tits and wanked his cock between my tits i started sucking his cock deep and fast he then grabbed his cock and cum over my tits i licked most of the cum of before i heard someone approaching. i quickly got up and pulled my top down and my bf came in and i know he knew something happened as me and the guy were close and flustered. i walked to my car with my bf and he pointed to a stain on my top where the guys cum soaked through my top , i told him i spilt a yogurt earlier.close call but i got away with it, now i cant wait to pick my boyfriend up from work again