Written by purple_eye_babe

7 Dec 2010

I have never felt so sexual as I do now…I have def reached my peak…but as I live on my own, my new best friend has become Ann Summers!

I’m sitting on the sofa reading glamour magazine and an article about ‘the best sex of my life’.

My breathing has got faster without me noticing.. I start to feel my clit swell and my pussy getting wet.

I’m wearing my ‘I want sex nightdress’ which is made of silk, its tight, short and makes my boobs look great.

I slip my hand in the top bit and feel my hard nipple which I roll through my fingers, I brush the side of my boob with my finger, lightly giving me goose bumps, very nice.

I push myself down on the sofa so I can open my legs and rub pussy through my knickers…they are wet and warm.

I push my knickers to one side and rub my shaven pussy lips, feeling how soft my skin is, how nice it would be for someone else to feel what I feel.

I then slide a finger between my lips from clit to my arse, feeling the wetness, the silkiness and the hardness of my clit.

I spread my lips with one hand making my clit come out of its hood, so I can get full sensation from it.

This allows me to get to my pussy as well, I trace around the edge with my finger, then back to my clit teasing myself…making it last longer.

I go back to my pussy, slowly pushing a finger in me, feeling my muscles at my entrance, then the warm, wet depth. Pushing my finger in as far as possible, the palm of my hand is now on the clit massaging it.

This is very nice but I need attention on my pussy and on my clit…this is why god invented vibrator, she is so intelligent!!

I move to my bed room and get out my toys, um which one? I choose the one which is the shape of a horse shoes. This means I can have the vibrating part on my clit and the rest inside me pressing on my g spot.

I remove my knickers.

I push it in my pussy and feel the need for a wee so I know it has hit my g spot, the other end is on my clit, and the places that need it are being stimulated. I’m sitting up full up and rocking on the vibrator, pressing on my g spot, rubbing on my clit.

The feeling is great and I can hear how wet I am, my pussy muscles are sucking the vibrator in to me, my hands are free. What to do? I slide my hand down my back down my spreaded bum cheeks and feel that my arse is wet also.

I have a hole free and lots to fill it with, I sit up so I’m now sitting on my vibrator, its being pushed on to my clit much harder now and I know I’m not far off from cuming.

I get another vibrator, a black on that my fuck buddy brought for me. It’s big hard and solid with small rubber spikes on it for my clit. But this is not going into my pussy but my arse so these spikes can massage my perineum.

Even though I’m very wet and very turned on I feel some lub is needed to help it. A bit of pain is nice but not too much.

I push it in and am shocked that it just slides in; I’m now sitting on a big black vibrator up my arse and one in my pussy and on my clit. As I move back and forward each one takes it in turn to pleasure my holes and clit, different sensations, who needs a man!!

I can feel myself cumning, the sensation starts in my thighs, moves up them and into my pussy then clit, its throbbing, I’m crying out, grinding on my pussy, clit and arse. My muscles are tightening; I move forward to get more sensation on my clit, I’m cuming. The feeling is great, my muscles are so tight, and I shoot the vibrator out of my arse with the contraction of my muscles.

The orgasm ends and I’m very sensitive, I lift up as it’s too much on my clit, pull the vibrator out and collapse on the bed!!!

Guys there is no way any of you could have done me better!!