17 Mar 2016

I have to apologise for posting short sections of my story, I don't have too much opportunity. Let me know if you would prefer me to post less frequently but longer sections; I do appreciate it can be frustrating.

After the experience of the breast examination, we enjoyed a renaissance in our sex life. We both had gained something from the incident. I often found myself recalling it to memory and for the first time in our thirty year marriage she began to instigate play. I know it was the breast examination which was the reason, because she had never discussed anything sexual before and it now began to trigger sex, both in and to my great pleasure and excitement, out of, the bedroom. Gradually her recollection of the event began to expand beyond the reality; she added a little extra detail and then a little fantasy. We had never played like this before, soon it was quite natural for us to role play. She became increasingly creative, even admitting to masturbating when we were not together, something that she would never have confessed to before; in fact I don’t think she had ever done it before.

Her fantasies, though most frequently centred around the breast examination, began to expand into other areas of normal everyday existence. However, there was a common thread, a primary theme; it soon became apparent that her desires lay in subservience, in being controlled and instructed by a man. Although we tried it, it also became clear that it could not be me, I could not assume the role without becoming someone else. For my part, I did not enjoy being in charge as much as I did being an onlooker or in some equally passive or even submissive role. If we were to enjoy our new understanding to its maximum, we had no choice but to involve at least one other. For both of us, this was not acceptable. It looked as if we were forever limited to role play. That is until we realised the potential offered by the internet.