Written by sperms666

30 Jul 2011

We been into cockolding for six months now we met nice assertive bloke as my partner is sub but it turned out Im the submissive one when ever we meet up he takes control of the situation and is very dominant .

If we meet at ours I get to watch and occasionaly join in but if its at his at his gaff he will suggest Im on the sofa whilst he taker my wife to the bedroom to spend the night with her if his in good mood I may get to listen to wat hes does to her on rare occasion I may get invited into his bed to share & allowed to play with my own cock but never have full sex with my own wife.


I know when his in bad mood when he shuts & not only locks the bedroom door but closes the door at bottom of the stairs with a bolt so that I dont get to hear wats going on its very frustrating but great turn on all the same ,cum morning we are ushered out of his house asp feeling totaly used.

When has the solo sessions he never tell me wat hes doing to her but If I ask my mrs she tells me altho' I have feeling she doent tell me all from the briuses on her backside & around her thighs but I gather its rough fuck so I cant hear.

The guys knows wat turns me on so I cant complain recently hes suggesting to spend the weekend alone with my wife whilst Im not there she seems to go along with that but Im not happy but he usauly gets his own way so any day now i have to give her up and trust him ,my wifes fantasy is gang bang which shes done before before she met me ; he knows this as there is quite lot of pillow talk between them during the sex sessions alone I have feeling Im not invited hence the week end together .

I can fully reccomend cockolding to any one who is inclined its great turn on seeing your wife used and anougher man run his hands over her body like he owns her from the way they are together it looks like he does sometimes ,she even dresses up for him .

My Mrs even humilates me when were home together taunting me bout by sex technique esp as she has tasted anougher mans sperm .