Written by Darwin01

9 Mar 2011

There I was sitting in the hotel room in the middle of Bristol on a chilly Saturday night watching my wife on all fours as she sucked and pulled on the stranger’s thick erect cock as he lay naked on our double bed. It was somewhat surreal to say the least.

Sue was dressed only in a pair of black French frilly knickers and a pair of black stockings and suspenders which were now pulled tightly across her thighs.

Her backside was ninety degrees to me but I could clearly see the roundness of fleshy bottom in the light of the bedside light and could see her 34 inch boobs gently back and forth as they hung loosely beneath her body.

In front of me I was looking at the feet of …………….. For the life of me I couldn’t remember his name. John, Jim, Joe? It will come to me in a minute or two but I was so pent up with excitement I was lucky to remember even my own name. But there gain did it really matter? I thought.

His legs were slightly spread apart his groin area and I could see Sue’s mouth firmly gripping the thick shaft of his rigid cock as she held his ball sack in her left hand and slowly wanking him with her right. Her lips and tongue made slurping sounds as she sucked on the thick head.

I smiled as they both made satisfying moaning sounds.

I never thought I’d see the day when Sue would have someone else’s stiff cock in her mouth. So unreal

But here I was, watching and waiting as it was all played out before me.

I shook my head in disbelief as I wondered how we managed to let it get this far.

This my friends, all started many years ago. Let me explain

Sue is an ex-school teacher and is very straight laced and I have no doubt as in most cases for those of you reading this, you wife or partner like Sue, has never been with another man. We have been married for thirty years and I am happy to say, still have a very active sex life which we have enjoyed to the full. However in her latter years she has put on a few pounds which she considers makes her unattractive (again, as with most wives) but to me she is Sue and still can turn a few heads when she puts her mind to it.

As with most of you, I often thought of watching my wife take another man but when I first introduced this into our love-making she wouldn’t entertain it. The very thought of me thinking of such a thing upset her profoundly and it took me many hours persuading her that it had nothing to do with not loving her. Fortunately over the years, yes it has taken me a good number of years, she has slowly come around and only now we can both enact a three-some fantasy in one form or another.

During foreplay , I spend a lot of time on her breasts and nipples. She loves having her nipples sucked and nibbled. On one particular occasion I casually mentioned that I needed some one to help me suck on her vacant nipple In the grand scheme of things this was fairly tame and she was happy to go along with this.

Now and again Sue also likes to play with herself whilst I’m sucking her nipples so I often hear the squelching of her fingers as she pushes them inside herself.

I tell her that this is a turn on for me . She is happy that her hubby is turned on by this and so plays more and pushes deeper. I tell her that I’m thinking of our ‘friend’ (the one on her nipple) who is now getting horny listening to her active fingers and now he wants to slip his hand between her legs. I slide my hand over hers and begin to play with her wet pussy. I continue on and to tell her that I can hear his fingers making her wet and ready. No complaints so far.

This fantasy of nipple sucking and fingering eventually became acceptable.

However a time came when Sue got into the role and informed me that perhaps in the heat of the moment she may get carried away and let him go further. I told her that I’m shocked and how could even consider such a thing but if she did feel the urge then why not. She then went on to stipulate that our ‘friend’ would have to be to her liking and of course, he must be ‘big’.

This went on for some time before I introduced one of her toys into our game.

I tell her that our ‘friend’ wants to feel the fruits of his labour. Sue ws happy to go along with this. She is happy for ‘him’ to take advantage of her in wet and willing state. I have used this method to great effect while asking her if she can feel him and does he feel different . I get her to tell me how she is feeling and on a few occasions which has made her cum thinking of ‘Him’. Some weeks later I told her that I enjoy entering her after ‘He’ has finished with her and I love the way ‘He’ opens her up and makes her nice and wet after she cums. I then went a little further and suggested that she maybe more wet and open if she had a real cock inside her. She agreed that a real one would probably make her more wet. This has worked well too but it all came crashing down on me when on one occasion I told her that I could find a suitable ‘friend’ on the internet. She wasn’t happy that our fantasy was turning into reality and thereafter all talk of a third person went out of the window for months. We eventually talked about the situation and we eventually came to an amicable truce. She enjoyed our fantasies but she had no desire to put it into reality. She said she loved me and she hoped that I loved her without the thought of someone else taking over her body. I apologised and made amends

Over the months if not years, things settled down again and we found a even-ground where we both felt happy although I still climax intensely when I think of another mans cock making her cum. I keep that to myself but I’m sure she knows what I’m thinking sometimes.

One evening during one of our sessions I was taking Sue doggy style and I was telling her how good her nice rounded bottom looked and how good it was to see how easily my cock was sliding in out of her when out of the blue she said ‘ Would you like to see someone else doing that?’. Needless to say I said ‘Yes’ but more importantly I asked, ‘Would you like someone else doing this to you? Again it was a positive response.’ Mmmm, that would be nice’. Things were looking up, I thought

She then went on to say ‘He feels good’. It was getting better and better.

There we have it. Things have remained more or less the same for a few months now and we are happy with the way things have turned out for the both of us We now alternate between enjoying ourselves and being joined by our imaginary ‘friend’.

However, things were about to take a dramatic change

On this particular occasion we went for a week-end break to Bristol and stayed in a nice hotel in the centre of town which was convenient for the shops, bars and restaurants. We did some shopping on Saturday and made arrangements to have a meal in Clifton Village. Back at the hotel, Sue busied herself getting ready. She had a nice bath and I trimmed around her pubic area. I used to shave Sue regularly but she said that as the hairs grew back she was itching for days so we now just go for a close trim. As ever Sue was nicely turned out with a nice skirt and blouse and done up like a film star.

For all of her 52 years I still have gorgeous wife. But perhaps I’m biased.

We had our meal and a bottle of wine between us and afterwards made our way down the hill towards the hotel. Sue was on a high and pleased to be out on the town. We passed a bar which although wasn’t full it looked quaint and cosy so we dropped in for a last drink.

As we sat at the bar Sue informed me that she was ‘a bit wet’ and ‘horny’ and asked if we had a ‘suitable friend’ back at the hotel to help her out. I thought about the ‘rabbit’ we brought with us and of it making her cum. I smiled and said ‘How wet are you’? She grinned back at me ‘Very’. I was tempted to drink up and get back to the hotel as quick as I could but I still had the best part of a pint to finish. ‘What have you been thinking about?’ I asked. ‘I was thinking of what’s in store for me back at the hotel’. I wasn’t sure how to play this but I put my neck on the line. ‘Nothing in here that takes your fancy?’. Sue glanced around the bar and said ‘ Mmm, one or two but it looks as though the best ones are taken’. We had a laugh and Sue went on to say ‘Always the same, never one there when you want one’. ‘Yeah,’ I said casually, ‘I know what you mean’. She nearly choked on her drink and we had another laugh.

Ten minutes or so passed and the bar began to fill up. We were preparing to move out when Sue casually said ‘ Now I’d let him my pants’. I looked around. ‘Which one are you looking at’? I asked. Her eyes guided me across the room, ‘The one standing against the far wall with a bottle in his hand’. I looked across the room and as people moved to and froe I saw the man to which she referred. To me he looked like Mr Average. I guess at his age?, maybe in his late thirties. He was of average build with short dark hair with a rounded face. I had to ask Sue again just to confirm that I that I was looking at the right one as I expected her to be interested in a six foot tall, twenty six year old with rippling muscles. I was somewhat surprised at her choice. I had to ask, ‘Do you fancy having him then?. ‘Yeah’ she said, ‘He looks pretty good to me’.

Who am I to reason why? I had to take chance before the chance was lost.

‘Should I go and talk to him and get him to come over’? Sue’s eyes opened wide and she smiled without saying a word. Fucking hell I thought, she’s serious.

Here is a poser for you - How do you approach a complete stranger and explain to him that your wife wants to shag him? (answers below please)

At this point my heart was pounding hard I thought I was going to pass out - I took a swig of my beer. ‘Well, here goes’. Sue grabbed my arm. ‘You’re not going across’are you?’, she asked in surprise. ‘Dead right’ I said and quickly left her the bar.

I manoeuvred around the bustling crowd and made my way across to where he was standing.

Shit, what do I say?.

I got within ear shot of him and said ‘Manic in here to night!. He turned and looked at me ‘Yeah, it always picks up about this time of night’.

I made further small talk but eventually asked. ‘Out on your own tonight’? ‘Yes’ he replies, ‘The girlfriends away for the week-end so I thought I’d come out for a pint’ he went on, ‘How about you’?

I told him I was on a week-end break with the wife. I pointed across the bar in the direction of Sue but we couldn’t see her for the crowd.

It was a good opportunity to ask him if he wanted to join us. He was reluctant at first but eventually I persuaded him to come across and meet the wife..

Sue’s intuition proved correct. After a brief introduction to Sue and I found James or Jimmy (I knew I’d remember) was a likable, plain speaking sort of man who had previously been married but after a difficult time was now was trying to get his life back together. Sue was smiling like a Cheshire cat and kept looking at me with wide open eyes when ever we glanced at each other.

Me on other hand – I had a permanent hard on contemplating what the rest of the night had in store. After another drink I made my play

I said that we were going back to the hotel and that he was very welcome to share a night cap with us. I played on the fact that he had an empty house to go back to so he was better off coming along with us. He said he didn’t want to spoil our evening but between Sue and I we managed to persuaded him to join us.

As we walk back into town Sue had the two of us arm in arm as if we had known him for years. I say walk, but my legs were like jelly thinking of what could happen.

Once in the hotel reception my heart was pounding as if on the brink of heart failure.

I said that it would be more quite if we had coffee in our room. James looked at me and then at Sue and then back to me. My eyes opened wide and a polite smile came across my face. I think James knew where we were going with this one as he said, ‘Errr,… are you sure about me coming up?’? I said, ‘We’re sure, aren’t we?, Sue just nodded. ‘Come on,’ I gestured, ’Lets go up’.

Sue didn’t say anything as we climbed the stair but I knew that she mentally preparing herself. Personally, I had trouble getting up the stairs. My legs were going (no old man jokes please)

I opened the door and walked into the room followed by Sue and James. Once in, we made ourselves comfortable but I can tell you that the atmosphere in that room was electric. For the want of something to do I put the kettle on and we made small talk about the room size and décor.

This was becoming unbearable.

Executive action was required. I turned to Sue and said, ‘Due want a hand with your clothes’?

In a soft voice Sue said, ,’Urrrm,…….. I don’t know,…….. I suppose so’.

Being somewhat assertive I turned to James and said, ‘James, you’re on next’ and pointed in the direction of Sue.

James, who had settled on the corner of the bed, stood up and walked over to Sue who was also perched one the edge of the bed, took her by each hand and pulled her up. Once upright he began to loosen the top button of her blouse.

Sue closed her eyes and said in a soft voice, ‘ I can’t believe this is happening.’

James stooped and said, ‘Sorry, do you want me to stop?’

Sue came in, ‘No, Not at all, it’s just that if feels very strange’

What can I say – my heart was thumping and my rock hard cock was pumping. I was in a dream world – very difficult to describe.

Sue later told me that her whole body was electrically charged and each touch of James hands and fingers was like an electric shock.

Within a few second James peeled the blouse from Sue’s shoulders, leaned forward and kissed her on the neck. After that she was ‘putty in his hands’ as they say.

The white blouse fell to the floor and Sue put her hands around James shoulders and they began to kiss. I was jealous, no doubt about that but………….

Things moved fairly rapid thereafter. James jacket came off, another kiss. Sue unbuttoned his shirt, another kiss. Skin on skin made the situation more tense.

James had his hands about Sue’s bottom and squeezing her ample cheeks.

They parted slightly and I heard James ask if she was wearing stockings. Nodding Sue replied with simple ‘Mmm’ , ‘Do you like a woman in stockings’?. James was smiling ‘ Yeah, but it’s been a while’. ‘Well then‘, she said ‘ You’d better help me off with my skirt’

Oh, a dream comes true for me – Sue being sexy with another man

James found the clip and unzipped Sue’s skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Sue took one step to the side and stepped out. She looked at me and then at James.

‘Sorry, but I’m a bit fat’. Quick a flash we both said ‘No, you’re not’ you’re lovely’, ‘nothing wrong with you’ or words to that effect. After a little assurance and a boost in confidence Sue put her hands on her hips and said to James. ‘Is this what you like?’

Sue stood in front of James dressed in a black lacy bra, black French knickers complete with black stockings and suspenders. She looked radiant. Her nipples were hard and erect which could clearly be seen pushing out through the thin lacy material. James said only one word, ‘Fabulous’

James made a lunge at Sue and they hugged and kissed as his hands moved swiftly across her back , buttocks and pulling at her suspenders.

Both James and Sue were making moaning sounds as their hands began to explore each other.

I saw that Sue was now fumbling with James trousers which soon fell to the floor. He wore a pair of green boxer shorts which were tight across his backside.

Sue’s hands were soon down the back and grabbing at his cheeks. She was moaning loudly as James had his hands in the back of her knickers pulling at her fleshy buttocks.

For some reason I began to pick up the discarded clothes which I threw into the corner of the room so that they wouldn’t trip over. I could see that Sue’s eyes were rolling in her head and at that time they were both totally oblivious of me wandering around them. I then settled down in the comfy chair to watch the performance at my leisure. By the time I had sat down Sue’s bra had fallen to the floor and James hands were finding their way around her firm 34 inch boobs. Sue was gone ………..I wasn’t far behind her.

I was rubbing the front of my pants and then decided to take them off. I sat there in my shirt and briefs supporting a terrific stiff cock

James on the other hand was kissing her neck and slowly making his way down to her right nipple. Sue leaned back with her eyes closed as James licked and nipped at her erect nipple which made her flinch. For the life of me I couldn’t ever remember Sue’s nipples being so large and swollen.

Sue’s hands were on James shoulders as he went from breast to breast and nipple to nipple. Sue was on cloud nine and was moaning and giving off little grunts of pleasure when ever he sucked and pulled her nipple with his lips.

It was bizarre sitting there in front of my wife as a stranger sucked on her nipples. It was the most erotic experience I have had the pleasure to behold but it was about to get better.

I heard Sue take a deep input of breath as James brought his left hand around to the front of her French knickers. As this hand was furthest away from me I didn’t see it come around until Sue’s body move back to allow him access. I saw his hand was inside her knickers as it move into position across her soft mound and then snake into the gusset . Sue gasped and moaned loudly and at the same time James gave of a long, ‘Mmmmm’.

Sue moved her right leg slightly to accommodate his large hand. I then heard the familiar sound of fingers mixing her juice.

James was moaning and Sue, with her head on his shoulder was whimpering as his fingers played havoc with her wet pussy. Her hips rotating to movement of his fingers.

Within a minute Sue was calling out, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to cum’.

So was I. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

Out came my cock and within a couple of stokes I was creamed all over my shirt.

At this point, which I missed, James took his hand out of her pants to ensure she didn’t cum. He moved Sue closer to the bed and told her to get on.

I was just about recovering when I next saw them laying side by side on the bed and kissing,

This time it was Sue’s turn to get some action as she placed her left hand onto the tented bulge in the front of his shorts. As they kissed I could hear Sue moaning as her hand felt the full length of James shaft.

After a few strokes Sue’s hand went to the waist band of his shorts and soon disappeared from view. Her hand was now firmly gripping James stiff cock and making ever effort to feel his full length with the occasional visit deeper into his shorts to capture his ball sack.

I was back in play once again as my cock reared up at the sight before me.

It wasn’t too long before Sue began to pull at James boxer shorts and between them they managed to get them down to his ankles and off across the bed.

I could now see James manhood standing hard and proud as Sue’s fingers explored ever lump and bump. James cock wasn’t long but it was thick and had a large bulbous head.

I particular remember that he had a large ball sack too.

Strange that I recall this but I was thinking of the amount of sperm he was able to generate..

Sue then began to move slowly down James body, kissing his chest only to pause to suck on his left nipple. Still holding onto his dick with her left hand she moved further down until her mouth came to the thick head of his cock. Sue’s eyes came up and she looked in my direction but there was no sign of recognition. Her mouth opened and took the first two inches between her lips. James moaned and lifted his body upwards. Another two inches disappeared. Down his pelvis came, the four inches to reappear. Up went his hips and four or more inches disappeared once again. Sue was genlty moaning as she felt the full thickness of his cock at the back of her throat.

Sue then moved around and positioned herself on all fours and began suck and slurp on James thick erection.

Sue was now slowly wanking him and using her tongue to draw circles about the sensitive head of his cock. It was surreal

But here I was, watching and waiting as it was all played out before me.

I shook my head in disbelief as I wondered how we managed to let it get this far.

My first ejaculation relieved the pressure and tension in my body and for a short period brought me back to earth, but as events were progressing I could feel my blood pressure starting build up in my cock but drain from my brain.

Sue continued to service the head of James cock for what I thought was an eternity but I guess it must have been only five minutes or so.

I’ve always encouraged Sue to give my cock a good pull and suck to ensure that all the blood gets to the head just to give it that extra half inch. On this occasion she didn’t disappoint.

Sue then turned and crawled back up James chest they began kissing again. This time James took the lead and placed Sue flat on her back and leaned across to her body and once again began to kiss her. His right hand moved slowly across her body and then gently caressed her right breast and erect nipple. Sue responded with heavy kissing. James then moved his head down her chest and began to suck and nibble at her left nipple while toying with the right. Sue’s chest was heaving up and down at the pleasure James was inflicting on her.

Sue loves to have me play with her nipples but was this stranger using and enjoying himself with my wives body. I thought of all the times that we played this out in the comfort of our own bed. I sensed that Sue was just about knocking on heavens door.

James hand then left her nipple and wandered down to her pants and across her gentle sloping mound. Without hesitation Sue opened her legs.

In the light of the bedside light I could clearly see a large damp patch in the gusset of her French knickers. My blood pressure was building up as I knew that it would be hot and very, very wet in there.

As James stroked the damp patch Sue gave out little moans and her body began to twitch and spasm.

After only a few strokes James began to pull at Sue’s underwear, still engrossed on sucking and licking her right nipple.

Sue lifted her bottom and off they slid, quickly kicking them off her ankles and onto the bed. I couldn’t resist. I leaned forward and grabbed her pants.

I wasn’t disappointed. The gusset was soaking wet and the smell…………. The smell was fresh smell of unadulterated sex.

Once the knickers were off Sue opened her legs fully and James then made a full assault on her tender parts. Once again James gently placed his hand on her thinly trimmed mound and slide gently forward across her tender clitoris. Sue moaned out loud as his fingers slide into her soaked pussy. Sue’s legs closed instinctively to protect herself against both the pain and pleasure. After a few a minute or so, Sue once again opened her legs to accept James advances. James pushed Sue’s legs wider apart and began to force two fingers deep insider of her pussy. It was first time any one spoke. James said, ‘God, that’s fucking wet’. Sue replied, ‘ It’s good to get something in there’.

They both began to kiss again as James fingers explored Sue’s oozing pussy. Sue’s hips were now rising and falling in rhythm to James thrusting fingers. I recalled the familiar sound of wet pussy which was now being generated by the expert fingers of our new ‘friend’.

I can still see the whole thing before me – a dream come true.

Then I heard the voice of Sue which made the hairs on my back of neck stand on end, ‘I need something bigger’.

I was now pulling away on my hot cock while smelling sweet juices on Sue’s French knickers.

James raised himself up and moved across Sue’s motionless body. As he did so Sue opened her legs wider. I saw that her outer lips were wide apart and her inner lips were wet and swollen.

James was now kneeling infront of Sue and was looking down between her open legs. Shit I thought, I couldn’t see what was happening. I think Sue had taken James cock in her hand and began to guide him in because I heard her say, ‘Mmmm, that feels nice’.

Sue later told me that James was rubbing the head of his cock up and down her open inner lips.

As James leaned forward I saw his large ball sack hanging loosely between his slightly open legs.

I was looking for a glimpse of his weapon so that I could watch the initial penetration but all I could see was this large sack. By this time my body was like lead and I couldn’t move. Again for some weird reason, I wondered how much sperm he had stored in there.

Sue then gave a long and load groan and I knew that James had made his conquest and he was now only the second cock to feel the warm of her body.

James forced his groin into the open legs of my wife. I heard the satisfied groan of Sue who had finally succumbed to a strangers cock.

‘Oh. God, oh God, I’m… I’m …cuming ,.Im cuming’

I could see her whole body tense as she hung onto James arms and legs

Sue was screaming and grunting and I could here the juices gurgling as it forced its way out from around James embedded shaft.

James rammed home three or four times before Sue again shouted out.

Oh.my God, ……. I’m…….I’m cuming again. Then another wave came over her

More ‘ahhs’and ‘oohs’ followed my more groans and squirting noises

I too had reached the peak. Hearing Sue’s screams brought me to another climax

Sue eventually let a final long breath of air out of lungs and said’ Good God, …I’ve never had two together like that, it’s given me a head ache’

James asked her if she was ok. The answer was obvious, ‘Give me more’ she said as she wrapped her legs about his. He began to gather momentum and said ‘Let’s see if we can get one or two more out you’

Sue was game ‘ Yes please’

I began gentle play with myself as I watched James backside clenching and relaxing as he rose up and down between Sue’s wide open legs.

James was thrusts were gentle and rhythmic but I could see and hear that Sue was extracting huge amount of pleasure from his deep penetrations. Sue was becoming more demanding, ‘More Jimmy,…… harder’.

James began to thrust deeper and stronger taking Sue to new heights and then after a few minutes, A long and satisfied, ‘ Oooooooooooohhhhhh’ more squelching and squirting. Followed by more deep breaths

‘Ohh God that felt good’, Sue announced. James was about to get going again but I heard Sue ask him is he wanted her from behind. He pulled out of Sue. It was then that I saw for the first time the thick cock that had been in my wife’s hallowed place. His erection was still solid and the thick bulbous gland looked large and round. I could see his own juice dribbling from the eye of his cock and its full length was wet from my wife’s orgasms.

Sue raised herself up and got on all fours. As before – head to the left bottom to the right. She opened he legs slightly and then James jumped off the bed with his stiff rod bouncing up and down in front of him as made his way to take up position behind her. Sue looked over to me and smiled. ‘You wanted to see someone to take me from behind didn’t you?,’ All I could do was nod. ‘Well, you better feel how wet I am before he gets back in’

James smiled at me as I try to stand up. I staggered over to where Sue was in position. She looked fabulous. A lovely rounded bottom shrouded in stocking and suspenders. Her hips pushed upwards inviting me in. Sue wiggled her bottom in my direction. I grabbed her hips with both hands and I could finally feel the warmth of her body in my hands. God how I miss her, I thought. I glimpsed down to see a wide, wet and used gash before me. The smell of her used pussy was overpowering and added to me over-sexed state.

I push my cock softly against her open lips and slip effortlessly straight into her. James had done a good job of opening her up. Holding tightly onto her hips I force myself in as far as I could and wondered if James had reached further up inside of her than me.

He voice brought me out of my trance. ‘How does that feel? She asked. ‘Lovely and wet’, I reply. Sue then said, ‘Jimmy has made me wet and I ‘m getting wetter just thinking about him’. She adds, ‘Do you want me to cum on him again?. In a feeble reply I answer , ‘Yeah, I would’’. With that Sue moved her hips forward and I slipped out of her. I was a little upset at the short time she gave me but hey, who am I to complain.

I stood to one side and James stepped in behind Sue,. Sue pushed her hips back and James slipped straight into the Sue’s open pussy. Sue gasped and her head went into the bed covers. James gripped onto her fleshy hips and began to thrust deep into Sue’s meaty bottom. I watched mesmerized as his thick shaft disappeared and reappeared from between her cheeks. Her flesh rippling across her hips at ever thrust.

Sue turn her head in my direction and said, ‘ look good?……God he’s big’. Sue began to moan again. She gulped at the air and said’ ‘He’s right up inside’. This appear to spur him on as he began find a steady rhythm. Her flesh was slapping against his groin and his large sack was slapping against her clitoris.

I was rock hard again as I watched Sue taking his full length. James then spoke to me for the first time but I noticed that he didn’t take his eyes from Sue’s rounded cheeks ‘She’s wet as fuck, ….. the best fuck I’ve ever had.’ Short of words yet again, all I could say was ‘ Get it all in there’. But it was like an bolt of lightening as it hit me. Some one else, a stranger, telling me that my wife was a great fuck.

James hands were all over Sue’s cheeks. He pushed and pulled them apart, exposing the rose bud of her bum hole and pushing in his thumb. He bent forward and fondled Sue’s swaying boobs as well as pulling at her nipples. He put his right hand over her right leg and rubbed her swollen clitoris . He also pulled at her cheeks so that he pussy was exposed and he told me to have a look to see how wet she was. His cock was soaked in her juice and I saw a ring of froth at it base.

I was so overwhelmed my legs were about to give way.

However Sue groaned and fell forward on the bed. Both James and I watched as she turned over onto her back. Her firm boobs and nipples rising from her chest and Sue opened her legs and beckoned James to mount her once more. Before he joined her I saw that she was wide and wet. God, how I wanted to get in there.

James climbed back onto the bed and went straight between her opened legs. Sue groaned again as James began to grind his body into her exposed groin. Sue was hanging onto his cheeks as he hammered his weapon deep into her soaked and swollen pussy. By the gulps and gasps I knew that she was riding on a climax wave yet again.

James was good, I’ll give him that.

He was riding Sue high so that her clitoris was fully exposed and was being stimulated by his groin bone.

It wasn’t long before she was about to bust yet again. However I could also hear a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from James.

Sue was first, with a scream and a groan. I could hear the spurt and squirt of her fourth intense orgasm. Sue’s mouth was opening as if to scream but nothing came out.

James just kept hammering his rigid shaft hard into her.

Sue had completed her orgasm but still held onto his cheeks and shouting encouragement to him. ‘I can feel it, I can feel it.’

I could feel it too. I was pulling at my cock as I watched my wife about to be filled with another mans sperm. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

James raised himself up onto his hands and began to speed up. His buttocks were opening and closing with the rhythm of a steady heartbeat until Sue began to moan loudly yet again. This time it was James who was about to explode. He gathered momentum and then there were three or four deep thrusts before he gave grunt and groan.

His head was swaying widely as he emptied that large sack of sperm deep into Sue’s open womb. Sue was still grinding her groin into James before she too hit another orgasm.

I too hit the dizzy heights. What little load I had left shot out uncontrollably and splattered on to the bed beside them. I was so tender but totally relieved. Boy, was I relieved.

There was a gasping of breath as the two of them tried to catch what little air was left in the room. James was still thrusting and grunting as he endeavoured to pass every last drop of sperm into Sue’s willing repository.

I flopped back into the chair while Sue and James hung onto each other.

After a couple of minutes recovery there was a reality check.

Sue was looking at James when she said’ When you pull out of there, there’ll be one hell a mess’

We all laughed.

After James had made sure that he had left Sue with ever drop of his sperm, he slowly withdrew.

I saw that he was soaked in Sue womanly secretion and his creamy deposit. His shaft was slightly depleted but the bulbous end still looked purple and large. Sue quickly put her hand over her pussy to prevent the creamy liquid spilling onto the bed or was it to make sure it stay with her for a while longer. I wasn’t sure.

Within a couple of wipes the thick of it was cleaned up off the bed and the Sue got up and disappeared into the bathroom.

James and I cleaned ourselves up and dressed.

James sat on the bed and we chatted. We agreed that it was a great end to the night and he apologised if he got carried away with me wife. I assured him that it was no problem. He was shocked when I told him that this was Sue’s first encounter but he was happy that he was the first and hoped that Sue wasn’t disappointed.

A short while after he announced that he should get back home.

I knocked on the bathroom door and informed Sue that James was going.

Sue came out of the bathroom clean, tidy and wrapped in a bath towel. We said our good byes but all agreed that it was an experience that we wouldn’t forget. I said that if we were back in Bristol we should get together for a drink or something. There were nods of agreement so James gave me his mobile number for future reference.

Sue kissed James and I shook his hand and said our good-byes

When the door was closed on James I took Sue in my arms and we gave each other a big kiss and a hug and then jumped into bed – damp sheets and all.

Sue was happy to open her legs and show me the ‘present’ the ‘stranger’ had left her. She was still dribbling sperm and her lips were red and swollen.

I pulled of my trousers and crawled on top of her. I took my time to slide into her on a deposit of someone else’s sperm. Unfortunately I was too tender to do much else but I can tell you that it was seventh heaven.

We were very excited as we talked through the evenings events. Sue was excited at the thought of James touching her and was blown away by the feel of another mans penis , especially because of the thickness of its head. She said that once she felt the shape of its head she just wanted to get it inside of her. She also said that it excited her because I wanted something to ‘open her up’ and if any thing would do that it would be James.

She also felt good about being dominant when she let me put my cock into her after James had had her and then had push me away only to take James afterwards. I said I liked her assertiveness.

I also enjoyed being told by her that James made her wet and made her cum four or five times and that she couldn’t hold back when she felt him swelling up inside her and then the feel of his sperm pumping into her.

We hardly slept that night, talking and having sex – we were both tender but both managed to have more sex. Sue was wet, wide and sexed up telling me what was going through he head. My brain was bursting along with my throbbing cock.

We still relive that night over and over and results in great stimulating sex.

However, Sue has warned me that the ‘lioness had been awoken’ so I take it that she will be on the prowl for another ‘victim’ in the not too distant future’.

We will soon be planning a trip to Birmingham. Any takers?