Written by Dydactic

30 Dec 2013

I recently submitted an update on how Janice and I were progressing towards her sexual liberation. Thanks to Kennyboy82 and Iannorris for your appreciative comments. Here are the details about our MMMF experience that Kennyboy requested, I hope that it excites others as it did us. The build up to this was our experience with Mike a guy in his 30’s who had made contact with us. We set up a semi dogging scenario where Janice and I went for a walk in a wood close to Cardiff.

On the day, Janice wore a black dress that buttoned up the front with some horny black underwear and black stockings. With a coat and knee high boots she looked like any other as we walked the quiet paths and then back to the car park. By the time we returned to the car, the only other vehicle in the park was Mike’s black camper van. I led Janice round to the open side door and found Mike sat on the bed with clear anticipation on his face. With few introductions Janice removed her coat and boots and made herself comfortable next to Mike. I closed the door and poured a glass of wine from a thermos. I watched as Mike slowly started to kiss Janice. It was wonderful watching a man twenty years her junior exploring her beautiful body. He kissed her deeply as his fingers released each button down her dress. Once open he ran his hands all over her flesh, exploring her belly, the swell of her tits and down between her thighs. She sat up and removed her dress and he took the opportunity of unclipping her black bra. Laying her back down he started to kiss her body paying particular attention to her erect nipples which he gently licked and sucked on. As he enjoyed her tits I watched his middle finger running along the gusset of her knickers. The lips of her pussy were clear through the flimsy material and then he started to massage her clitty. I knew he had found the spot because I saw her responding to his fingering. After a minute or two his hand disappeared under her pants and he slipped a couple of fingers into her with ease because she was so fucking wet.

I sat with my cock out, my wine now forgotten, stroking slowly as I enjoyed seeing my woman, being enjoyed by yet another new stranger. Mike was eager to taste the juice that was seeping from her. Given the gentle way that he had worked her so far he was really quite forceful in the way that he pushed her pants down her legs. I helped by slipping them from her feet so that his fingers could return to toying with her cunt lips. Janice gets nice and puffy when she is turned on and this occasion was no exception. In addition to this, the gooey excretion that was all over her labia and Mikes fingers made for beautiful viewing. He started to lick down her body and then repositioned himself between her legs. Not easy given the confined space but Mike was soon running his tongue over her pussy and tasting her juices.

His hands kept moving over her body, caressing her belly, her tits and her thighs. She looked amazing laying with her legs over his shoulders, naked but for her black stockings and suspender belt. I knew he was doing wonders with his tongue, she was not far from cumming. I manoeuvred myself ‘till I was lying next to her. As I kissed her and massaged her breasts I whispered encouragement quietly into her ear. “Go on let it go, that’s a good girl. Let Mike feel you cumming you dirty slut. We haven’t finished with you yet”. The heat inside the van was intense and we were all sweating like pigs. It just added to the moment. Janice started to thrust up as her orgasm hit. I held her firmly so that she couldn’t push him away. He kept licking right through her climax and didn’t stop. Soon she was heaving into her next orgasm in fact he made her cum three times before he knelt up to strip his clothes off. I kissed her and expressed my pride in the way she had enjoyed Mike so far. I heard him stretching a condom over his cock and I looked away from her to catch a look. He had a beautiful prick, good length and a thick girth, this man was really going to stretch her and I couldn’t wait.

We were all sweating from the heat, it was like a sauna. I could see the beads of sweat on Janice’s breasts as he climbed between her legs. Being right next to her, I could look down her body and watch him nudging his impressive cock against her well prepared pussy. Once he had the end inside her he place both hands either side of her and looked into her face as he pushed the full length right up into her tight cunt. I loved the look of pain and pleasure on her face and then the way she opened her eyes and grinned at him once she had taken him right up to his balls. Laying his body down on her he started to fuck her with long deep strokes. She was breathing hard and whimpering every time he slid back into her. The tempo very slowly built to a hardened rhythm. I watched his buttocks clenching as his thrusting became more vigorous. Janice was clinging to his back and soon he was fucking her for his own pleasure and working hard to shoot his spunk into the condom. His final thrusts were aggressive as he grunted through his orgasm. Once recovered, he lifted himself away and I quickly went down on her. Janice rarely cums from penetration but a good tongue does the trick every time. I found her clit and licked her till she was grabbing the sheet under her with white knuckles. As she was in the throws I was aware of Mike moving around. Having licked Janice right through her cum till she was calmer I moved away from her, more because of the heat than anything. As soon as I was gone I was pleasantly surprised to see Mike suited and booted and sporting another hard-on. This time he just lay on her and his cock found its own way into her cunt. His fucking was much more animalistic, Like a dog fucking a bitch. It was beautiful seeing Janice fucked hard by this young guy who was enjoying her mature body and shagging her with complete lust.

It lasted no more than a few minutes they were both knackered when he shot his load for the second time. Having cum he immediately slipped down her body and again she was licked to a strenuous climax. I needed to get into her myself and was on her quickly. I had never felt such a filthy emotion. Our bodies were saturated with sweat, she had been fucked twice by Mike and now I was doing her with every ounce of strength I had. It was a really passionate fuck. I filled her with my spunk and I fell to her side, hot, wet and exhausted.

After a few minutes I lifted myself from the damp bed. Pulled the door open enough to let in some welcome fresh air. The heat had created a potent atmosphere and there was a beautiful heavy aroma of fresh sweat and sex. I poured three glasses of wine and we sipped slowly as we chatted like old friends. He was a really nice guy and one that we would want to be with again. I could tell that Janice liked and felt comfortable with him and he in turn was very complimentary about her.

This was how we had our first session with Mike and it was with Mike and our well established friend John that Janice was going to experience her first full on sex with three males. Be patient Kennyboy the details are coming soon, well as soon as I have finished writing it up. Janice reads my posting and reminds me of things I have missed and tells me her side of the experience. I hope that others find these as exciting as we did. I have to say that Janice and I love sharing our experience with others, it prolongs the sexual pleasure of the original adventure. Not sure how many will understand that. We are still waiting for someone to come up with a landlord to help with our ‘lock-in’ fantasy. Somewhere in the South Wales, Bristol, Gloucester or Somerset area.