Written by Dydaktik

11 Jul 2011

Back in February I told of how I started to introduce my partner, Janice, to more adventurous sex, involving others in our games. She is 51 but still retains a fabulous slim body, fine tits and really gorgeous legs. Her black shoulder length hair frames a sharp featured and striking face. From the start of our relationship she has never worn tights, preferring the much more titillating option of stockings. She wears clothes that show off her legs and her shapely, but not overly full, cleavage. For me she is perfect in every way. We are great together in everyday life and really enjoy being together but when it comes to sex, she is out of this world. She has a high sex drive, enjoying both our love making and the dirty sex that we indulge in, together and with others. She never says no, the first woman in my life who never says no. Thanks for the comments following my first posting on here and in reply to the questions relating to our location, we are based in the Bristol area.

We talked much about what we had done and what we enjoyed about it. She said that when we were with the couple, she enjoyed being watched by the woman’s partner as he sat in the corner of the room. She also enjoyed being slightly submissive in that she put herself in my hands and went with what I had organised for her. We discussed where we went next and she just said for me to set something up and she would go with it. I contacted a few men on various sites but to be honest many of them were just complete time wasters. One man, however, seemed pleasant and John and I exchanged several emails before setting a date. The arrangement was for us to meet in a hotel bar not far from his home and we would then go back there once we were acquainted. Janice was very nervous but also very excited at the prospect and on the day went to town on her clothes and make-up in order to make a good impression. Her black button through dress covered black bra, lace knickers and suspender belt and black stockings. To be honest she looked like sex on legs when we left to meet John.

John was a really nice bloke who was obviously impressed from the outset. As we stood at the bar he looked her up and down and it was clear that he was undressing her in his mind and this turned Janice on. As is often the way, he went to the toilet at some point which gave us the chance to talk about whether we would take things further with him. As far as Janice was concerned it was a definite yes and so we made our way back to his place once he had returned from the loo. John was taller than me, about 35 and quite slim. He had a friendly face and was clearly a pleasant enough bloke, so we considered the evening would be a success. Once back at his place it was drinks all round and small talk for about 20 minutes. Janice likes to show her herself off, she is an heart and I love it. This being so I suggested that she dance for us. John was more than happy as she stood, walked across the room and started to slowly move to the music. She can really move her body and she was enjoying the effect she was having, particularly on John. Very slowly the buttons were undone on her dress and then it was discarded, leaving her in her horny under-wear. Still she moved, but now much closer to where John was sitting. Unclipping her black bra, she let it fall to the ground so that she was now dancing immediately in front of him letting her breasts bounce to the movement of her body. Turning, she slid her knickers down so that her ass and engorged pussy were almost in his face. He loved it and soon reached out to touch her. His hands roamed over her thighs, above her stocking tops. He gently squeezed her bum cheeks and then slid his hand between her legs to explore the wetness of her cunt. He was more than encouraged by Janice who moaned her pleasure and moved her legs further apart to allow him easier access. Turning once more to face him, she sat on the substantial coffee table, her legs wide so that he could clearly see her pussy lips and the wetness that leaked onto the polished wood. Sliding from the sofa, he knelt between her legs and started to lick her erect nipples. Janice has small shapely breasts and the most beautiful nipples when she is aroused. They are also very, very sensitive so Johns licking was having the desired effect. As I watched this complete stranger enjoy Janice I sat back playing with the hard-on that was growing in my trousers. This was going much better than I anticipated and I just loved the way that Janice was getting into the sexual mood that I hoped would lead her to letting him into her.

After he had enjoyed her tits with his tongue, he eased her back down on the table and slowly ran his tongue over her cunt lips. It was such a thrill to see her arch her back as his tongue made contact with her clitoris. She had changed from the nervous woman that had left home that evening and was quickly changing into the uninhibited slut that she longed to be. I released my cock and slowly stroked it to full size. Having removed my clothes, I knelt beside her and kissed her lips, her arms going round me to pull me into her. I could feel her breathing getting more rapid as he tongued her clitty and I thought she was going to cum any second. She didn’t, because John stood to strip his own clothes off and I quickly took his place between her legs. I found little trouble in finding her clitoris, it was like a hard erect lump, and I started my own oral stimulation. It was intense when it came and John made some dirty comment as her orgasm racked her body. I moved round the table so that I could kiss her again and John was immediately down on her. Janice just lay there making appreciative noises as he and I licked her body and stimulated her. Eventually he pulled her from the table and placed her on the more comfortable sofa.

He took over as he almost engulfed her and I was more than turned on by the level of lust that he displayed as he kissed, licked and groped her body. I found my way between her legs and licked her, she was absolutely dripping and so ready for cock. We had a secret question that I would ask. A bit laughable maybe, but it gave Janice the chance to let me know if she wanted him to get his cock into her and fuck her or not. I asked the question and without a thought she gave her consent to him fucking her. At this point he was unaware of the significance of what had passed between us but I was happily surprised that she had actually given the go ahead. I stood and he got straight between her legs and started to lick her cunt again. I found a condom that I had brought and I pressed it into the palm of his hand. He looked at me and grinned. Kneeling up between her legs, he took his cock in hand and pulled the rubber over his sizable prick. Then, with one hand fondling her breast and the other on his cock I had the great thrill and pleasure of seeing another man enter Janice, It was blissful.

He began to rock back and forth with some power and he was also taking filth as he fucked my beautiful partner. ‘Come on you dirty bitch, take my cock. Make me cum you dirty slut’. The words only served to get Janice even more excited. He manoeuvred himself so that her legs were forced back against her chest and he just fucked her hard. Janice and I exchanged a smile as the animal in John took over and he just banged her like a piece of fuck meat. It was so dirty yet so beautiful at the same time. The sweat on his back began to run like streams as he worked to get himself off. His language got more filthy and more aggressive as Janice took a hammering. He suddenly pulled from her, ripping the rubber from his cock. ‘Where do you want it?’ he asked. ‘Anywhere you like’, she answered naively. Hauling himself up he almost immediately shot a string of spunk over her neck and then across her face. It was something that she had not experienced before and I was keen to find out how she felt about the spunk shower later. Getting between her legs I got my own cock into her and started to enjoy the feeling of her wet, loose pussy. The excitement was such that I had my orgasm much faster than normal and my own spunk erupted into her belly as I looked down on her face, covered in Johns spunk.

This time Janice had been well and truly broken in. She had let another man enter her body and she had started to enjoy the thought of sharing her body for the pure pleasure of sex. We left John that evening with him eager, not only to repeat the performance but also to help us push the boundaries even further next time. The next big adventure we had involved Janice dressing as a school girl and exploring her more submissive nature. The man involved in that scenario also had a wonderful time.