Written by Dydaktic

4 Jan 2014

This is an account of our last experience of 2013. I think for most on here our exploits may seem tame and boring but for us they are new and exciting. I count myself lucky that Janice has taken on board the idea of being intimate with others, besides me. For her it was something that she had never done and, although she had fantasised about such things, she had never considered she would get involved in. Since starting we have established about seven male friends that Janice enjoys being with playing with. The two favourites are John, the most familiar, and Mike who is a really friendly, younger guy who Janice liked very much.

If you have read previous postings you will know that we like to set things up as a fantasy scenario with quite detailed instructions so that Janice gets exactly what she is expecting. I have found this to be the best way of ensuring that she is not frightened off or changes her mind about continuing the process of liberating her sexual attitude. The last fantasy came about because John had a friend that he wanted to our games. The two of them wanted to give Janice a massage in a hotel room before getting dirty with her. This did not happen because John’s friend found it too difficult to get away from his wife and family. In the event, I asked Mike if he would like to role-play the scenario and he of course jumped at the chance. Having given them the details of what I wanted, which was a combination of the original idea and what we wanted, a date in late October and a hotel near Newport was arranged.

On the day, we arrived about 3.30 in the afternoon and we settled in with a glass of wine to calm Janice’s nerves followed by a shower. She is always meticulous about her make-up and ensuring that her clothes are just right for the occasion. I enjoyed watching her slim frame parade around the room in white bra, pants and suspender belt together with lace topped nude colour stockings as she prepared her dark hair and make-up. I always loved the make-up that she used for these occasions because she used bright red lipstick which made her look year’s younger and screamed sex to anyone looking at her. Just after seven, with Janice now in a fairly long floral, button through, summer dress and high heeled shoes, we made our way to the bar to meet up with John and Mike. It should have given us a little time to enjoy a drink together before the first of them arrived, as it was, Mike was already sat drinking his own Dutch courage. Janice sat next to him and I went to the bar to get some wine for us. It was a very short time before John turned up and he and I were sitting opposite Janice and Mike enjoying small talk like old friends. One of the reasons I chose Mike and John for our first full-on MMMF experience was because Janice was able to feel so relaxed and secure with the two of them.

After a couple of drinks I suggested to Janice that she make her way back to our room and wait for her massage. At this point I could see her nervous smile as she left us. All three of us watched her move across the room to the door. The way she moves when she walks is almost mesmerising and it was certainly not lost on John and Mike. I used the time I had with them to go over what I wanted and, once they had finished their drinks, the two of them made their way across the bar and disappeared through the door. I sat for a further ten or fifteen minutes sipping my wine. I was incredibly turned on as I imagined what was happening in our hotel room. The instructions were that they would very slowly kiss her and remove her clothes. She was then to be laid on the white towels I had placed over the bed. I had left oil for them to massage into her body so that she could experience four hands caressing every last inch of her flesh. Only once they had done this were they to start enjoying her for their own pleasure. For anyone who doesn’t do this kind of thing they will never understand the deep love and pride that I feel for Janice when we are in this situation. I know that she is doing it to please me initially and I get a thrill when I see her getting pleasure from others as they admire and touch her beautiful body. With all this in my head I too followed in their footsteps and made my way to our room. My throat felt dry and my breathing laboured as I pressed the key card into the lock and entered.

The room was very quiet except for the slight rustle of movement on the bed, whispering voices and the unmistakable sound of kissing. Once I moved along the short hallway and into the room it became clear that things had moved much faster than I had thought. I am not even sure that the oil had been opened or that Janice had been massaged at all. What I saw was Janice in nothing but her stockings and suspender with Mike’s head buried between her legs and John lying next to her, holding her and kissing her. I was well aware that Mike was brilliant at getting Janice off with his tongue so, pouring a glass of wine, I sat, watched and listened to him licking and slurping as he enjoyed the taste of her pussy. When John moved down her body and gently kissed her tits and licked her sensitive nipples I could see the contented smile of her face. This was intermittently interrupted as she jerked in response to Mike’s expert tongue. Janice has this thing where, just before she cums, she becomes very still and she almost stops breathing. I saw the signs and knew that her first orgasm was about to hit. Letting out a gasp and then a long moan, she let go and her body convulsed in sharp spasms. Calmness returned as Mike continued to work on her clitty. I had discovered that when she is being licked, Janice could have several orgasms in quick succession if you just kept working her. Mike knew this and he kept up the intense stimulation of her sensitive bud. John maintained the attention that he was giving her tits and, as her second climax racked her body, he held her down and whispered into her ear. I couldn’t hear what but I know that she likes to be talked dirty to when she is in the right mood.

After a very quick shuffle, it was now john that was between her legs. The move was so fast that there was no break in the momentum so Janice had no time to come down from the high that she was enjoying. Mike was now removing the last of his clothes so that he was naked. His eyes never left Janice as he stripped and his cock was evidence of the lust that was coursing through him. He got down next to her and started to stroke her body, his meaty cock resting on her thigh. As before, Mike held her down firmly as John licked her through her next orgasm. As john gently stroked her sodden pussy lips he indicated to Mike to get himself ready. He quickly broke open a condom and, after a few strokes to make sure he was really hard, he rolled the rubber down his shaft. John moved to her side and Mike took position between her open thighs. As John grinned down at Janice he urged Mike on. “Go on Mike, get in there and fuck her, she’s more than ready for it”. I could see from where I was sitting that Mike was nudging his bell end against the slimy lips of Janice’s pussy. Once he had it in position he sank the lot straight up into her cunt. Letting out a moan which sounded like a mix of pain and pleasure, Janice lifted her legs up around his back and just moved sensuously to the slow erotic fucking that Mike was giving her. John kissed her and stroked her legs as he continued to make filthy comments to accompany the firm and steady pounding that was being inflicted on her very wet twat. As Mike neared his own climax, John got a condom on his own cock.

I stood and moved to the side of the bed. As I finished the last of my wine I felt like her master, in full control of her, looking down at her , taking the last angry thrusting from Mike as he finished inside her. There was no finesse as John took Mike’s place, he just climbed between her legs and fucked her hard. Grunting like a pig he banged her and the smile on her face showed her pleasure. Things had picked up and we were all enjoying the raw sex. I stripped ready to take my place and I stood watching and stroking myself to full hardness. John didn’t last long and once he had shot his load he flopped by her side, kissing her and rubbing her sweat covered tits. Mike was a great stayer and was now wearing a fresh condom eager to get into her again. It was as much as I could do not to cum as I enjoyed watching this 30 year old use my fabulous 54 year old wife. There was a wonderful smell of sex and Janice’s perfume. It was the most thrilling sight to watch her being fucked as she was kissed and mauled. This time Mike came very quickly. Following the instructions that I had given in the bar, they got either side of her and held her wrists down and her legs open ready for me. It was almost animalistic as I got down on her and pressed my face into her well fucked cunt. I could taste the sweetness of her juice and the rubber from the condoms filled my nostrils. I focussed on her clit and ran my hands all over her damp body. Janice built to a powerful climax and before she had time to calm I got up and rammed my cock into her throbbing hole. As I now held her legs up over my shoulders I could look on as John and Mike kissed her mouth, her tits and her belly and used their hands to feel and maul her body. It was just too much for me and I was jetting my spunk deep into her much quicker than I normally would.

Calm fell as we all relaxed. I poured wine and we all enjoyed the cool drink after the heat of so much physical shagging. It was at these times that the friendship became really evident. It was important because Janice never wanted to feel that she had just been used by men who had no respect for her. If she was to continue down this road I fully understood that she had to be treated with high regard outside the role play and the sex. There was something I wanted to do whilst there were three men available.

With moans that she couldn’t take any more, I pulled Janice back across the bed. I lay back and instructed her to face away from me and lower herself on to my cock. Once inside her I eased her back onto me. I instructed one of them to start licking her clit and Mike was quick to oblige. John was next to her and he massaged her belly and tits as I fucked her and Mike went down on her. It took Janice by surprise and the impact was. As I have said, Janice hardly ever cums when she is being penetrated so it was the most wonderful sensation to feel the muscles in her cunt contracting around my cock as her climax hit her. I held my cock very deep inside her so I could enjoy every spasm that past between her cunt and my throbbing meat. I didn’t cum myself, feeling her cum like that was such a fantastic experience.

That really was the end of the evening and with further friendly chat and claiming clothes from around the room, Janice and I soon found ourselves alone. I held her and told her how much I loved her and how deeply proud I was of her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. That brings us right up to date with what we have done. We are trying to organise our lives so that we can do much more in 2014. If you want me to keep you up to speed then please leave your comments as we get a buzz from reading them. To Kennyboy, I hope that this is to your liking and that you have enough detail. You are the only one who has left comments on all of our postings and I think that we will be making contact through your profile in the near future.