Written by Voyeur

12 May 2011

My wife Andrea who is 33 now had been working with her friend Julia for over 3 years. Like most friends I suppose working together, they would often get together after work or sometimes Andrea would visit her. Julia lived near her parents and was often picked up by her father from work and he would drop Andrea off too.

Around 5 months ago, Andrea came home from work one evening and Alan (julia's father) came in the house instead of dropping her off. I worked occasionally from home so was also at home to greet her. I obviously knew who Alan was through my wife's association with his daughter.

We exchanged chat and I got Alan a drink, Andrea made herself a coffee as she doesn't drink alcohol.

What was strange was that Alan started talking about his "swinging" lifestyle that he claimed he had been into for years and was not afraid to mention anything he had been up to or his experiences.

It did make me feel a bit awkward at first but Andrea didnt look embarassed by it but did not make any remark at all - just listening instead.

After a while Alan asked if he could use the bathroom to which i instinctively responded "top of the stairs first on the left"

While he was away I said to Andrea "He sounds a bit of a laugh" but Andrea didnt comment again but after a couple of minutes she got up and went towards the door and I said - dont forget Alan is already in the bathroom" she stared at me and calmly said "no he isnt - he's waiting for me upstairs" I was gobsmacked to say the least but having listened to his conversation for the past 30 mins the penny dropped.

I could only say to Andrea -"do you know what your saying- is this what you want" she replied - "yes - give me 10 mins and come upstairs" she then went upstairs

I couldnt believe what was happening at this point with many things going through my mind - I think I waited 10 mins but it felt a lot longer and went up the stairs - not really knowing what I was going to encounter.

When I opened our bedroom door, Andrea was lying on the bed wearing only stockings and suspenders with her legs slightly bent and open - Alan was just finishing off getting undressed and turned to me - his cock was amazing !! about 8 inches in length, very thick with a heavy vein running through it and a round head with a prince albert hanging through the end his balls hung very low, but at 63 he looked in good condition - he just said " you needed to know that I have been fucking Andrea for over 1 month now and I am her bull - you will have to get used to it and if you want to watch me mount her then that's fine, but you do need to know that she is my slut now"

Andrea just lay there not saying a word - just preparing herself for her bull to mount her. His cock looked very heavy now and was ready to be used - he knelt between Andrea's legs and mounted her immediately - she moaned within seconds of him entering her and he pushed to make sure he was right in her and all I could see was his balls laying across her arse as he went balls deep into her.

It was so erotic watching this - he wasnt very gentle and was biting her neck and tits as he fucked her roughly. She let out a wimper the odd occasion it was a bit to rough with her legs round the back of his and after about 15 mins he looked straight at me (I was now standing looking at her face from the side) and he told me he was about to spunk in her - which he did and I moved round to see that his spunk was running down her bum onto the bed. He got off after a couple of minutes but not before he bit her neck again - wanting to leave his mark on her.

Andrea just lay there legs open with spunk still flowing from her pussy not saying a word.

I followed Alan downstairs after he got dressed and was preparing to leave - he said "I suppose it has come as a bit of a shock to you - what has happened tonight, but trust me she has been broken in now by me and is a slut"

If you would like to read where things are at now please let me know