6 Sep 2016

My husband and I have always been open with each other about fantasies, and he has from very early in our relationship been open that he fantasises about both of my sisters, I don't mind as its fantasy and on occasion have even talked to him in detail/let him look at pics of them while we a together etc. At the age of about 21, my youngest sister started dating a very attractive guy, and almost straight away I told Mike my husband that I fancied the sisters new boyfriend.

This turned him on, and he regularly asked me to talk about him when we had sex which I loved to do. I flirted with her bf, but nothing too heavy for,obvious reasons.

My sister is more attractive than me, blonde, slim, tall, huge cleavage, but my hubby insists her legs are a let down, she has fat ankles and her feet look odd (hubby has a huge foot fetish!)

I wear heels a lot, partly to endulge my hubby, partly to feel sexy. i get a lot of attention when in heels which hubby and I both like.

We live in a large detached bungalow, and the smallest bedroom is used as a dress in room. I have a wall of shelving filled with stilettos, everything from cheap tart new look Heels to louboutins.

My sisters bf is a joiner, and he had agreed to build some built in wardrobes in the spare room when we redecorated. I was at work when he started, hubby has let him in, but when I got home, he was still busy working, hubby was out for the night. I was in a reasonably sexy pair of plain black stilettos, a pencil skirt and sensible blouse but it was figure hugging and did show cleavage.

When I got home, knowing he would be there and that Mike was out, I am de the deliberate decision to keep my stilettos on, I half suspected he had looked at me in them before, and they made my legs look better in the skirt (my hubby says my feet and legs are better than my sisters, but her tits blow mine out the water!)

I went through the to the room and he was working away, we just made small talk and it was all innocent. I joked that my sister would want him to make their spare bedroom into a changing room like ours, he sighed and said don't start, she already has begun campaigning for that one. I jokingly said oh well she doesn't have as many shoes as me so maybe doesn't have the need.with that comment, he definitely looked at my feet, he had a clear view and at that moment I knew there was definitely a chance something might happen.

He commented that I owned more shoes than most shoe shops, I laughed and said well a girl can never have enough stilettos. Again he def looked at my feet, by now my nipples were rock hard and I was beginning to get v moist.

He seemed nervous but said I dotn know how you can walk in them, your sister hates wearing them. I said I liked to wear them and found them comfy as well as sexy, his reply under slightly nervous breath was, they are sexy as hell. I smiled at him and said I knew you were looking you naughty boy, he looked terrified and said pls don't say anything to her. I just laughed and said oh come on, you honestly think I would? You're more than welcome to look as much as you want, and if you want to see me in any other pairs just say so. At that moment he smiled and said you're the only person in the world who knows I have s foot fetish. I blushed and said well it's fine, do you like mine or is it just the heels? He stood up and said I not,going to lie, I like you, not just ur feet, but all of you. I smiled at home and said that's good then, because I've fancied you since the day I met you! As soon as I said that his arms were round me and we began to kiss.

The kiss seemed to go on forever, it was very passionate with some very minimal touching of bodies but mostly just arms round each other. I remember thinking to myself how much better this was than my hubby, then I managed to lift his t shirt off to reveal one of the sexiest, most toned chests I've ever seen in my life. I ran my nails over it and tickled him playfully while he undid my blouse. As he removed it, then my bra, I joked that he'd be disappointed with my tits compared to what he was used to, he smiled and said no way, they are much softer and I prefer that. He started to suck them gently while I caressed his head, then stood to look at me before asking if I would put a pair of white stilettos on for him, as he had never in his life been with a girl in them. I took him to the clothes room and let him pick a pair, he chaos one of my favourite white pairs, I smiled at him and said you know I turn into a slut little whore when I wear these? He smiled and said good

He put them on me and briefly kissed/licked my feet while doing so, he then took my skirt off and started to rub my pussy through my nickers. I undid his jeans and started to rub his cock, covered in precum and rock solid, as soon as it was out of his boxers I looked him in the eye and told him to fuck me. He didn't need asking twice, he pushed me into the bed, pulled my nickers off then got on top of me. The sex was hot, fast, powerful and just mind blowing, he was very firm, held my wrists so I couldn't wriggle, and thrusting repeatedly. I or games twice before he shot his load in me, could feel his cock pulsating several times after the first cum.

He rolled off me and cuddled me, we lay there kissing/cuddling for ages and talking about how much we fancied each other. I confessed to him that on my wedding night while having sex with hubby I'd fantasised about him (that is 100% true, I did) and we talked about our previous experiences/turn ons etc. He was v shocked by how many sexual partners I've had and some of the things I've done, but clearly very turned on. He got hard again and almost apologetically asked if I could let him play with feet, I love my feet being used during sex so was genuinely happy to let him, he wanked, rubbed his cock over them, kissed/licked them for ages. He bought several pairs of heels through and got me to model various ones, taking photos on his phone with my full permission.

After nearly an hour of feet play my pussy was soaking, and he enjoyed tasting it for several mins, his oral was good, but I was gagging for his cock so went over to suck it, easily one of the nicest tasting cocks I've ever had, he shot his load over my mouth and face, I swallowed loads of it and rubbed his dripping cock over my tits.

It was inevitable my hubby would be home fairly soon, so we casually got dressed while still talking, he kept saying how much sexier I had been than my sister, and that he had really enjoyed it. I told him I wanted to be with him more, and that anytime he wanted me I'd make an excuse to be alone with him which he was really happy about. We cleaned up, he gave my feet (in heels) a kiss goodbye and told me he loved how slutty I was, I laughed and said believe me you've seen nothing yet. We kisse one last time and off he went. I went and sat the sofa, full of his cum and had made no effort to clean my face and was reliving it all in my mind. I was so glad I had done this, and when my hubby came home he took one look a t me and said you two had sex, didn't you! I just smiled and said yep, in our bed, and he was 10x better than you have ever been, hubby lives being jealous/cuckold, and I could see this turned him on. I led him to our room where he got into our bed which was soaking from sweat (it was a v hot day!) I let hubby fuck me but kept talking about my sisters boyfriend, saying how good he was etc etc which drove hubby wild.

This happened about 12 weeks ago, and since then I have met him at least twice a week for sex, and more time error quick 5 min kisses/touching etc. I send him photos of my feet In heels almost daily, all,with hubbys blessing.

I love my hubby and wold never leave him, no matter what, but I do have better so with men I am more attracted to, luckily he loves the jealousy.

This is 100% a true account of what happened, I have never posted about things I've done before like this but intend to again! My sister has no idea at all about this, and hopefully it'll stay that way!