Written by Andy

27 Dec 2013

I'm an 18 year old lad living at home with my parents and older brother who is 26. About three weeks ago my parents were away visiting family, my brother had his girlfriend stop over. Her names Emma about 5,6 tall shoulder length brown hair a nice busty size 12 figure and a lovely round ass! I got on with her ok all the family like her nice girl friendly chatty.

It was the Thursday morning and I woke up my day off work and wasn't planning on doing a lot. I got out of bed at about half 10 thinking I would have the house to myself. I walked out of my bedroom naked with my cock semi hard. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth before my shower. As I was leaning over the sink all of a sudden I heard "boo" it scared the life out of me dropping my toothbrush as I turned around to see Emma standing there in her dressing gown laughing. I was so shocked what the hell you doing I said as I tried to cover my cock with my hands. That will teach you for walking around in the nude she said still giggling. Not gone shy have we glancing down at my hands covering my cock! Don't try hiding it she said I've already seen it. Don't think my brother would be to happy you looking I replied instantly she said sure he wouldn't be to happy you walking around infront of me with it out. Not sure what to say I nervously asked don't tell him about this! She giggled well I know I promise I won't but only if you let me see it again.

I agreed to show her as long as she never told anyone she said she wouldn't. So standing completely nude in the bathroom I stood infront of her and moved my hands to my side to reveal my 4" flaccid cock. She looked at my cock saying nice looks like it's nearly as big as your brothers grow much she said grinning. Show me your hardon. I replied make me hard. She stepped in from the doorway and stood infront of me and said I know you look at my arse so I'll do you a deal I'll show you that if I get to see you cum. My cock began to twitch I agreed and with that. She stood infront of me and removed her dressing gown dropping to to the floor she stood infront of me wearing just a black bra and matching thong. Her tits looked huge she did a twirl showing me her arse leaning against the wall sticking it out her thong looked tiny looking at her big firm bum made my cock rock hard and bobbing up and down!

Looking at it she said not bad deffo bigger than your bros (I'm a good "8 hard) wank it! I took my left hand and slowly began to wank. She couldn't take her eyes of it she literally stood there for about a min or so in silence just watching. After a couple more mins there was a lot of pre cum I asked if she would turn round and let me look at her arse as I wanked. She did leaning against the wall sticking her arse out it was an amazing sight I couldn't help but have a feel she told me she wanted to see me shoot I asked can I cum on her ass go on then she said! I stood behind her wanking at a lot faster pace now after a min I began to cum shooting 3 squirts of cum across her bum she just giggled as I shot my load. You naughty bastard she said standing there with a big load running her bum and back of her leg.

Well that was nice she said but don't you dare tell anyone about this. I won't can we do it again. Mmm I'll think about it big boy now let me have a shower in peace she said smiling.

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