Written by Andy

4 Jan 2014

I left the bathroom still shocked at what had just happened. I went to my room put on some clothes and went to the kitchen to make a drink. After about half an hour Emma came down saying she was meeting a mate in town. Cheekily I asked when could we have some more fun. She smiled your keen arnt ya I'll have to see we have to be careful there would be loads of trouble if anyone ever found out. Emma left to go meet her mate.

About 3 hours later I was watching a film when I got a text from her. What you up to the message read, not much was my reply, come over to mine my flat mate is out we have a couple of hours. I didn't need asking twice and got in my car heading to hers. All the way there I was roc hard thinking what we could be getting up to.

I arrived at the flat she opened the door checking there was no one about before letting me in. Once inside the flat she turned and kissed me our hands were all over each other. She soon had my jeans undone dropping to her knees she pulled my boxers my cock sprung out. She took one of my balls in her mouth sucking it before licking up my shaft to take make bellend in her mouth. Feeling her mouth around the head of my cock I let out a loud gasp. She must of only been sucking me for 30 seconds or so when I could feel my sperm about to erupt. I'm cumming I gasped but that didn't stop her I just let go and shot my load in her mouth. She stopped just keeping the head of my cock in her mouth as my shaft twitched my cum in to her mouth. It was a lot of cum I noticed she struggled to swallow it even dribbling some. Just managing to swallow she looked up wow she said you were quick. Sorry I said I just felt so good. She stood up I leant her facing the wall. Standing behind her I peeled her leggings down to reveal her amazing ass in a tight pink thong. I knelt behind her, her ass level with my face I playfully bit her on her cheek I pulled her thong down. Then I done something I haven't done before I spread her cheeks and began to lick her from behind I couldn't resist and licked her asshole you naughty boy I heard her say. After a couple mins of licking I stood up and slid my cock inside her. We hadn't even made it to the bedroom her I am fucking my brothers girl from behind up against the wall. I was able to steady myself and really pound her. Her arse wobbled to the rhythm of my strokes. Her legs began to weaken she began to gasp "I'm cumming" I up'd the pace and within seconds I could feel my second load building up. It wasn't much longer both our legs nearly buckled gripping her hips I pulled her arse as tightly against me as I could as I emptied inside her.

My god your brother has never fucked me like that she said after. We made our way to the bedroom where we lay shattered for about 10 mins before continuing fucking each other until we both got a shock. Emma was on all fours me fucking her doggy when suddenly her bedroom door opened it was her flat mate Katie. What the fuck Emma? Isn't that marks brother? Omg her shock then turned to laughter you dirty cow. Me and Emma had froze my cock still inside her.