Written by ellie

11 Mar 2009

as you guys seemed to like hearing about my conversion to blk guys i thought i would keep you up to date on the wonderful life i am now living,as i said previously after the first time i was used by a blk guy instead of feeling annoyed i actually got a kick from the whole thing even though it cost me my relationship it changed my whole life,i decided blk guys were to be my future,so going back to the spa and knowing how guys talk i knew in my heart i was really saying i want more,this time i did not even bother with the bikini and made my entrance wearing just a towel on my lower half,no sooner had i got to the refreshment area and i was approached by a guy who claimed he was there the first night,although i did not reconise him,we began chatting and i was enjoying the attention he was giving me was i about to notch up my second blk lover,i if he even suggested we go to the back rooms my answer would be yes even though he was how can i say not the best looking of guys there he was blk and thats what was doing it for me,and some 15mins later i found myself entring the same room as i did that night a cple of months before,but this time i was not only knowing what was about to happen i was actually taling the leading role,the second his towel hit the floor i was on my knees taking his cock in my mouth,but i could sense he was not going to last long and i wanted him in me so moving onto the table i opened my legs and guided him into me,for the second time i was being fucked by a blk guy i had only just met,and i was loving the feeling,suddenly i felt him give a deep thrust as he emptied himself in me,i cant say i was completely satisfied sexually,but my satisfaction came from the fact that i had allowed myself to be used by another blk guy,it was then he said something that should really have made me stand back and take stock,he said wow you really are a blk cock slut,but instead of being annoyed i actually loved being called that,so much so i just got down and sucked him hard again, this time he lasted and god he was bloody good,i still dont know if i was enjoying the feeling of him in me or the fact that this white girl,who 2 mths before would not even take her bikini off was just giving herself to guys solely as they were blk but whatever the reason all i knew was i was loving it,well i have told you a couple of my experiences,and i am now happy to be a fully fledged black cock slut,as a cple of you from this site know only too well,i dont know what the future will bring but at the moment i am so happy,even though my name must be bad,and even though i have lost count of the guys i have give myself to,i am lucky in the fact i am fairly nice looking with a good body,added to the fact you only have to be black to have me,i am not short of offers at this moment in time i am thinking of having a small tatoo done with the words black cock slut in a scroll,as not only suit me down to the ground i also love being known as that,yes i am not the type of girl you take home to meet your mum,but i bet your dad would like me ha ha