Written by lll

25 Aug 2015

This is an old story, back in the seventies, but after reading all your many cinema posts I thought you may be interested, I worked in a large office for a couple of years, and could only afford a small bedsit, I made many friends a lot of us were English and we tended to all go out together, I really hit off with one of the girls and we became great mates. She came into the office and said she had the chance of a two bed flat would I fancy sharing, we went to have a look and it was a lot better than our places, and hardly any more money, we moved in and it was great, she had a boyfriend who would come and stay occasionally. Unfortunately she was quite noisy when having sex, as I was single at the time it did turn me on and I have to admit I had the occasional wank, she split up with him and we had many drunken evenings in. We spoke about all and everything, after a few to many drinks she was quite careless and I often could see up her dress to her knickers, after another drunken night a few weeks later I was sitting opposite her and her stockings and knickers were on show, I took a deep breath and said I love those knickers you're wearing, you're always looking, sorry but I can't help it she could see I had an erection, as I said we are mates not lover's, but I'm only human. I could help you if you help me, I've fantasized about having sex with a man I have never spoke to or met, I know plenty of men I said, no nobody we know, I'll do my best , she stood up and sat next to me unbuttoned her blouse and moved her skirt up her suspenders and stockings and slip just above her knickers, she undid my trousers and started to wank me, you can look and finger till you come which I did all her underwear on show and her hand moving my fingers in her knickers didn't take long.time passed she had another boyfriend but didn't last long, I was still single and would go to a porno for a wank. Sometimes you would get couples there but usually men, I suggested we went together and she might get touched up, I would be there so she would feel safe, ok it might work all we c an do is give it a try, she had a black dress that wrapped around with a split at the front, she chose black stockings white bra suspenders and knickers and a very lacy slip. Saturday came and we set off we'd had some Dutch courage and got our tickets we sat at the rear, I sat closest to the wall so empty seats were next to her, we never kissed in case we drew to much attention, men came and went another couple came in and sat a few rows in front, in minutes they were all over each other, this made her more comfortable the door opened and a man sat in our row. She looked and nodded to me there were only five or six seats so he wasn't far away, I put my arm around her and kissed her touched her breasts, I could see if he was watching and he was, I told her and she said how excited she was, she moved forward in her seat and moved her dress up to above her stockings, my hand went straight into her knickers, I could feel and hear how wet she was, I untied the belt and her dress fell completely open, all was on show I pulled her slip up and my hand went down the top of her knickers, her legs were wide open, he's watching and wanking, call him over, I did he sat kissed her and her hand wee straight to his clock, his fingers moved her knickers over and slid into her, I got up and went behind the seats where there was a small corridor, I watched as her Knickers were around her knees, she moaned and she had come, so had I. We left and they went back to the flat, thanks I owe you one, but don't rush back.