Written by Sue xxx

2 Jan 2018

Bucket list update;

Well my sexual life has really taken off, as you know one of my wishes was to take part in a porno film, well I have been for the audition and this is the account of what happened.

I know it was before Christmas, but I have been so busy at work (finally got screwed by the boss) and attending Christmas parties (well orgies really) and a new year party where I lost count of how many cocks I had, but more of that later if want the details that is.

Any way back to the audition, I managed to locate an agency that specialised in recruiting people for porno films in London and made contact. I sent them a DVD of stills of me posing semi-nude and nude along with a film of my striptease. This got me a response and a questionnaire to complete, the questions were quite explicit in terms of preferences and dislikes including no-no’s. Hubby and I had great fun completing the questions, which got me quite wet I can assure you. The completed questionnaire was sent off and we waited.

It seems like ages, but I got a reply back inviting me down to London to be auditioned and take a screen test. I was so excited I couldn’t wait. Off to the shops to buy a new suit and blouse, new shoes and of course new underwear complete with proper fully-fashioned stockings, I wanted to make a good impression. I packed a vanity case with a button through dress and what I would call bedroom lingerie, the kind you see in prom films, as the underwear I wear is sensible not at all skimpy, you know what I mean girls those cheap suspender belts are no good for everyday wear you need a good 6 or 8 strap belt if you are going to wear stockings every day.

So with hubby in tow we headed down to London together to see what would happen. We found the office come studio on the first floor above a coffee shop in Soho and was met by the receptionist and shown straight into the directors office. There we were subjected to more questions on why I wanted to become a porn star, and would hubby get jealous, would I be able to perform on camera, and was I willing to be subjected to all manor of sexual positions. Of course our answers were in the positive, including hubbies who even asked if he could come in and watch the screen test.

And so to the screen test, boy was I nervous, I asked where I could get changed to be told not to bother as they would like to see me as natural as possible to see how I reacted. So we went onto the set and hubby sat near the director and sound man and sat on the large corner couch in front of the camera. It seemed like ages, but probably not, as we waited for something to happen, then a side door opened and in walked a couple, she was slim well dressed and sat next to me and he sat at the other end of the couch , was tall muscular and of afrocarribean origin ( was I going to get my first BBC?).

The director just asked us to act natural and to add lib as there was no set script, the young lady next to me was called Vicki and she opened the conversation with small talk about my sexual encounters, she was fascinated about my stripping and wanted to know more details. This put me at ease, but is was so hot under the lights I asked if I could remove my jacket. Vicki helped me off with it and as she did she caressed my breasts through my silk blouse, which set my nipples on edge. Vicki then commented on my seamed stockings, asking if I had worn them just for today. Again she was very interested to find out that I wore stockings all the time but not always seamed. Vicki asked me what type of suspender belt I wore, so I explained that I always wear underwear from a shop in London called ‘What Katie Did’. Vicki said she only wore stockings on set and brought her gear from High Street shops, and with this she stood up and undid the zipper on the back of her dress letting it fall to the floor to show me. Sitting back down she encouraged me to stand up and remove my blouse, as I was so nervous I struggled with the button, so Vicki stood up and helped me undo them letting the blouse fall from my shoulders. Next came my skirt, Vicki again slid her hand round the back and slid the zipper down, needless to say I was getting very wet by now in anticipation. So there we stood facing each other dressed in our underwear, what was I to do, I reached out took Vicki in my arms and kissed her fully on the lips.

The camera zoomed in on us and I took the initiative and undid Vicki’s bra and as we separated I helped slide the straps over her shoulders revealing her breasts. This seemed to raise the stakes, as Vicki spun me round to undo my bra allowing it to fall to the floor, then I felt her hands slide down my body to my waist. Within seconds her thumbs were in the waist band of my knickers teasing them down over my hips, by this time my nipples were hurting and I was dripping. My knickers were lowered over my stockings down passed my knees and they were off. What a relief, I hate wearing them anyway!

My turn know, as I turned round and crouched down I took hold of Vicki’s knickers and removed them, but kept close so I could kiss her shaven pussy. Now we were both naked and ready for anything. I decided to investigate the lovely chap on the couch, who had been rubbing his cock through his trousers, these needed to come off so I could see what I was going to be impaled on. A quick undo of the belt and a wriggle down over his hips revealed a huge, to my eyes, black cock. T must have been a good 4” in circumference and at least 6” long, so I had to suck it to how big I could get it. As I took it in my mouth I could feel it swell filling my mouth as it went, I slid up and down on it until I could take no more, it was huge and it was just what I wanted inside me. But before I could I felt my thighs being separated and fingers then a tongue searching my pussy. The camera must have loved this as I spotted it moving in close to pick up the action.

After what seemed like an age of licking this gorgeous cock it was my turn to be fucked hard, I moved to the couch and invited it in to my extremely wet pussy, boy was I stretched to accommodate it. He pumped away pushing it deeper and deeper inside me as the camera recorded it all, we changed position so I was sitting on this beautiful black cock so the camera could see it as I lowered myself down onto it and enjoyed the grinding experience. I heard the director say to Hubby was everything ok, to which he answered he was getting frustrated and could he help? I gestured to him to come closer and with my free hand offered to suck his cock while the BBC was pumping away at me. Vicki helped him undress and offered his cock to my mouth, Now that is what I call an audition. Finally hubby ended up screwing Vicki as the BBC rolled me over and fucked me from behind, ending up squirting cum all over my back.

The filming over we all cleaned up got dressed (well all but my knickers which came home in my vanity case) and headed back to the office for a review of the film and comments. The film was wonderful, there I was finally being screwed by a BBC and on film too and we got to take home a copy. Comments ranged from I was to look at the camera more and be more vocal, but other than that, they would be in touch when a suitable part became available, probably to start with as an extra in an orgy scene. No problem I said any part would do as long as I could have some of the same again.

So when the call comes from the studio I will let you all know.

Luv Sexy Sue xxx