Written by SteveB

4 Jun 2009

I had agreed to help a guy at work to convert his garage to an office. He wasn’t a close friend, but I had known him quite a while and he knew I did small building jobs in my spare time. We started early on a Saturday morning, and after an hour or so his wife came out to offer us tea and coffee. I had met her once before and not really taken much notice – I thought she was a bit prudish. She looked better now a couple of years later, (early thirties), with a pretty face and a slim body, a very conventional dress but it showed her gentle curves and I could see the outline of a thong. We chatted for a moment then got on with the work, me not thinking anything about her.

He had always been a bit of a quiet type, and he didn’t talk much but when it came to lunchtime he invited me to stay and have lunch with them. It seemed a good idea, and Kate didn’t seem put out when he told her I was staying. We had a nice lunch with the usual chat about everyday stuff, but I noticed that when Kate was leaning forward towards me I could see down the front of her dress and that she was braless. Andy seemed not to notice, but by the time we had finished lunch I’d had some good eyefuls of her pert boobs and hard nipples, though it was done very naturally and looked accidental.

We worked half the afternoon and then Kate came out to say her sister had phoned to say her car wouldn’t start, and could he, Andy, go and help. He moaned a bit, but obviously had to go and I said I would finish and clear up, as we had done enough for one day. He went off and I cleaned up and was about ready to leave when Kate came out to offer me another cup of tea. I was happy to accept and she went inside to make it. I was just about finished outside when she called me in, and I sat in the kitchen to drink it. I was fairly hot and dirty, and I joked about making a mess of her very neat and clean kitchen. Out of the blue she said ‘Why don’t you pop upstairs and have a shower, you’ll feel better?’ I thought about it for a second, and realising it was still early to go home, I agreed. She just said ‘I’ll get you a towel, follow me’, and off she went towards the stairs. She showed me into a bathroom and gave me a towel, then went out, pulling the door closed but not shutting it.

I had a shower, got out to dry myself and in she walked, smiling, and said ‘here, let me dry your back’. Well I was a bit surprised, but she took the towel from me and started to dry my back, then she said ‘nice bum’, and gave it a grope. ‘Hey’, I said, ‘leave off, you’ll get me going’. ‘I hope so’, she replied, ‘that’s just what I need’. And before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me and starting to kiss my cock. I couldn’t believe it really, she had seemed such a prim and proper wife before, but she knew how to suck cock and soon I was fully hard. She was now giving me a good bj, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would come, so I said ‘careful or you’ll get a mouthful’. She stopped working on my cock, and said ‘I want that in my pussy, not my mouth’. She stood up and took my hand, pulling me into a bedroom. She turned to face me and I started to kiss her – she was busy undoing the zip on her dress as we kissed. Soon I broke off to watch her - no bra and a tiny white thong that she slipped off very quickly. I fondled her boobs, smallish but very firm with hard nips, using my mouth on them they felt great. I gently put my hand between her legs, and she moved her feet apart so that I could get at her pussy – it was dripping and I slipped a finger into her. She moaned and moved her hips to get more stimulation, so I added a second finger and she squeezed her muscles on me. I broke our kiss and said ‘on the bed’. She pulled me with her towards the bed, and lay back, giving me a lovely view of her pussy, lips all swollen and a light covering of downy blonde hairs. ‘That looks good enough to eat’ I said. ‘Go ahead if you want to, it’s all yours’ she replied, and I got between her legs and started to use my tongue on her. She tasted sweet, and I really enjoyed feeling her clit harden as I licked her. Only a couple of minutes later she started to moan, then as I worked on her hard bud she cried out and her face flushed as she came strongly. As she came down, I moved to put my cock close to her pussy and I felt her legs close behind me pulling me into her. I’m not very long, only average, but I’m very thick girth so usually I take it carefully going in, but she pulled me into her, ‘oh fuck me, fuck me hard, I want your cock in me’. There wasn’t much finesse, just a hard fuck until she came again and I shot my load deep into her. I stayed inside her for a minute or two, then she said ‘I hope I get some more of that before the job’s finished’. ‘No problem’, I replied, ‘anytime would be great’. Then she dropped a bombshell. ‘Don’t say anything to Andy, will you, I want to tell him myself’. That floored me, and I just looked at her. ‘Oh he won’t mind, he will be pleased I enjoyed myself’, she explained. ‘He likes being a cuckold – he will probably want to watch next time, would you mind?’ She obviously wasn’t joking, and I wanted to fuck her again, so I said ‘see what he says, he might not like it, me being at work with him’. I looked at her body, she looked great spread out on the bed, her used pussy looking very swollen and wet. ‘We had better get tidy before he gets back’ I said. She settled down to get comfortable on the bed, ‘I’ll stay here if you don’t mind, and can you let yourself out? He will want to clean me out when he gets back, and if I walk around all your come will leak out’. I laughed, and said ‘no problem whatever’s best for you’, and went to the bathroom to get dressed. I went back into the bedroom after I dressed, and she was still lying naked on the bed, her legs together but with her fingers playing with her pussy. I kissed her and said ‘thank you, you were great, more soon I hope?’ ‘Oh yes, whenever you want, just tell Andy at work and he will fix it’. I couldn’t believe how I would tell him I was going to fuck his wife again, but she laughed and said ‘he will enjoy arranging it’.

I saw Andy at work on the Monday, he came up to me and I was a bit embarrassed. He smiled and said ‘thank you for Saturday, and for looking after Kate, she really enjoyed it’. I didn’t know what to say, but he said ‘same next Saturday?’ ‘Yes, that’s fine’ I said, a couple more weekends will see it done’.

So I went last Saturday, she greeted me with a kiss on the lips, we worked the morning, I showered, and had lunch with them. After lunch, Kate said she was going upstairs, and as Andy was clearing the table, he said ‘I think Kate would like you to join her upstairs’. I looked at him and said ‘is it ok with you?’ He laughed and said he would do whatever Kate told him to do, and that she was in charge. I just said I liked her very much and that she had a lovely body. Then he asked ‘would you mind if I watched this time? Kate wants me to be there’. I had known this was going to be asked and I wasn’t very keen, but I had realised I had better get my head round it or I might not get to fuck Kate again. ‘As long as you don’t get too close – I’m not bi’, I said. He smiled and said ‘I expect Kate will want me tied to a chair, so I won’t be any trouble. You go up to her, please, and I will be up in a minute’.

I went up to find Kate naked on the bed, waiting for me. I stripped quickly and lay next to her, arms around each other and in a deep kiss. I heard the door open and we ignored Andy as he came into the room. He sat in a chair in the corner facing the bed, still fully dressed. ‘Turn your chair round, don’t look’ she called out, and he obeyed, and she resumed her deep kissing, then started to play with my stiff cock. She went down on me, slurping and sucking so that Andy could hear. Her hand was wanking my length and her tongue was working on me too, so it wasn’t long before I was ready to come. I warned her, and she stopped immediately. She called to Andy to come to the bedside, told him to kneel, then said she wanted me to deposit my load just inside her cunt. She got onto all fours facing away from Andy and me, we had a lovely view of her pussy and arse. Looking round at me she told me to put the end of my cock in her pussy and wank off, to shoot my load in her. I was desperate to come by this timee, and just did what she said. I shot a good few spurts into her and she fell forward onto the bed, pulling herself off my wilting cock. ‘Mind out’ she called to me, ‘move across the bed a bit’. As I moved she resumed her doggy position, her pussy now messy and leaking my come. Without a word, Andy moved towards her and put his face against her bum, his tongue lapping the messy mix of her juices and my come. After a few minutes I heard her scream into the pillows as she had a big come, and Andy came up for air, his face all wet and messy. He looked sheepishly at me and went off to sit in the chair, while Kate turned to me and started cleaning up my cock and balls with her tongue. As my cock responded to the attention, she looked up at me and said ‘please will you fuck me, I love your cock and it feels so good inside me’. I told her to get me fully hard with her lovely mouth first, and she willingly sucked and licked until I was as desperate for a fuck as she was. ‘On the bed, kneel up’ I said, and she quickly got into position, bum in the air and knees apart, her soaking pussy still leaking some of my previous deposit. Andy moved across so that he could see me enter her, and I realised how turned on he was from seeing his pretty young wife get another man’s cock. I looked at him. ‘Come here and put my cock into your wife’s pussy’, I ordered, and he hesitated a moment before reaching out and taking my hard length in his fingers, rubbed my cockhead up and down between his wife’s pussy lips. She started to push back against me, and Andy held my cock steady so the end slipped into his wife’s body. She groaned quietly as I sank my length into her, then as I started to move her groans turned to cries of pleasure. It was a bit like getting sticky seconds, as my come from the previous time made her very wet and slippery inside, but it felt great to me and I banged into her hard, just like she wanted. Because I had already come it was easy to keep going, and we managed a good fifteen minutes without a break. Kate was coming time after time, every few minutes she would build to another climax and scream as she came. I was loving it and Andy just sat in his chair and wanked, his little cock sticking up rigid. After a while I needed a break, and told Kate to get on top and ride me. She needed no encouragement and settled down on me, my length buried deep inside her. She seemed determined to get a couple more orgasms out of me before it was too late, her firm breasts hardly moved as she bounced on me, her nipples were tiny and hard. I gave them a gentle squeeze, and she just said ‘harder’, so I did. I thought she would scream in agony as I pinched them, but she seemed to love it.

Eventually I had to come again, and pushed my cock extra deep into her as I unloaded. She realised and managed to add one more come to her total before I wilted. She climbed off me and lay back on the bed, legs apart, her red swollen pussy leaking come. Andy went down on her and licked and slurped for a few minutes, Kate lying still with her eyes closed just enjoying the attention. I went downstairs to get a drink of water, and when I got back Andy was fucking Kate missionary. She saw me and smiled, obviously not particularly interested in what Andy was doing until he started to groan like he was about to come. She pushed him off her and scrambled out from underneath him, telling him he couldn’t come in her pussy, that was only for me. I laughed and Andy looked embarrassed, then Kate told him to go to the bathroom and finish himself off. He went and did as he was told, returning a couple of minutes later with a wilted cock. Kate was standing with her arms around my neck, pressing her body against mine and totally ignoring her husband. She started kissing me and soon we were into a full snogging session with her husband standing a few feet away. A few minutes later I saw him leave the bedroom.

Eventually Kate and I went downstairs, Andy was watching TV, and he offered me a drink, which I refused as it was time for me to leave. I wondered if this sexy fun was going to be repeated the next Saturday, and Kate must have read my mind. ‘Please come over next week if you can, I will be expecting you’, she offered. Andy didn’t say anything, and I said it would be great to have some more fun, so next Saturday was a date. ‘Good’, she said, ‘and if you want some more during the week just tell Andy at work and I will try to be available’. Andy stood up and looked at his wife in despair, but I could see he was enjoying the humiliation. ‘Oh yes, I will’ I replied, ‘sounds like it could be fun.’

This was the start of a good friendship, still going on. Big thank-you to Kate and Andy, (real names) he will be scared when he sees this on the site – perhaps I will write more, with more details and more risk of him being identified?