7 Jan 2016

This follows on from my pre Xmas stories about what my Wife Liz got up to while we had some work done at home, we had just said good bye to Adie who had built our Conservatory and the next morning we had a two brothers partnership (both were tall,slim , muscly, good looking, with a bit of stubble on their faces) coming to start at 8 a.m to lay a patio and re-lay a pathway. I was sure that was not going to be the only thing that got laid while they were at our home as they had chatted about Liz with Adie and had even watched Adie fuck Liz in our garden without her knowing they were there.

Well I hung on to 8 a.m to make sure the brothers Mark (the oldest) and John (all of a 18 months younger at 23) turned up and knew what the plan was , they turned up on time ,as I spoke to them , Liz offered them a coffee which they said yes too, so satisfied I left to go off to my business . As I did with Adie I decided to come back around lunch time to have a sneaky peek to see how they were getting on, I was also surprised as we seemed to be having a good spell of sunny warm weather , knowing my wife would not be wearing to much in the way of clothing as she does like to get out in the Sun.

I couldn't pull up outside my garage as the landscapers had parked their trailer and pickup in my drive, so I parked down the road ,walked up to go in our rarely used gate next to our garage, I stopped at the end of the garage wall to peer in to my garden where the work was taking place. I was met by the sight of the brothers washing their hands under our outside tap as Liz bought out some rolls and cold drinks to put out on our patio table , I looked at Liz thinking I hadn't seen that bikini top before that she was wearing displaying nearly all her assets, when she put the tray down and turned to go back thru the door up the step my eyes nearly popped out.

As I now saw her bikini bottom from the back it bared nearly all her peachy bum , I thought where did she get that as she looked great, I waited to see her come back hoping what she carried did not cover the front of her bikini bottoms which the tray had done before. I glanced at the brothers to see them smiling and looking smug as Liz appeared coming down the steps , well the bikini barely covered her shaven pussy, I was sure I could see the lips of her pussy escaping from behind the tight red material, it seemed to be almost sprayed on as you could see her nipples and pussy lips underneath.

At the time we only had this old patio table and two chairs and wondered what Liz would do now , whether she would bring one out from indoors or fetch the recliner sun bed , when Mark realised Liz had nowhere to sit he pulled his chair back saying Liz come here sit on my lap , in a instant Liz skipped round to sit across his thighs, side on to Mark's face. I saw John nod at Mark as Liz leant forward to pick a roll as Mark gave a wink and a thumbs up behind Liz's back, I noticed John moving his chair out from the table so his view of Liz wasn't blocked by the table, they were chatting to Liz about her bikini saying doesn't your old man mind you wearing something like that.

Liz said no he likes to see me in them tho he hasn't seen this one yet, as John said well you look damn good in it Liz ! , she smiled back, I was sure she pushed her boobs out more as she wriggled on Mark's lap turning to look at his smiling face while resting his hand on her bum. Then Liz stood leaning forward across the table to pull the drinks nearer to where they sat , while Mark still had his hand on her bum his fingers stroking either side of the strip between her bum cheeks, I was sure she pushed her bum back towards Mark's hand .

I was thinking she must be feeling really horny and fancied the pair of them as she was blatantly encouraging them to touch her, John moved his chair nearer to Mark's , Liz then moved her leg so she was now facing John still bending forwards at the waist, her feet about a foot apart holding a glass out to John while her bum was facing Mark, he was not slow in placing his other hand on her rubbing her bum and twanging that strip of bikini between her cheeks. As he did that each time it seemed to have a effect on Liz as she bit on her lip, John put his hand up to take the glass but grabbed Liz's wrist firm , taking the glass with his other hand to put on the table, John pulled her down putting her hand on the bulge in his shorts.

I saw Liz smile as John said would you like to see him , she nodded , pulling the zip down as he undid the waist button , I glanced at Mark who only had one hand on Liz's bum now as he pulled his shorts down his cock sprung free as he tried to free his boot from the leg of his shorts . Looking at John he lifted his bum and Liz pulled his shorts an pants down as his cock also sprung up , he put his fingers to his mouth rubbing some spit over the head , then looked at Liz and reached round to undo her bikini top pulling it urgently down her arms as if in a hurry to see her boobs, his fingers pulled on her hard nipples making Liz gasp.

Now Mark wanted to see her bum he was stood rubbing his cock over her bum an bikini leaving a trail of sticky pre cum, when he stopped and just pulled her bikini straight down her legs as if he too couldn't wait, Liz looked shocked for a moment before he pressed his hand down between my Wife's shoulder blades ,sending her head on to John's throbbing cock while he stepped between Liz's legs and as Liz felt the head of his cock there she pressed backwards as I saw the head vanish inside of Liz.

Mark said to John we have a horny one here ,I was just going to shove my cock inside her ,when she beat me to it , John muttered mmmm Oh yes ! , as Liz had her head bouncing up an down on his cock, I looked back at Mark who had hold of Liz by the waist ramming his cock back an forwards into her, Liz reached back behind her to hold her cheeks wide apart as Mark fucked her hard, while her mouth was sucking and slurping on Johns cock. I had to admit I had never seen her so wanting these two to fuck her like they were, it was like she was so horny and it was the first time she had had two men together which it wasn't ????

As I stood watching my sex crazed Wife being fucked by these two men , I saw her gasp knowing she had just had a cum , as seconds later John groaned having cum down Liz's throat and Mark groaned an followed by pulling out of Liz and spraying what seemed like gallons of cum over Liz's back, bum an the top of her legs. I looked at Liz to see her mouth open a loop of John's cum hanging from her tongue, as he sat back smiling an stroking her hair, she looked up as he put a finger out to wind that loop of his cum up for Liz to suck off his finger as she gave him a dirty smile.

Then Mark stepped back his cock wet with Liz's juices, pulled his shorts up and handed John and Liz a glass each, they stood chatting as John dressed and said you are one hot lady , Liz ! she said well I better get in the shower now and clean my teeth after what you two boys have just done to me, as she turned and went indoors . I heard as Mark told John God, I'm knackered now, she has a juicy cunt , can't get enough, as John replied I know best cock suck I have had and just gulped it down , she was mad for it bet her old man is glad of a rest as they both laughed.

Well after hearing that I had a smirk on my face as I made my way back to my car hoping I didn't bump into a neighbour as I didn't know how I would explain the bulge in my trousers, I came back later that evening and Liz said that they had done a good job and we were not to step out there as they didn't have a lot to do for tomorrow and that they had not long left for home. I went up for a shower stopping to check in the laundry bin to see her new bikini bottoms with stains on from Mark.

That was the first day of my Wife's encounter with the landscapers if you want to hear of her second day let me know and will brush the cobwebs off my lap top to type up the rest, Thanks, Stevie