Written by jock69uk

29 Jun 2009

It could only happen to me,the heat wave arrived and I had to go into hospital for a major op! The day was glorious as I arrived at the private hospital just outside Manchester ,blue skies ,no breeze and the temperature already approaching 70,finishing my last cigarrete I walked to the reception area and quickly completed the process and was escorted to my room by a reception nurse.

As I unpacked ,shaving kit etc. she took extra details for her records and said the doctor would be along shortly to go through the details of the operation and timings.After ten minutes or so he arrived and quickly filled me in on timings for the operation and some details on the recovery periods etc. he was very confident and I must admit his general demeanor had a calming effect ,as soon as he left I changed into the gown and the next thing I knew I was on the way to theater. Fortunately the last memory was the aneathstatist counting down aftr the injection,and aftr that waking up in my room,grogy and in all honesty pain free a bit numb and very thirsty.

I must have drifted in and out of sleep but each time I awoke the same young nurse was at the bedside making sure I was ok ,and occasionally moistening my lips with water ,as fluids were banned at this stage.The doctor arrived ,confirming the success of the procedure ,which was a relief and instructions to follow the instructions of the nursing staff without question.He must be having a laugh ,I felt as weak as a kitten,had tubes coming out of virtualy every orifice ,how could I not do as I was told? In truth the nurses were so friendly and professional it was very easy to follow orders,even when it was suggested I take a short walk within 24 hours of the operation,I was only expected to walk around the room ,but it was explained this was to do with circulation issues ,and as I recovered I was expected to walk furher and more regularily so avoiding the dreaded DVT ,a subject on which they were obsessed!!!

After a couple of days I knew I was getting better ,eating doing the excesice ,even though I had to push two stands about due to the tubes,the catheta was a pain in the cock literaly,it didn\'t hurt just made me walk like John Wayne!!

The nurses were great,I did everything they asked and more so they were happy ,regularily coming into the room to check dressing etc,have a laugh and the days were passing quickly .You know your\'e getting better when you start to notice the particularily fit nurses,and god a couple were really fit,I don\'t know whether its the uniforms ,the incarsaration or what, but you do start to obsess ,however during the bed baths the dreaded catheta does stop you disgracing yourself!! With the still hot weather the rooms became the equivalent of a sauna by mid afternoon,so it was not uncommon for the day shift to give a second bath before they went off shift,happy days!

The only real pain of the experience was that at night you were expected to wear a pair of knee length platic boots that were continually filled with air so they gripped your legs then a valve released the air and the process began again.For me the two issues were ,one you had to lay only on your back ,and two the noise of the valve releasing .I must have slept but it felt as if you were laying awake for ever.The torture began each evening at around ten,sister James appeared on shift did her rounds and then came back to fit the evil boots.She was a real looker, but unlike the day shift didn\'t seem to have much personality,she was extremely efficient and took her responsibilities as night sister very seriosly,but fun she wasn\'t!

By day 4 I was feeling massively better ,regularily lapping the building and feeling much fitter ,I was now obsessed by the sodding catheta the inconvenience of dragging the bag about and the gunfighter gaite definately didn\'t suit me! Today was a scortcher the usual bed baths but still dripping wet, I asked if I could take a shower but the nurses said no,apparently the scar couldn\'t get wet for another day or two,so melting seemed the order of the day.By eight oclock I felt like I was sitting in a fan oven,the poxy room fan just recurculating the hot air and I was for the first time feeling irritable,maybe another sign of getting better.By the time sister James appeared I was not my usual happy self,and when she brought in the dreaded boots I finally snapped,\"christ not these bloody things again,I\'m drenched in sweat,can\'t shower ,still got the bloody catheta in and now you\'re putting on the sleep deprivation kit,are you waging a one woman war against me? For the very first time she smiled and then laughed out loud,\"well where\'s mr. happy today\"she said still laughing,\" gone with the heat wave\"i replied ,\"well you grumpy sod if you had just waited two minutes I have come to remove the catheta,and if you want a shower you can have one,but the waterproof dressing may hurt when I remove it so its up to you \" The feeling of relief when she removed the tube overcame any shyness of her manhandling my cock,her gentle hands easing out the tube without any dicomfort,sensing my embarrasment she said \"come on lets put the waterproof dressing on and you can hop in the shower\" With the dressing duly applied she went to the bathroom and turned on the shower,\"get you\'re shorts off I will stay whilst you shower then I can change the dressing back\" I took the shower and washed the frustration away in the warm jets of water,finally feeling human again ,soaping evert inch of my body,enjoying the fact of no bloody tube trailing from my cock,enjoying particularily soaping my balls and bell end,\"come on I havn\'t got all night ,I do have other patients you know\" appolgising I washed off the soap and quickly towelled down\"could you pass my shorts please \" I asked \"put them on when I change the dressing \"came the reply,sheepishly I re- entered my room to find her smiling again \"we are the modest one,anyone would think you had something special\" I started to stutter a reply \"I\'m only jocking ,lets get this dressing changed\" I was fearing the worst but she quickly removed the wet plaster dried the scar,and added a new dressing ,\"and now for the kinky boots\" I was just puttin my shorts back on when she suggested I would be cooler without ,just covering myself with a cotton sheet so I got on the bed and she put on the dreaded boots, I don\'t know why ,perhaps because the catheta was removed but the old man twitched a couple of times as she messed about with the boots,I don\'t think she noticed and was glad to get the sheet in place to avoid furter embarrasment.As she smoothed the sheet down across my legs he moved yet again ,as she headed for the door looking over her shoulder ,smiling \"someones definitely feeling better\" and she was gone.At least with the tube out I could now sleep on my side and I must have drifted off almost immediately,however I had tangled the air lines and was wakened by the lovely sister shaking my shoulder,\"lie on your back whilst I fix the line ,\" turning on to my back I realised my cock was rigid (why do we wake up with hardons?)I immediately raised one knee slightly to hide my bulge ,\"I\'ll take care of that in a minute as well\" she murmered ,as the boots started to work again she slipped her hand under the cotton sheet and closed it around my shaft,as I started to lift my body she pushed me back onto the mattress with her free hand \"watch the staples,just relax and let me de- stress you \" as I relaxed she flicked back the sheet and now used both hands ,gently cupping my balls whilst expertly rubbing my shaft,releasing my balls she reached into her uniform pocket removing a small bottle of oil ,flicking off the top with her thumb she trikled the oil onto the tip of my cock, allowing the stream to coat her hand and my genitals,replacing the top and popping the bottle back she started work with both hands again.\"what if someone comes in\" I hissed,in extacy she just smiled \" Alison will cover for me she knows what we\'re doing \" I was wondering how that could be and realising the puzzled expression on my face,\"I decided whilst you were in the shower ,I just loved the angry you ,now be quiet and enjoy,leave the moves up to me.\" Needing no further reasurance I lay back as she instructed letting her magic hands do there stuff,my balls arse and prick all received her expert ministrations,the tempo gradually increasing until I hissed \"it\'s coming ,god i\'m going to explode\" as she grabbed my balls with one hand and wanked long strokes with the other \"let me have the cream baby,let it go for mama,yesss its mine \" writhing my hips I shot my load in the air,spurt after spurt,gushing from my cock,covering the sheet her hand and my thighs,eventually she emptied me and releasing my cock \"well someone needed that,we\'ed better get you cleaned up and change the sheets,someones spilled something and we can\'t have that\" she then proceeded to use a hot flannel on my thighs and privates to remove all traces of oil and spunk,sat me in the chair whilst changing the sheets and finaly tucked me up back in bed,smoothing off the sheets lingering around my cock and balls,\"off to sleep now ,and stay on your back,i\'ll pop back to check on you later\".

I couldn,t sleep still in a daze wondering how the hell it happened,whinging about a catheta one minute ,getting an amazing hand job the next.Sleep being improbable I started to read imagining sooner or later I would drop off, no such luck,and some two hours later she reappeared carrying two coffee\'s,\"I thought you may still be awake \" a smile spreading across her lips \"you enjoyed that as much as I did \" I said \"of course it\'s good to know I can still make a man horny\" passing me one coffee she perched on the bed \"it\'s two years since my husband left,and it\'s the first time since then that I have felt the basic urge to pleasure another man\" as she looked down \"and what about your pleasure ?\" I asked quickly,she started to blush immediately,\"would you like to go out when I get myself fit?\" I asked, \"definitely\" she replied ,leaning forward she planted a delicate kiss on my lips.As she sat back I asked \"when do you think you may tell me your name?\" a lovely smile crossed her face ,\" it\'s Charlotte,imagine I played with your cock before I told you my name\" ,taking my hand she placed it on her knee \"perhaps you had better return the favour or I will always feel like a slut\" not wishing to offend ,I slid my hand slowly up her leg beneath her uniform,unfortunately she was wearing tights and I could only gently massage her mound through the sheer material,her responce was immediate opening her legs she moaned with pleasure,\"God I wish I\'d worn stockings\" she purred \"if I wear them tomorrow ,can we start again?\" pulling her face gently to mine \"you try and stop me\" I wispered and as our lips met she slipped her hand under the sheet to squeeze my rampant cock,\"wear your stockings,and I\'ll eat you untill you can\'t take any more \" flicking my tongue gently in her ear,\"I\'ll certainly wear them now,and can\'t wait ,sadly however I have to do some work,so get some sleep and i will see you tomorrow\" giving my cock a final tweak she kissed me and was gone .

I finally dropped off to sleep to be awoken several hours later by the day shift delivering breakfast,and the prospect of a special day to come!!

The day was busy ,doctors rounds,good news showers were now allowed,wound secure and healing well and going home moving ever nearer.As the room had its own bathroom I could now negate the effects of the sweltering weather,letting the cool water wash away the oppressive heat.Having eaten my evening meal I decided to shower and spruce myself up ready for the arrival of the lovely Charlotte.Finaly she arrived the instant smile and peck on the cheek answered all my worries,obviously no second thoughts,\"I\'ll be back in half an hour and we can have coffee,I\'ll just do my initial round and be back\" . True to her word she reappeared with coffee and perched on the bed \"fell free to check \" she said ,needing no further encouragement I gently explored beneath her uniform,rejoicing in the feel of silky smooth thigh,at the top of her sheer stockings,\" I,ve arranged with Allison that I\'ll be away from the nurses station from 10pm so I\'ll see you then\" slipping my hand from her leg she left me nursing the mother of all hardons.When I calmed dowm I realised what a risk Charlotte was about to take ,if caught she would instantly be dismissed,so I decided when she came back I would try to defer the delight until I was out of hospital.Bang on ten she slipped into the room ,closed the blinds and turned down the central light,\"do you think it\'s wise to risk your job ?\" she turned to face me \"yes I do, now get off that bed and make room for me\" as she spoke she was undoing the buttons of her uniform,as she let her uniform slip to the floor she revealed both amazing underwear,and the most fantastic figure,she realy was a vision in red,her bra and briefs were very fine ,almost see -through in a vivid scarlet ,to offset her dark hair,her breasts like small melons straining to escape the red lace,her nipples already hard pushing against the lace.Her hips slim ,stomach a slight curve ,tight tiny curls of hair peeping over her briefs,\"well looking at your face your\'e not too disappointed \" I was gobsmacked \"get on the bed now\" she instantly obeyed ,delaying only to remove her shoes,as she lay there I gently lowered myself between her open legs,taking my weight on my elbows I kissed her red lips,she realy had gone to town ,lipstick the works,as I started to move down her body covering each new area with gentle brief kisses,as I approached her stomach I could fell her body tense.Lingering around the area at the hem of her briefs my tongue damping the tight curls of pubic hair,Charlotte lifting her hips to encourage movement to her core,sliding my tongue down the now wet lace of her briefs I could taste the juice already leaking from her sex.To gain better access I had to hop out of bed sliding her body round 90 degrees letting her legs hang over the side of the bed,kneeling on the floor ,between her knees I started to ease off her briefs,she lifting her hips to ease their removal,as they slid down her still silk clad legs,she deftly removed her bra,dropping it behind her,she lay back on the bed \"please make me come \"she murmered as I started to trace patterns on her inner thigh with the tip of my tongue,\"put it inside me please\"with that I slipped the tip gently between the glistening ,damp lips ,teasing gently the entrance to her sex .She reached down for my hands guiding them to her ample firm breasts,my fingers quickly finding her proud nipples,as I gently tweaked the hard cylinders her hips pushed her mound onto my face,her hands moving back to open wide her lips ,my tongue now easily lapping at her core,quickly her back arched off the bed as the first orgasm rippled through her body,pinching on her nipples I flicked gently at her clitoris as she started to shake,every sinew in her body feeling the building pleasure.Her thighs were wet ,a mixture of saliva and her juices ,juice that escaped with each shudder,her moans were low ,reflecting where this was taking place,her head rocking from side to side,she now in that other world,lost in her own extacy.

I got to my feet,cradling her legs ,behind her knees I placed her back on the bed joining her to kiss and wrap her up in my limbs as the trembles subsided and her breathing started to return to normal.Charlotte turned her head to mine \"I thought I was going to stop breathing ,it was so intense,I\'m still on fire\" I was just about too reply when the door opened it was Allison ,her colleague,\"sorry Charlotte,visitors in 10 minutes,I\'m going to need your help\" with that she left,Charlotte slipped from the bed replaced her unifom ,tucking the bra and briefs in the drawer at my bed side,\"I\'ll be back for these later \" and following a lingering kiii she was gone ......