Written by jock69uk

5 Jul 2009

Charlotte did return ,boy did she return! It was about two hours later,I must have dozed off,only to be awakened by someone removing the bed sheet.As I slowly focused in the low lighting she hopped into bed straddling me ,facing my feet she slid her pussy back to my mouth "see I am still damp " she murmered,"get your tongue in me while I look after this chap" quickly sucking my tool to throbbing hardness.As she worked her magic my tongue quickly returned to her sensitive clit,gently flicking her bud until I could feel the gentle tremble ,starting in her thighs and quickly building until her stomach tensed before release into a shuddering climax,when she pushed her pussy hard into my face.

As she started to calm a little she slid down ,reversed her position ,and reached betweem my legs ,guiding my tool into her throbbing ,wet pussy. Her eyes were closed and as the tip found her lips she burried herself in one quick movement,on auto pilot she fucked me ,no words passed her lips,this was fucking for her pleasure! Lost in her own world she simply pounded my cock,her breathing became faster,mirrored by her rythm,quicker and quicker,deeper and deeper until as she shuddered to her own climax,I could hold on no longer and exploded into her body.I felt the electric impulses flood my body with each spurt,involuntary jerks accompanying the fluid jets leaking into her.She slumped forward ,burying her face into the pillow beside my head,our bodies slowly returning to normal breathing ,I kissed her neck "That was unbelieveable" I murmered,"yes "she said as she slid free of my cock,quickly getting from the bed.

Reaching into my drawer she retrieved her underwear,and started to put on her uniform,blushing she used her briefs to wipe the spunk leaking down her thighs.Quickly doing up her buttons she turned away and moved towards the door,"don't go yet" I implored,"I have to "she said without turning and was gone before I could say anything else.

My mind was in turmoil,what had gone wrong? I didn't see her again that night but just before the end of the shift her colleague Allison appeared at the door,"Charlotte's sorry she couldn't come back to see you ,she asked me to give you her home number and ask you to ring her this afternoon,so will you?" I replied "yes of course" and the door closed.

Around 3.30 I called her ,she answered the phone after a couple of rings,the chat was stilted at first,it transpired she was embarrased at the way she had appeared to shag me ,not believing she had just used my cock to take her pleasure.I just said her view was a bit old fashioned and women were just as entitled as men to look after their own urges.She didn't seem convinced but gradually her demeaner changed and I managed to even get her laughing,"so are we still friends "I asked "and will you be popping in this evening?" she replied that she would,and we said our goodbyes.

Later in the afternoon the consultant made his rounds and said I could go home the following day,free at last!!

She didn't appear until around 10.30 that evening and by the look on her face she was aware of my imminent departure,"so when are you coming to see me at home then?" I asked "I won't be able to drive for a couple of weeks,so I can't come to you straight away" she was obviously aware of this,"when do you want me to come? "she replied "tomorrow afternoon please" laughing she planted a kiss on my lips "right answer,and of course I will be there,to make sure you have everything you need" as I smiled taking in her reply "and by the way no sex tonight,it's too bloody risky" .We chatted for a few minutes before she went off on her rounds,saying she would bring coffee later.

Before she returned I packed my gear and had a cooling shower,just finishing towelling down as she entered the room,"hold on for one second ,I'm just getting my shorts on"not wanting her to feel ambushed.As we sipped the coffee I asked her if I had done something wrong the previous evening,as she seemed so upset afterwards.She blushed immediately and looked very uncomfortable "it's nothing you did ,I can't believe I was such a tart.I never imagined I could ever act like a prostitute,no wonder my husband left me,he always said I was a tramp." with that she burst into tears,I comforted her and told her she was just a normal healthy woman with normal desires,and eventually calmed her down.She then told me her husband did not want much sex and had only ever looked after his own needs,never hers,missionary position only ,lights off,so when he left her for someone else she was shattered.

Over the next half hour she made it clear the only pleasure she had taken was from masturbating,whilst watching porn supplied by Allison. Apparently the films had initially horrified her,the fact that a woman could control the act,and indulge in what her husband would call filth.I just said "well bring your favorite DVD round tomorrow and we will watch together" looking surprised she agreed.I was intrigued "how come Allison provided you with porn anyway?" she explained that Allison had been trying to get her to go out for months,but she had made excuses because she knew that Allison regularily indulged in one night stands,even though she was married,and she was afraid that she would become involved in her liasons.In fact Allison had even discussed involving Charlotte with her and her current squeeze,even providing a video of them in session,as she refered to it,Charlotte admitted the video had definitely excited her,and that she had nearly weakened on more than one occasion.She then admitted that Allison had suggested me as a candidate,and to push her along said that she would shag me if Charlotte didn't.As she seemed settled again we agreed the arrangements for tomorrows meet ,kissed and then she tucked me in and left.

The following day I was cleared to leave ,jumped in the cab and went back home ,happy to be home and excited at the prospect of her first visit.I had only been in for around an hour when the phone rang,it was Charlotte,"settled in yet?",replying "of course,I'm just going to the shop for some food and wine,thought I'd cook for you,if that's OK" she said it sounded delightful,and that she would be around within the hour,"in that case I'd better get a shake on,see you soon." Replacing the phone I left immediately unable to hide the excitement,quickly completing the shopping,returned home showered dressed in decent clothes,remembering she had only ever seen me in shorts.The bell rang as I was setting the table ,opening the door she was there ,a vision,wearing a pale lemon linen suit,white silk chemise,the outfit topped off with black patent shoes and bag,as I stood aside to allow her through,she pecked my cheek,"this should get your neighbours talking" she chuckled,no longer the uncomfortable women that had left my bed two nights earlier.

I poured us some chablis ,and whilst we chatted I started lunch/dinner,she removed her jacket,and made the starters whilst I carried on cleaning and scaling the bass,when the fillets were prepared I moved on to the asparagus,occassionaly glancing across to admire her breasts,the outline clearly visible through the silk shift,"naughty naughty ,you will have to wait for desert" clearly having been aware of my looks,now it was my turn to blush!! We went to the table taking her starters with us,she sat opposite me,and as we ate and drank the excellent wine she relaxed ,chatting as if we had been doing this for years.Topping up her glass I excused myself to prepare the meal.Quickly cooking the fish and asparagus I returned ,smiling she commented that I was a man of many talents,and happily consumed the delicious food.We finished the food and wine and I was just about to suggest coffee when she took my hand and said "where is the bedroom,I will provide the desert,it's only fair" slipping into my arms we coupled in a passionate kiss,one of her hands pulling my head forward the other slipping inside my trousers desparately fondling my cock,my hands kneading her buttocks,"let's go to bed before I make a mess of my trousers." Once in the bedroom I undid the zip on her skirt and let it slide to the carpet,revealing the tiniest white silk thong ,to complement her chemise,which she removed in one swift motion releasing the splendour of her breasts,pert and firm ,her nipples already hard and deep red in colour.As I looked at her body openen mouthed she removed my shirt teasing my nipples with her lips,as her hands quickly undid my belt and trousers,slipping to her knees as they dropped ,easing my cock from my briefs she placed the tip to her mouth,opening her mouth she swallowed its length,gagging as it reached her throat.After a few seconds I placed my hands behind her head and gently rocking began fucking her hot mouth,her hand cupping my balls then sliding below to explore my anus.Her tiny finger explored the whole area sending shocks of pleasure through my body,only stopping to scoop seliva from her chest before inserting the tip of her now moist finger up my hole.This action only made my erection stronger,I could take no more lifting her from her knees I placed her across the bed,sliding the thong aside I knelt between her knees and lapped her pussy,which instantly brought convulsions which quickly turned to trembling climax,her head rolling from side to side as the explosions hit her core,as she reached her peak I slid my prick in up to my balls.Lifting her legs she crossed them behind my back,"fuck me ,make me come" she screamed I just ploughed into her silky wet pussy for all I was worth,she was gone ,returning each thrust with interest,heaving into my cock like a woman possessed,"I'm coming,O god I'm coming,fill me ,give me my spunk ,fill me up" with that she became rigid only sobbing ,whimpering as I continued pounding into her now pulsing fanny,a few more strokes and the dam broke,my hands clamped under her bum ,cock deep inside spurt after spurt of semen released into her.As I slid my cock back and forth spunk was being pushed out dribbling onto my balls and her arse ,sticky glistening sperm released in quantities I had never before achieved.

As the shockwaves subsided I just murmerred "fucking hell ,how good was that?" she opened her eyes "absolutely fucking glorious,I can't keep a limb still" with that we embraced andwaited for our senses to deminish.She was the first to move "I've brought the video by the way,shall we go down and have a look" releasing my hold on her I couldn't help but think as I left the bed that this woman has the potential to fuck me to death!!

Just in thong and briefs we entered the lounge,whilst I prepared the video,she went to make coffee,setting the tape going within seconds I recognised that the girl removing her clothes was Allison,stopping the tape I waited until Charlotte reappeared with the coffee and joined me on the sofa."So whats the film about then?"I asked innocently,"It's my absolute favourite of all the ones Allison gave me,and I just hope you like it too" I assured her I would and started the tape,feigning surprise "fucking hell that looks like Allison" I gasped,"it is ,just you wait to see what you missed by having me,you may be sorry" .For the next fifteen minutes I watched in awe as this young nurse took this bloke to pieces,swarming him like a sexual hurricane .The poor bastard never had a chance,she fucked,sucked and wanked him within an inch of his life,giving him nowhere to go,she completely bossed him,Charlotte was now holding my cock in one hand and viusly rubbing her clit with the other,never taking her eyes from the screen.Allison now had the bloke on his back on the floor,holding his cock hard in one hand she started to squat down,rubbing hi cock in her dripping pussy she guided it to her arse and thrust down on it ,as the guy winced in shock,Allison started to ride him violently,Charlotte nearly snapped my dick off "fuck me now " she screamed,getting to her feet she straddled my lap,back to me ,immediately sliding onto my length.Leaning forward so I could still see the screen she rode me ,keeping pace with her film star friend,who was now creaming her man he was fucked,like a baby,helpless against the incessant storm called Allison.She was unbelievable ,better than any pro movie I had ever seen,Charlotte was entranced,riding me for all she was worth,climaxing but keeping going,intent on not letting her friend win,Allison finally jumped off his cock and wanked him hard,his face grimacing more in pain than extacy,I fear,two tiny spurts left his cock and Allison finally released her grip.Charlotte was now shaking ,easing herself off my cock she went to her knees,wanking me gently toward heaven,"let me taste your spunk "this statement finally unlocking the flood gate,with each stroke a white glob streamed toward her open mouth,every drop sucked in "Allison would love this " she gasped ,still milking,still drinking each diminishing drop,finaly lowering her head to envelope the shaft.

As we both recovered Allison was balling some other poor individual,same style, shagging the brains out of him and enjoying every second,what a woman."Hope you enjoyed the video ,you aren't shocked with me are you?"when I replied definitely not she smiled and commented "well that was nearly you,think you could have coped?",her facial expression was a picture when I replied "with your help I could!!"

Now thats something for her to think about!!!