Written by jock69uk

15 Jul 2009

We had arranged that Charlotte would collect me on Friday afternoon,allowing her some sleep after her night shift. Exactly to time she arrived,looking good ,if understated,simple black leggings,and a clingy white top and black patent pumps.She wore no makeup,obviously just having left her bed ,however the clothes she had chosen did show her excellent figure off to its best,and what\'s more she knew it.As I picked up my weekend bag and turned to leave,\"have you remembered the tape,I only let you borrow it?\" removing the tape from the VCR,I placed it in the bag,\"I thought we were making our own film tonight,or have you changed your mind?\" I asked Charlotte,\"definitely not ,Allison\'s coming around later to set up the camera \" she said this smiling,obviously still highly excited by the prospect.

The journey only lasted 15 minutes or so,Charlotte\'s home ,a modern semi,neastled in a quiet cul de sac ,on the outskirts of town,apparently it had been the marital home,she retaining it when he left.She was obviously very proud of it ,giving me a quick tour as soon as we entered.She had decorated it nicely,reflecting her tastes,and wipping out any trace of her former husband,as we entered her bedroom \"just leave your bag here ,we can sort it out later.\"

Going downstairs I sat in her spacious lounge,whilst she went to get drinks,\"come into the garden,it\'s a glorious day let\'s relax out here \" I followed her through the open patio doors. The view was incredible,the small private space was immaculate,a small decked area ,leading to lawns and flower beds crammed with brightly coloured plants.As we relaxed onto two loungers on the sun deck,\"it\'s my special place \" she said \"It\'s totally private,and it\'s where I top up my tan and can leave all my worries behind\" with that she popped her drink onto the decking,stood and peeled of her top and leggins and relaxed back in her bra and knickers.Waiting for a reaction she lay back,opening her legs slightly,her pussy fully visible through the sheer material,turning toward me she smiled \"If you don\'t get your trousers off you\'re going to do yourself a mischief\" nodding toward the ever growing bulge at my groin,\"I think your friend requires some attention\". As I slid off my jeans,my jockies also slipped down my thighs,freeing my cock,as I reached to pull them back up she caught my hand,\"I told you no one can see,get it all off\" releasing my hand she swiftly removed her underwear, laying back once more \"now that\'s better,cheers!\" For the next hour we explored each others bodies,slowly but surely nearing the point of penetration,only fingers and hands used,the tempo and intensity building until she could resist no longer,leaving her sunbed,she straddled me and in one deft movement inserted my prick into her eager pussy.Slipping forward to immediately accept the full length,the previos play providing all the lubrication necessary,\"fuck I\'ve missed this,\" grinding her pelvis against mine,eyes closed,her whole being concentrating on her need to fuck,to use my cock to quench her desire. in an apparent trance \"yeees that\'s good,make me come ,I need to come\" she was talking to herself,her voice low and gruff,grinding away she was gone \"yes,yes it\'s coming,oh it\'s here,yeeees \" with a final thrust her thighs clamped tight she shuddered to a massive climax ,head back,back arched she continued to shudder,trying hard it seemed to get my balls in as well!When she finally stopped,leaning forward she kissed me ,a passionate ,deep hungry kiss,and slid off my still erect cock,\"I\'m saving you for the film\" and with that vanished to refill the glasses.

Whilst she was away I couldn\'t help but wonder what was instore tonight,but if the last hour was anything to go by I sure as hell would enjoy it!!Finishing the new drinks and then another couple we laughed and chatted ,enjoying the warm sun on our bodies. Charlotte was by now totally relaxed,her body fully exposed seemed not to worry her in the slightest,so different from the starchy nursing sister she portrayed at work.Her conversation now centered only on the films,the one to be made this evening,and the one she had brought to my house the other night.I took the opportunity to try and understand what her relationship with Allison actually was,they had apparently worked together for two years,but only become close in the last few months.During the break up of Charlotte\'s marriage Allison had been particularily kind when depression reared it\'s ugly head,taking her out for drinks and meals,regular phone calls generally being a good friend.I couldn\'t resist asking the obvious question,\"so why did you not accept her offers of nights out at other times?\" smiling Charlotte said \"because she\'s a fucking nympho,and her idea of a good night out involves getting fucked at some stage off the evening !!\"She went on to explain that it didn\'t realy matter who either,\"she\'s a smashing friend I love her dearly but we\'re different when it comes to sex.\" I thought I may as well go for broke\"so what\'s her husband like?\" she laughed \"you\'ve already seen him ,he was the guy on the first film\" My expression must have said it all \" yes ,she didn\'t have any problem with me watching her old man fuck her,I told you she\'s a bloody tart!\"

Still struggling with these concepts I must have looked bemused,\"before you ask any more questions,yes her husband knows,no he doesn\'t seem bothered,and yes she thinks we will show her our film\" finding my voice at last \"well I hope you told her she can fuck off,\" smiling she replied \"Obviously ,but if you\'re worried tell her yourself she\'ll be calling to set the camera up at any time\" I shot from the lounger ,rapidly replacing my shorts and trousers,\"christ she has got you worried \" she chuckled,\"don\'t worry I won\'t let her hurt you\" she slipped into her clothes and we went into her lounge, just then the doorbell rang.

Allison entered the house complete with camera case,she had already greeted Charlotte with a kiss and walking over to me she repeated the gesture,\"so we finally meet,I hope your\'e looking after my friend?\" I stammered \"of course \" Like a machine gun she replied \"good because she\'s had enough off shitty men \" with that she turned and hugging Charlotte,\"ok tiger let\'s set up for your evening of fun!!\" with that they went upstairs,I poured myself another drink and went back into the garden,their laughter echoing through the house.After ten minutes or so I heard them coming back Allison popped her head around the patio doors \" I\'m away ,enjoy yourself,and give her a good seeing too\"with that she vanished ,more laughter then the front door closed,Charlotte came outside smiling \"sorry about her,hope it didn\'t offend?\" smiling at her \"I just hope she can overcome her shyness \"I replied.

Charlotte said she was going to shower,then prepare our eveming meal and wondered if I would want to shower and change,\"I\'ll have a bath if I may\" she said she would run me one .She reappeared ,in her dressing gown ,hair wet through,\" your bath is running ,take your time as I still have to do my hair and change so no rush.\" Before bathing I unpacked ,laying my gear on the bed ,the camera set up ,looking very small and unobtrusive,it felt weird imagining every act would be caught on film.With a smile crossing my face I entered the ensuite and slipped into her bath,typical woman,more bubbles than water!!! I was dreaming of the night to come when the door opened ,Charlotte,hair finished,makeup on appeared \"are we likely to see you this evening ? I need some help zipping up my dress\" the sight of her lingerie ,ivory lace very tiny but very sexy grabbed my attention,\"sure you need a dress\" I asked,ignoring my question,\"I\'ll just be putting on my stockings so get a move on\" a quick towel down and I joined her in the bedroom,sadly she was allready in her dress,just requiring me to do the zip,which when done she left saying that dinner would be ready in 10 minutes.

Joining her down stairs I got the first proper lookm at her ,she looked stunning,her dress pale oatmeal silk,not skintight but showing off her curves,she wore ivory stockings,with stilleto\'s to match,she looked one sexy lady.Smiling she passed me a glass of wine,\"will I do ?\" nodding \"yes please ,you look fantastic \" her smile said it all.Dinner was excellent and was accompanied by plenty of sumptuous wine,as each minute passed I became more aroused,as she leaned over the table to collect some dishes I slid my hand up her dress,feeling her silky skin,where her stocking ended. She just opened her legs slightly encouraging further progress,as my fingers found her mound she replaced the dishes and held my head whilst delivering a long deep kiss,as one finger dissapeared into her fanny,her tongue probed my mouth,pulling her face back \"let\'s go to bed,we\'ll do these later.\" She led the way and on entering her bedroom first turned on the lights and then the camera,as I sat on the bed removing my shoes she asked me to unzip her dress ,which she then let slip to the floor.\"stand up \" she spoke in a deep low growl,first she slid off my shirt before slowly unfastening my belt and removing my trousers.As I remained standing she slid to her knees,her head level with my cock,licking the inside of my thighs until a bulge started to form,this being her signal to remove my shorts.As the slipped to the floor her lips eased around the tip of my semi stiff penis,as she ran her tongue around its head it grew,as it grew she inhaled more of its length.In quick time she was taking it all into her mouth,all the while smiling,now her hands first playing with my balls ,then my backside,gently rubbing the hole with the tip of her finger.Allowing my cock to slip from her lips she stood up,\"lay on the bed face down\" her instructions came quickly,my throbbing cock,wedged between my stomach and the bed,she parted my legs and sliding between them leaned forwards,as she gently kissed the back of my neck I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my shoulders.She slowly kissed and licked her way down my back,until she reached my cheecks which is when the fireworks started,initially her tongue darted just between the cheeks,but ut quickly concentrated on my hole. It felt as if tiny electric charges were coursing through my body,stopping briefly\" is that good?do you like that?\" all I could do was murmer as she started back to work ,now she forced the tip of her tongue inside the charges increasing,my erection reaching levels never before experienced.I don\'t know whether she knew this would happen but at that particular time she slipped a hand between my legs and started to squeeze my balls,this triggered even greater force to my erection.The damn thing was trying to fuck its way through the matress,\"turn over\"she spoke in the same gruff voice,as I lay back my cock was rock hard,its tip crimson,the shaft throbbing and bobbing about with no help from me.She just stared before taking a firm hold with her small hands,slowly wanking only increasing the pressure,I groaned ,both in pleasure and some concern the skin would split,she ignored me and placed her mouth over its head to continue her torture. I could resist no more \" for fuck sake put your legs each side of my head and let me get my tongue inside you\" the idea must have appealed as she quickly ,just avoiding removing an eye with her heels,complied ,as I slid aside her briefs to allow entry she swollowed my cock once more,she was so hot it was difficult to probe her pussy.Once her clit was exposed I could now concentrate on her pleasure,as I worked on her she quickly became aroused ,moving quicker on my shaft as her pleasure increased,as she started to climax for the first time she started to grip my prick with her teeth ,before she got to strong a hold I swiveled my hips which allowed my prick to slide from her mouth,\"put it back you bastard ,I\'ll bite the fucking thing off,\" fortunately she started to concentrate on her own sex,pushing her groin onto my face ,demanding more with her body,\"I want to fuck, \" with that she slid down my body,impaling herself onto my cock,once inside she rode as if her life depended on it.

I just lay still letting the storm build to a rapid climax,as she fell forward shaking in her pleasure I rolled her onto her back \"now its my turn\" I said ,whilst looking directly at the damn camera,I looped my thumbs into her briefs and whipped them below her knees then eased them off ,throwing them to the floor,rolling her onto her stomach I undid the clasp of her bra,removing it and freeing her fantastic tits.Pushing between her knees I repaid her services now concentrating on her round tight arse.She gasped as my tongue found her hole,gently flicking the tight ,deep red bud,as I increased the tempo she lifted her hips to allow better access.As my tongue probed deeper,she sobbed in pleasure \"oh my god, oh god its wonderful,I think I\'m going to come \" with that I pushed my tongue as deep as I could manage against her tightness,I\'ts coming oh it\'s coming \" as my tongue continued to move she climaxed,her limbs like those of a rag doll. Taking the moment I rolled her onto her back ,lifting her legs to my shoulders I lifted and slammed my cock into her still trembling pussy.She screamed in pleasure as I moved forward my hands above her shoulders,her legs ,still over my shoulders,lifting her hips off the bed,allowing long ,deep rapid thrusts to invade her cunt.She was screaming \"Fuck me, Fuck me harder,don\'t stop I\'m coming,fuck me I\'m coming again \". It was like having a vibrator strapped to my prick,her cunt like an ABS system,clamping the releasing my cock,shaking as she came,fluid escaping around my cock,soaking my balls and dripping onto the bed.I was starting to build,deciding doggy was going to be the prefered I placed her shaking body on all fours,so her face was to the camera,getting behind I grabbed my cock, rubbing her slit with the purple ,bulbous head.She was still gushing ,rubbing the head on her arse ,spreading her fluid between her cheeks,then dipping the head back into her pussy, a couple of hard thrusts as soon as she reacted to them ,take it out then rub it between her cheeks ,prodding her bud, only gently but no resistance or complaints from Charlotte,moving back to her pussy I was ready to build to my own climax,ramming it in I hammered away desparately want to achieve what Charlotte had already experienced.She was whole heartedly joining the shag,pushing back against every thrust ,as my climax built I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair,and pulled her head back.We were both building,\"harder,harder ,make me come,please make me come\" pulling her hair I thrust harder and harder each one moving my spunk higher from my core,oblivious to her ,just concentrating on the oncoming flood ,a couple more prods and it happened,violent jets of cream,spurting to her core,more than ever before each electric shockwave discharging ever more spunk into her body.She slipped onto her stomack spent,I followed her down deep in her, not prepared to uncouple until every drop was gone.As the shocks subsided,my cock now starting to slacken ,slipping out followed by a stream of cum,and Charlotte\'s fluid,I rolled of knackered,lay on my back to tired even to speak.

Charlotte was the first to speak ,rolling onto her side \"bloody hell ,what a session that\'s done me a power of good \" finally getting some breath in my lungs ,\"well I\'m completely knackered,my dick feels shredded and my balls are completely drained,but apart from that it was brilliant,and by the way who\'s a nympho?\" raising herself onto her elbow,she kissed me lightly,\" I can\'t remember sex being so intense,I would not believe that I would come so much,I just loved it,everything\" I noticed her start to blush,\"what\'s wrong \" I asked \"well I even enjoyed you playing with my ,you know what you did with your tongue and everything\" \"its not a crime\" I replied laughing \"yes but I thought you were going to fuck my bum ,and what\'s more I would not have stopped you.\"

I was gobsmacked,\"well who\'s a naughty girl?\" still blushing she stammered \"it felt incredible,no-one has ever done that to me and I fucking loved it,so maybe I am just a tart!\"

At this point I just cuddled Charlotte,\"listen you\'re not a tart,I\'ve never done that either,we just got carried away,stop worrying there\'s no harm done.I don\'t know about you but I need a drink\" she agreed and I went downstairs to retrieve a bottle of wine and glasses.When I returned she was rummaging through the camera bag,\"what\'s wrong \"she looked up \"nothing,Allison showed me how we could replay this through my flat screen\" nodding towards the TV opposite the bed,\"I\'m sure the leads were put back in here\",passing her the wine I took the bag and finding the necessary wires made the connections.Charlotte was now very hyper,she gave me my wine as I climbed back into bed,\"I\'ve never seen myself having sex before,don\'t you think its erotic?\" her exitement almost childlike \"settle back and let\'s see how we look\" with that she hit the button on the remote and lay back on her pillow.

As the screen came to life the first sequence was of Charlotte and Allison,obviously testing the position of the camera after setup,the sound was Ok as I could hear Allison telling Charlotte to \"fuck his brains out\" the screen momentarily going blank before we reappeared in all our glory.She looked incredible,very sexy,very provocative and highly photogenic.I looked at her and smiled \"the camera loves you \" squeezing my arm \"thanks,don\'t we look good,at least we don\'t look like a couple of middle aged pervs!\"

Her eyes were fixed to the screen,watching every minute,occasionally,grabbing my arm as she relived a particular second,on the other hand I was seeing things I didn\'t remember occuring in the first place.My most vivid recollections was the look on her face,so very intense,also how vocal she had been,she just loved sex and appeared to have forgotten all about the camera.Finally the part arrived when I was tonging her arse ,as the shot started she grabbed my arm again,the camera not picking up her face ,just her sounds,the groans , comments and finally the climax as her whole body rippled in pleasure,\"that was unbelieveable \"she murmerred,now she was on all fors ,facing the camera,I was behind,cock in hand intent on rubbing it on her arse.As I continued to play in the background her facial expressions said it all,had I been able to see them at the time I would have definitely slid my length into her tight arse.Her looks only confirmed one thing ,she was ready for it ,she was in heaven ,muttering,almost just mouthing \"yes,yes,yes\" unheared by me,I was obviously in cum mode ,almost oblivious to her,as I slid it into her pussy the moment was gone.

When the film ended,stopping the disc,she looked sheepishly toward me \"what do you think?\" she appeared vulnerable,obviously worried how her performance would be viewed by me \"I think you are incredible,I never knew I could have so much pleasure\" gulping Charlotte asked \"and you don\'t think I\'m a tramp?\" pulling her to me \"no I just think yo are a normal healthy girl,who\'s not had enough sexrecently\"