Written by Gary

21 Oct 2009

I haven been married to Karen for about 15 years. She is 39, I\'m 41. Karen is about 5\'6\", a slim size 10 with firm boobs, quite large nipples, a nice bum and shapely legs. She works in sales and has to travel a fair amount and I work from home. After 15 years, sex is pretty routine and she has never been particularly adventurous. Recently she told me she would be going on a business trip for a few days with three of her team and because they needed to have meetings early on the Monday would have to travel up the day before. On the Sunday afternoon she was picked up and I watched as she left in the car with Dave, Alun and Griff who are all about 10 years younger than Karen. These sorts of trips are fairly common and I thought nothing of it. She was dropped off home a couple of days and told me it had been hard work, but a great success although they had needed to wine and dine the client late into the night. I remember commenting \"That\'s probably why I couldn\'t contact you on your mobile\" and she just agreed.

The following week I was working when I heard the post and went to collect it noting a jiffy bag amongst it. I worked through the mail leaving the bag till last. The bag just contained a DVD so turned on the TV to view the contents. The dvd started and the first thing I saw was an erect cock, being filmed as if by someone lying done filming themselves. I reached for the control to turn off thinking \"fucking perv\" but as I watched the picture panned out and zoomed in on a face. With a shock I realised it was Karen. The shot then moved back and showed her standing naked with Alun and Griff both sucking her tits whilst she had a cock in each hand and was wanking them.

As I watched a hand reached between her legs and pushed them apart and put a couple of fingers in her pussy and started rubbing. Karen has always been quite hairy and I heard one of the men saying \"This pussy is in need of a shave before I give it a good licking\". The film had been edited and the next thing she is on her back with foam all over her pussy and a razor slowly removing the hair to reveal her lips which have parted showing the wet pink inside her open cunt. The camera then moves up her body to her face and as I watch the screen fills with a picture of Karen with I think Daves prick in her mouth with her head bobbing up and down as she sucked. This continued for several minutes, interspersed with shots of her pussy being shaved, until the cocked pulled out of her mouth shooting cum over her face and tits.

I hardly believe I was watching my wife who always seemed so proper, but also I was excited and had got my cock out which was rock hard. The filming now changed and Karen was shown kneeling over one of the men who was licking here now bald pussy and at the same time sucking another cock.

As she sucked she was pushing back onto the tongue and then moved her head and looked at the camera as she came with little shrieks and gasps. She is next shown still kneeling with a cock buried in her cunt, being fucked from behind before being turned on her back being filmed from above with a perfect view of a thick prick sliding in and out of her soaking hole whilst her fingers rub her clit as she cums. The one fucking her soon follows and shots inside her before withdrawing and being replaced by a second cock. She\' just cum but her fingers went back to her clit and started working again. The shot moved out and she now had her head propped up on pillows and was being straddled and her mouth was being fucked. At home a blow job was a rare treat and look at her now as he came in her mouth and I watched as she swallowed.

By now who ever was filming was hard again and and Karen was on top with a stiff cock pounding away in her cunt, bent forward showing her lovely arse. By now I\'d realised that whoever had edited this had ensured that none of their faces were visible in any of the shots but there was no doubting who the woman was. On of them moved behind her and dribbled onto her arsehole and rubbed it in before inserting a finger which made her arch her back and gasp. Then A cock was pressed against it and started to open her up and slowly slide in. I thought she won\'t let you, but instead she started pushing back as his cock moved back and fore. She was covered in sweat and looking over her shoulder I could here her say \"Fuck me harder, make me cum\". A couple more strokes and she shuddered and came again followed by the two men. She rolled off them and lay back on the bed being filmed with come running out of her cunt and arse. Titles came up saying THE END. I was so turned on watching her getting fucked.

Karen does not know I\'ve got the DVD but I\'m thinking of ways to persuade her to a repeat performance involving me.